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Beta Testers for an RPG game "Quintessence Rising"

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--I'm super terrible with text formatting so this is gonna look a little boring, anyway I made a game a few months back (Been working on little bits of it editing and such) and its been ready for betas for awhile, I wanted to have so close friends try it out first but none are really interested in computer rpgs, this is where you guys come in.--

Quintessence Rising:
A story about 5 heroes meant to say the world from the cluthes of evil (Pretty cliche')
-The game as a homosexual undertone that could be explicitly shown should you go the right route, yes there are multiple endings (multiple being 2)
-Its lengthy in the sense of multiple dungeons scenarios, cutscenes etc.
-Its a classic style rpg game used with RPG Maker VX Ace (Been working on a sequeal with MV but honestly need feedback)

-I do apologize as I don't have screenshots to show but trust me this isn't some evil virus or something just try it and find out c:

*If you happen to play the game please just let me know what you think, your opinions/concerns and any bugs that I may have missed 

LINK:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/tirgfkhlk5xs2fu/Quintessence%20Rising%28BETA%29.exe?dl=0


*UPDATE 5/16/16* Due to a few major updates the link has been changed, simply redownload and copy over your save from the main folder (or just export to the same location and have it overwrite the game data, your save will still be intact. If you wish for the ALPHA CODE simply message me :3

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It is not clear how you can access the menu. When I left town I could only take a coup[e of steps and had to fight. That is way too often.

Duely noted! Will defintely work on that right away, thank you for giving me the input it honestly helps! :3

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