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Nicolas ending won't work

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I downloaded the party goodie (I have version 2, btw) and did all the steps to both Marry Ava and Gavin and teach Nicolas humility. I thought I had done everything, I had all 3 humility points and Nicolas apologized to people. I made him talk to Ava in the cottage and he said that he envied her pirate's life. Those are all the steps that I know of, but after the final battle he just goes off to Thais? I tried visiting him there but he just said that he doesn't want peasant visitors? Ava and Gavin are in Seri, I thought Nic was supposed to be with them. What did I do wrong?


Edit: I had each of them talk to each other in Grimm's Farm again because the possibility that I had accidentally saved over that interaction was the only explanation I could think of. I won the final battle again, and it worked. I love the ending with Ava and the two of them :D

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