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Yes, I realized this after I posted !! I'm still working on getting Fang. I can't figure out how to get the Windshire prisoner (and, yes, you can tell me if you want !!). Why do these games have to get progressively more difficult. It's fun just to figure out the puzzles and quests like in the beginning. Oh, well, thx for the help.



Again, I had my question answered. Got the prisoner and told the mayor both guys are locked up. However, where is Fang ?? The frog is in the cage in the mayor's daughter's room now.




Merged posts.


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So you gave the mayor's daughter the frog? Then Fang will be in your inventory. If you go to Boyle's equipment page, then you can set Fang as the minion.


Now that you have Fang, you just have to Whisper Woods. You don't need to do anything with him in your inventory.

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