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Myst - Bear Chain Accessory

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I have just finished the game today, thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. 

There were a few things that I missed, so for next time around - in the guide there is mention of an accessory for Myst - a Bear Chain that makes Myst transform into a bear instead of a fox.


Any idea on how to get this - it mentions a doll trading ??

The only thing I can find is a child by the pond in bottom right of Halaina who has been given a doll that they don't like.  I managed to swap a ghost for a witch - or was it the other way around :unsure: - but not happy with that either??  Is that anything to do with getting the bear chan?


Also missed the chance to make the potoin for Ingrid to marry her choice of partner.  :(

Don't think that I missed anything important though - great game as it was different from the previous Aveyond adventures. :D


Any ideas on how to complete the doll trading thing please??



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Yeah, in Briar Woods, there was a goblin cave where the goblin sold items. One of the items is a vampire doll. There is a person in Wyrmwood, who wants the vampire doll. This starts the doll trading side quest. Note, this side quest will not show up in your journal.


You can find the love potion recipes in Ulrock. Once you have the right amount of attraction points, you can buy the recipe.

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