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Inxain: Shroud of Darkness

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Hello all, First off, thank you for taking a look at my post, I have been working on this game off and on for about 4 months now and I thought I would take some time to share what I've done so far.


Game features:

1. Day/Night cycle w/ Clock

2. Professions such as smithing, cooking, fishing, etc.

3. Added equipment slots, now have helm, body armor, weapon, shield, cloak, leg gear, etc.

4. Added multi layer quests.

5. Achievements


I have also built a bit of story line so far. I don't have time to build graphics and program so I am mostly just using presets.


Right now the story takes place in small North-Western village known as Tel 'Naris. A village formed to stand guard over the dark lord Severlan's grave, to make sure his "Servants" do not try to resurrect him.   


Meet the main character Jason Ramirez, an unknowing descendant of the InXainian Knights of old, an order dedicated to the peace and balance of this world. This is the order that defeated Lord Severlan over twenty years ago.


Lyra Fang: She is a Fadeling woman with a kind but strong heart, hundreds of years ago the Fadelings were brought to this world by Severlan himself. Blood of an Elf, Skin of a Night Orc these creatures were created. Severlan took great care in making sure they were stealthy assassins. But years after being created, the fadelings turned on Severlan and created their own order. Rejected by their Elf brothers and repulsed by the savagery of Night Orcs they disappeared from the lands...


I have more that I'll add later, but for now, here are some screen shots :)World+map+screen+shot.pngTitle+screen+shot.pngIntro+screen+shot.pngstarting+town+screen+shot+AM.pngstarting+town+screen+shot+PM.pngskills+screen+shot.pngprofessions+screen+shot.pngequipment+screen+shot.pngquest+screen+shot.png

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Hey that would be great! Right now I'm trying to add a good baseline for the fishing profession right now. I'm hoping to get the starting town finished and more or less beta playable by July.


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You know, this sounds interesting enough for me to play, even though I usually avoid VX and VXA because I just can't stand the character graphics... :D


Also, is that Hogwarts burning? Severlan must be Voldy in a different dimension... :P

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Guest Ira G.Photh

What has been said.


From a fantasy angle though, I like the power of shadows and reflections being distinct from the struggle of light and darkness.

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