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Aveyond MBTI personality types

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Has anyone here heard of the Myers-Briggs test? It's basically a trait-based personality test that measures 4 categories:


I/E - Introversion vs Extraversion (are they less or more social?)

N/S - iNtuition vs Sensing (do they see patterns & the big picture, or immediate details?)

F/T - Feeling vs Thinking (do they make decisions with more heart or head?)

J/P - Judging vs Perceiving (do they plan ahead or go with the flow?)


Based on which side you lean toward on each of the dimensions, you get assigned a 4-letter personality type; e.g. ENTP, ISFJ, etc.. There are 16 total. It's super fun to type people & characters :D

If you want to take it yourself or read about it, you can go here: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

I'm an INFJ although I am pretty much borderline on the last two letters.


Anyway, here is my analysis of the Aveyond characters, lel


Aveyond 1

Rhen: no idea tbh

Lars: ESTJ...?

Elini: ESTP

Dameon: ISFP

Pirate John: ????

Tei'jal: ESFP possibly?

Galahad: ISTJ

Mad Marge: ESTJ?


Aveyond 2

Ean: ISFP?


Rye: xSFJ

Emma: ESTP


Nicolas: ISTJ

Gavin: ESTP

Jack: ESFP


Aveyond 3


Edward: IxFJ

Stella: INFJ

Lydia: ESFP


Spook: ENTJ

Yvette: ESFP

June: ENFP maybe?



Yemite: ENTP

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I am either INTP or INFP. Not sure.

It's an interesting typology, but I think as for Aveyond characters there isn't enough detailed information in the games for us to be able to know their types.

If even for myself it's difficult to know how to know for characters that we don't know very deeply?

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