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Help - Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0?

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After posting this I realized that the original version can be found in other threads on this forum - such as the pinned post for guides and help, a place where I least expected to find a link to an outdated version of the game (attributed to Kingsfield but hosted on OneDrive, thankfully). Quite odd! But there you have it. Apologies for any confusion :D

Although that clears up the main point of interest for this topic, if anyone has any information regarding the original version please share it below! I was unable to find anything on the web; nothing in depth like a detailed list of changes between V1 and V2, or anything as simple as a release date or acknowledgement that the game even exists. It's as if V1 was just quietly swept under the rug :huh:


I'd love to know anything about the original game and why it was practically remade for V2.




Original Post:


I have read on multiple occasions that there is an original version of AP known as version 1.0, while the most recent update is version 2.1. Apparently V1 is quite different, so much so that it's practically a whole other game. Does anyone have a link to download this version? Or if anyone has a copy of the installer, could they upload it somewhere and share the link?

A few notes:

I have seen people point to the Kingsfield site with the above link, however the link is indefinitely dead until the owner revives it.

Software Informer
In my own search I found the software informer site which claims to have downloads for both 1.0 and 2.1, however after downloading and installing both versions they both appear to be the latest version. I loaded in some save files and couldn't see any difference.


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