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rosetyler's Assorted AV1 Edits/Art (sort of!)

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Hello! This is a mirror to my Assorted AV1 Short Fics thread... its artsy twin! I don't know how to draw at all, but I do know how to photomanipulate and edit things, and I've done quite a few and have posted them onto Tumblr. But arrgh, the fandom on Tumblr is too tiny ;_;
I will update this first post with the art titles every time I post something new in this thread. 
Artist's Updates:
- (26 June) I didn't want to create multiple threads to post my stuff, so this one was born! 
Art/edits posted (click on the titles to jump straight to the posts!):

↳ Photomanipulation

AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition)
The Darkthrop Prophecy Cinematic Poster  - Uma & Nox (NEW! 8 Jan)


↳ Silly Edits
What if AV1 had the same menu interface as AV4?
If AV1 had complete profile pages!

↳ Aesthetic
Rhen Darzon/Kelloth aesthetic/moodboard

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If AV1 had proper profile pages!









Heh, so yeah, how I imagined their profile pages to look like. Character descriptions taken from the wiki/walkthroughs :D

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Thank you!


XD my mind works in crazy ways hahaha! I've got so many more ideas to edit, also a few more in my laptop that I haven't uploaded yet :D


Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

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The Darkthrop Prophecy Cinematic Poster - Uma & Nox

Thanks to Specter for reminding me XD

Anyways here's my latest art, a cinematic poster for TDP, featuring Uma and Nox! :D

This was done for the Winter Exchange, and was presented to BlackPrincess, who was my giftee.

Some trivia:

It's been years since I played the Orbs of Magic series, and for some reason I didn't do further research (guess I was too excited and wanted to start on this poster immediately XD) so whatever you see is 100% from memory. It was only after I've completed everything where I realise Uma's hairband is not a hairband at all, but a big blue ribbon behind her head lmfao (I AM, SO SO SO SO SORRY) 



And here's the process:


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Holy crap that's amazing!! How do you get a completely different hair colour onto the base image?! That must have taken ages to do!

A lot of photo-manipulating, as you can see in the gif XD the hard part was making the hair LOOK as if it belonged on the face, because the original brown hair was not what Uma and Nox looked like ahhahah


Cool! Who was the original model?

I don't know who she is, it was just a picture I managed to find online. I was going for a younger, more teenager-like girl with a full-frontal view, but that was hard to find. XD so i settled with this lovely young woman instead as the base-face for the twins.

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That gif is awesome! I'm curious, I've always wanted to learn photomanipulation, but the extent of my skills are using crappy phone apps XD What program did you use to make this and how did you learn to use it?

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I need to start being more active omggggg T_T


EsmeAmelia, you're right, some of it aren't loading. I double-checked, it doesn't load on mobile but it works fine on Chrome :o I don't know why it's like that :OOO >_<


moonpeace, aaaaahhh thank you!! <3 I use Photoshop for all of my art/design etc xD it's a very powerful program :D


I took Diploma in Creative Multimedia in college and one of it was Photoshop. So yeah college was my introduction to Photoshop <3


But I pretty much learned photomanipulation on my own and through YouTube tuts and a lot of trial and error haha xD


Sent from my vivo V3Max using Aveyond Kingdom

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