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Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0 with Soundtracks

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I was really sad I couldn't have found version 1.0, primarily because of that one soundtrack named Yewtree. Besides, AP is one of my favorite games. The versions I found searching "Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0" were actually 2.0, but "Ahriman's Prophecy Old" did the trick. I have just finished version 2 for the 2nd time in my life, but I guess I'll try out the old version eventually anyway.

So I have decided to add the Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0 download link from my dropbox, and also link to folder with soundtracks. Windows Media Player can play those. Thing is, they are .MID files, which is technically not an audio format, so they may sound different when played on other operating systems.

I hope I'm not intruding.

Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8n1t6hcfdxe31lv/Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0.zip?dl=1

Soundtracks are in the "Music" folder. Make sure to convert MIDI files to MP3 if you're gonna listen to them on your cellphones, or systems other than Windows, because your cellphone uses different instruments for MIDI music.

AP 1.0 start screen:


AP 2.1 start screen:


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My bad. Reuploaded now, changed the link up there.

I seriously have no idea why I like this game so much. Maybe the soundtracks?

EDIT: I'm currently rendering music as MP3 and wil provide the link. Looks like AIMP and some other software have bugs when playing MIDI files

EDIT 2: It's much more complex than I imagined. Will probably never provide MP3s.

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