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This is my topic where I post all Aveyond oneshots and Aveyond shorts. There is no set game or characters that the one-shots will be posted about, just whatever random idea I'm inspired to write :)

Just so you are aware, any Aveyond shorts that are more then one chapter (so like three to five) will only be uploaded if they are completed so don't worry about unfinished work being posted :)


wOOP woop update as of April 2019! So this is a very old thread with a lot of veeery old writing so I'll be starting a new thread for current oneshots, as well as a rewrite of Shattered Truths that's in progress right now^^

Here is the link to the new thread! 


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Hello fellow Aveyond fans!


So this one-shot idea came to me randomly while I was working on my other Aveyond fanfic and I decided to write it and publish it just for the heck of it. Hopefully you enjoy:)








As Mel sat on her bed in the Peliad inn she felt drained of all energy. The death orb was destroyed, Mel should be relieved and happy. But she wasn't.


Everything was numb other then the aching in her chest.


Mel flopped backwards on her bed and closed her eyes, trying to pretend that the world didn't exist and that the past four months they had been searching for that orb had never happened.


There was a knock on her door and Mel sighed before standing and opening the door to see Edward standing there.




"Can we talk?"


Mel opened the door silently and let him in before closing it behind him and taking a seat on the bed, watching as he pulled the chair forward and took a seat directly across from her, knees almost touching hers.


"If this is about my "magic" I don't want to hear it Edward."


"This isn't about that at all Mel." Edward said softly.


"Then what are you here about?"




That one word made her flinch and Mel glared at her friend.


"What about Gyendal? I'm not injured by his magic so you don't need to worry about me."


Edward was silent for a moment.


"You know that isn't what I meant."


"I don't know what your talking about."


Edward rolled his eyes.


"I'm not a idiot Mel, I see things."


"What pray tell, did you see that makes you so worried about me?" Mel said sarcastically.


"How about the kiss."


Mel froze.




Edward smiled sadly.


"I'm not blind Mel. I knew something was odd about Spook's behaviour that night. He was nervous and fidgety. So I stayed awake instead of sleeping and I heard your conversation. And I saw the kiss. Why do you think I stopped being so physical, I stopped coming up and slinging a arm around your shoulder as we walked or if I was talking to you."


Mel mentally rewound her mind to Edwards behaviour and realized that he wasn't kidding when he said he had become hands-off.


"Hey! You really did stop doing that! Why?"


"Because even though I have no romantic interest in you, I did play the "jealous guy" to try and keep him away because he made me uncomfortable so me continuing to act like that once you were with Spook would have been wrong." Edward explained.


Mel glared at the wall, muscles tense.


"Could you please stop calling him Spook? It was Gyendal all along and it's only going to irritate me if you do that."


"Right, sorry. But now do you get why I'm worried about you?"


Mel stood.


"Not really. I'm perfectly fine aside from the headache and wanting to go to sleep. In fact, I'm going to cut this conversation short so that I can get some rest."


Edward stood with a sigh.


"You don't have to talk to me, but please don't shut everyone out. I don't want you holding this in and making yourself sick or something."


Mel glared.


"I'm fine Edward. Now go away."


Edwards shoulders slumped in defeat.


"Alright, I'm going. Just remember that I'm always here if you need someone to chat with."


Mel softened at the earnest worry in his eyes and allowed him to give her a hug.


"I'll remember. Thanks Edward."





As Mel closed the door behind Edward she felt the muscles in her jaw twitch. Her mind kept on replaying the quest from the moment "Spook" joined over and over in her head, showing special attention to the things Mel wanted to permanently forget.


"I'm fine." She snarled at herself.


"What happened with Spo-Gyendal doesn't bother me at all. He never mattered anyway."





"So outside Harakauna there is a magic barrier between the actual village and the forest that prevents all magic sight? Even a Mage as powerful as Gyendal won't be able to find me?" Mel asked incredulously.


Yvette nodded.


"Yes, exactly. This is why I recommend it to you although usually humans are not welcome to live among us. You would be a special case."


Mel glanced behind her at Edward who looked about ready to jump out of his skin.


"But what about the prophecy??!!?!!"


Mel sighed.


"I never wanted anything to do with it. And now that we know that my body reacts so strange when magic is channeled through me I'm a danger to everyone if I continue to traverse all over the mainland. You need to go after your crown, Stella has suffered enough because of the prophecy and I don't want..."


Mel's face darkened at her next words.


"...Gyendal coming after me again for that stupid prophecy. Now that the orbs are destroyed there isn't really much danger. Let some other Darkthrop deal with this mess."


Edwards face changed as a mixture of sadness and anger crossed it. Mel knew the anger wasn't directed at her but she knew who it was directed at and it made her bristle.




"Drop it Edward. I'm staying here and that other topic is a done deal."


He sighed but nodded and Mel relaxed.


"Go destroy Lydia and take back your crown Edward." She said with a slight smile.


Her friend returned the smile and they hugged tightly before Mel stepped back.


"Don't forget to go romance Stella some more hmm?"


Edward turned bright red and Mel laughed.


"Shut up!!"


Mel simply shot him a teasing smirk in return which he grinned at before waving and walking away towards the path that would take him out of Peliad and into the forest along the path to the ferry.


"Are you ready to go? Mel? Ulf?"


Mel gave one last look at Edwards retreating back before turning to Yvette.


"Yes, I'm ready to go."




Mel was working in her back garden when she heard someone call her name.


"Back here Yvette!!"


Yvette rounded the corner with a massive grin.


"Hey birthday girl! Someone has hit her second decade!"


Mel rolled her eyes with a laugh.


"Funny. What can I do for you?"


"I have grand plans for this special day Mel my dear. All you have to do is go along with them!"


"I see. And what kind of plans are we talking?"


"All you can eat lunch, some monster killing for old times sake, and picking out a present!"


Mel grinned.


"Sounds good so far. Anything else?"


Yvette smirked.


"You've been living here secluded from humanity for to long my dear, I have a grand plan to give you a life outside of Harkauna!"


Mel eyed Yvette suspiciously.


"And what, pray tell, does this plan entail?"


"We're gonna go introduce you to some hot guys and get you a date!!"


Yvette's words fell like bricks in the suddenly tense atmosphere.




"What?! Why!!????!"


Mel's face was dark with a mix of emotions.


"I have no interest in meeting guys. I don't want a boyfriend."


Yvette's face went slightly exasperated and pitying.


"Mel, I know that Spook/Gyendal dude hurt you but you have to move on eventually. Meeting guys and going on a date will help you move on!"


"This has nothing to do with Sp-Gyendal!!"


"I know you say that but-"


"Yvette!! I just don't want to go on a date!!"


Yvette clicked her tongue and shook her head with a sigh.






Mel's angry words made Yvette's eyes blink in surprise before widening in alarm as the air around Mel shimmered and the tree in Mel's back yard burst into flames.


Mel and Yvette let out twin shouts of alarm before they bolted for the water bucket that sat next to the gardening tools. Some of the different animals heard the commotion and came running with water of their own as everyone worked to put out the fire.


It didn't take long to go out since the fire had been caught right away but as everyone meandered off Mel found herself staring at the now charred tree in fear.


"Mel......" Yvette trailed off.


"I shouldn't have left the metal trowel in the position it was. The light reflecting off of it onto the tree set the tree on fire."


Yvette shook her head.


"That wasn't from the trowel Mel. That was you because you got so upset about Spook-"


"No it wasn't! I don't have magic!!"


Mel was trembling and with a wary glance at the other tree nearby Yvette didn't push the subject.


"Alright....it wasn't you." She said placatingly.


Mel nodded and slowly started to calm down. Yvette glanced around at the animals that were now out of hearing range before turning back to Mel with a slightly impish look in her eyes.


"Soooo, the whole date thing is still a no?"

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Its quite nice & realistic according 2 the game story

Thanks! The whole time I was writing this I was trying really hard to make sure that I didn't make anyone out of character and it still fit with the storyline so I'm glad it worked^_^

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So I have a question to throw out to all you fellow Aveyond fans. How would you guys feel about a AU Aveyond fic? I had this crazy random idea come to me of a Alternate Reality fanfic for Aveyond and the idea interests me enough that I'll willing to write it.


I'll continue publishing the occasional oneshot, the longer story Shadows of my Twisted Destiny, and the AU one should I end up writing the AU fic. Usually whenever I get writing fanfics for a fandom I usually end up with a minimum of two large multi-chapter fics on the go at the same time right from the begining, usually more so this story idea came later then usual.


Anyway, I don't want to give to much of the story away but it will be a AU story following Mel, meaning that her journey through the prophecy will be rather different from the game. I will still include the other characters from Aveyond, they'll just be incorporated in a different way. This story will be exploring how Mel would have reacted to the prophecy if the darker side of things had more of a influence in her life.


Anyway, hope to hear what you all think of the idea!

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OH YESS! I'm a sucker for AUs you have no idea... any kind of AUs! I've written an AV1 detention/high school AU one shot but haven't had the time to upload it hahahaha I want to try writing a coffeeshop AU one day...


also I stumbled across an Aveyond/GTA AU and it was gloriously hilarious (with a lot of cussing and... adult themes) but it amused me so much... also I read a Melx Edward college AU on ff.net somewhere and it was cute XD


I live for AUs!!!


Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

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Sounds interesting. Then again it'd b nice 2 see sme change 2 ;)


OH YESS! I'm a sucker for AUs you have no idea... any kind of AUs! I've written an AV1 detention/high school AU one shot but haven't had the time to upload it hahahaha I want to try writing a coffeeshop AU one day...

also I stumbled across an Aveyond/GTA AU and it was gloriously hilarious (with a lot of cussing and... adult themes) but it amused me so much... also I read a Melx Edward college AU on ff.net somewhere and it was cute XD

I live for AUs!!!

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

Awesome!! Glad to hear that a couple of people are interested, that way I won't just be posting for myself:)


@rosetyler You really love AU's? Now I don't know whether to be excited or nervous to publish! Haha I don't want to disappoint! It won't be a modern day AU, it's going to be still set in that time period and somewhat centred around the Darkthrop Prophecy but I'm making some massive changes to the storyline and character interaction. I'm also planning to explore the personalities and interactions for several characters at a much deeper level then the game ever did.

Soooo yeah lots of changes, enough that it definitely counts as AU but not so much that it has nothing to do with the current storyline.


Hopefully you'll still be interested even though it won't be quite as AU as some of the other stories you mentioned liking and writing^_^


Ooh I'd love to see the detention AU! If you publish it definitely let me know, I'd defiantly read it!

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Hey everyone!


This story was inspired as I worked on ideas for my Aveyond AU. I was thinking about the scene where Gyendal had Te'ijal was tied up in Darkthrop Keep and left to burn to death in the sun and I got to thinking, if they were siblings there would have been a time when they were at least friendly with each other.


So how would Te'ijal feel as she was waiting for her death knowing that her brother hated her so much that he not only wanted her dead but he wanted her to suffer in the death. What would have been going through her mind? Would she have been thinking about the past? What caused the rift between them?


Yeah...I should really stop with the deep thinking and dwelling on fictional videogame characters...


Anyway, this is my take on what would have been going through her mind during the Darkthrop Keep scene in Lord of Twilight. I also got to dig a little deeper into Te'ijal and Gyendal's relationship and Gyendal's past.


Hope you enjoy! This is rather long but it was totally worth the time it took to write since now I feel that I have a much better grasp of the characters for future stories.


(And as I side note, if you guys don't know I have Heirs of Darkness published^_^)




What Was Lost




Te'ijal flipped through the book, searching for a passage that would help them in any way. As scanned yet another page crammed with spidery writing she reached to turn the page only to freeze and grin.


"Husband, come read this passage. I believe I've found it."


Galahad walked over to her and Te'ijal pointed out the passage she was talking about.


"Look at this......."if I run out of power I can tap another". That means-"


Suddenly her ears picked up on a soft swish from behind her and she spun to see five vampires and Gyendal crossing the floor towards them. Te'ijal moved towards her weapons but in a instant the vampires had reached them and two of Gyendal's minions grabbed her arms, wrenching them into the air with the tip of a stake pressed over her heart.


Te'ijal froze, not daring to move a muscle for fear of the stake being shoved through her heart.


"Hello sister, miss me?"


"Gyendal. How regrettable." Te'ijal spat, ignoring the twist in her chest as those words left her lips.


The vampire next to her that held the stake hissed.


"How DARE you speak to the Lord of Twilight in such a disrespectful way!! Milord, may I stake her now?"


Te'ijal turned her head to stare steadily at her brother. She was almost positive he would say no. Even though her and her brother were working on opposite sides he would not allow them to kill her anymore then she would have him killed should their situations be reversed. Imprisonment kept her out of the way just as nicely.


"No. You will not stake her." Gyendal ordered.


Te'ijal relaxed ever so slightly and the vampire sighed before dropping the stake. Even though she did not believe her brother would do such a thing there was still the doubt.


Then her brother smirked and Te'ijal tensed again. That was not a pleasant expression.


"No." He repeated. "Staking is to quick and painless. Tie her up and sit her next to the massive window. She will regret betraying me for the worthless humans."


Te'ijal's eyes widened and she gave a sharp intake of breath.


"What?! Brother, are you insane?! You cannot kill me, I am your sister and your maker!!"


Gyendal laughed.


"Blood ties only last as long as the loyalty my dear sister. And you know as well as I do that the power a maker has over another vampire only lasts for the first 500 years. Boys, tie her up."


Te'ijal began to struggle violently, thrashing with all her might and cursing her genetics that gave her brother the magic and not her. Her eyes desperately sought out her little brothers and for once she allowed weakness as she silently begged her brother to reconsider.


And for a moment she thought she had succeeded.


There was a flash in his eyes, a flash or alarm. And a flash of caring.


But then it was gone and he turned his back on her as his goons carried her up the stairs to the top of the tower.


"Let go of me you worthless creatures!!" She spat, lashing out and trying to bite one of the vampires.


They only laughed and forced her arms down to her sides while they tied the rope tightly around her. It was enchanted rope and now amount of vampire strength could break it.


Once they had finished tying her up one of them smirked.


"You know, Gyendal had planned for you to rule over the humans alongside him. But then you betrayed him. It's really to bad."


With those words they swept out of the tower, leaving Te'ijal alone to wait for the sun.


As she sat there Te'ijal felt a constricting pain in her chest. Gyendal had just had her tied up so that come sunrise she would experience the most painful death known to vampire kind. Galahad would not come for her, he had wanted to be free of her for centuries and now he would be.


As she sat there her eyes drifted shut as her mind began to wander, remembering the times long ago when Gyendal and her had no rift between them. When the word family meant more then the world power.




Four year old Te'ijal sat outside her parents room clutching tightly to her father's hand as she listened to her mother scream.


"It's been a long time. Are you sure mommy is okay?"


Her dad tried to smile.


"Just pray to the goddess sweetheart." Her father whispered.


Te'ijal did as her father asked and spent the next hour and half praying in her head, begging the goddess to help her mother.


Then finally, the cry of a infant could be heard coming from the bedroom. Her father was practically vibrating next to her as they waited for several minutes before the door to the bedroom opened and her father practically ran to the door with Te'ijal in tow.


"How is she?!"


"Your wife is fine and so is the baby. Would you like to come see her now?"


Her father nodded eagerly and together father and daughter entered the room. They walked up to the bed where her mother lay, a baby laying in her arms. She looked up at Te'ijal and her dad with a tired smile.




Her father leaned down and kissed her forehead tenderly.


"How are you?"




Then her mother offered up the bundle to Te'ijal's father.


"Would you like to hold him?"


Her dad beamed as he reached towards the baby only to freeze halfway.


"Did you just say him?"


Her mother giggled.




Her father reached out and took the bundle, holding his gently in his arms.


"He's beautiful."


Te'ijal stood up on her tiptoes, impatient to see her new little brother.


"Would you like to hold him Te'ijal?"


Te'ijal gave a toothy grin.




"Go ahead and take a seat on the bed." Her mother said gently.


Te'ijal carefully climbed up and sat down before her father placed the bundle gently into her arms. Te'ijal instinctively pulled him closer as she stared down at his soft face.


"His name is Gyendal." Her mother said softly.


His long lashes brushed his cheek and he gave a yawn and made a soft squeaky noise before slowly opening his eyes. Deep forest green eyes stared up at her and Te'ijal gasped softly.


"He's looking at me!" She whispered.


"He's saying hi to his new sister."


Te'ijal stared down at him with soft eyes.


"Hello Gyendal."




"Mom!! Look at Gyendal! He's trying to walk!!" Te'ijal exclaimed as her little brother toddled a couple steps before falling back and sitting down hard on the ground.


His green eyes filled up with tears and Te'ijal gasped before rushing over to him and gently lifting him to his feet. She kissed one pudgy cheek before slowly moving back as he stood unsteadily on his feet.


"Come on Gyendal, you can do it!"


Te'ijal knelt a few feet away with her arms outstretched to him as Gyendal took one shaky step, then another. Slowly but surely he crossed the small living room, eyes fixed on his big sister who was calling encouragement.


Finally he reached her just as he tripped, falling right into her arms. Te'ijal have a soft cheer before pulling him into a tight hug.


"Tei-tie!!" He babbled.


"You did it!!"


Gyendal let out a soft giggle as he wrapped his pudgy arms around her this neck, giving her a noisy smack right on the cheek, mimicking her kiss from earlier and making Te'ijal giggle again.


The parents watched the two children from the couch, smiling as their two children giggled. That was a sibling bond they hoped would last a lifetime.




Fourteen year old Te'ijal was weeding in the garden when she heard the unmistakable sound of cruel laughter coming from some kids around the corner.


With a sigh she stood, wiping her hands off on her dress before heading towards the sound to see what was going on. When she rounded the corner she looking into the middle of the circle that the boys had made around someone or something and her eyes landed on a familiar black haired head.


Instantly anger rushed through her and she ran over to the boys, yelling.


"Hey you little brats!! Get away from him!!!!"


The boys all spun to face her before the wimps at the back fled. Nine year old Gyendal sat up, uncurling from the protective ball to look at Te'ijal. However three of the boys, clearly the main perpetrators stood their ground with nasty sneers.


"You can't tell us what to do!! Go away or we'll make you pay!"


Te'ijal raised a brow, unimpressed with his threat.


"Dream on. Now get lost or I'll take you to your parents for a paddling.


The boys who were clearly idiots cracked their knuckles and advanced toward her. They had barely gotten a few feet before Gyendal stood to his feet and let out a shout.


"You leave my sister alone!!"


Two of the boys exchanged smirks before turning to the third.


"Take care of the wimp."


The third turned just in time to be met with a solid punch to the nose that knocked him onto his butt. The other two gawked at Gyendal who was standing with his fists clenched as he glared down at the bully sitting clutching his nose.


Te'ijal grinned and walked over to the other two, conking their heads together with a painful sounding crack before letting them fall to the ground as they clutched their heads and wailed about her hurting them.


Gyendal was staring wide eyed at the boy he had punched before Te'ijal gripped his shoulder and steered him around the boys and towards his home.


"I.......punched him."


Te'ijal laughed.


"Yes you did. Good job."


"I've never hit anyone before."


Te'ijal grinned as she looked down at her brother.


"Well, you and I are going to have to have some lessons about defending yourself."


He nodded with a grin and Te'ijal smiled warmly.


"Thanks for being so willing to jump in there like that."


He looked up at her in surprise and she continued.


"Those two were easy to deal with but a third would have posed a problem. You did good."


Gyendal grinned.






Sixteen year old Te'ijal was fast asleep in her bed when the first scream rang out. She bolted upright with a gasp and across the bedroom her twelve year old brother shot into a sitting position, staring over at her wide wide eyes.




Te'ijal swung her feet over the side of the bed before standing to her feet and grabbing the hunting knife from her bedside table. She walked over to the door, turning back towards Gyendal and holding a finger to her lips.


She opened the door to her bedroom and silently ran down the hall towards the living room. Another scream ripped through the air and Te'ijal burst into the living room, knife ready in her hand, only to let out a scream of her own.


Her parents were in the living room, her father laying on the ground at her mothers feet, almost waxy with glassy unseeing eyes, a tiny trail of blood trickling from two holes on his neck. Behind him her mother was standing pressed against the wall as she let out another wail, her gaze fixed on the two figures standing in front of her.


Figures with skin pale as dead, glowing red eyes and sharp fangs that glinted in the light.


Her mother whipped her head to face her just as the vampires turned. Te'ijal took a shaking step back, staring at her mother in horror. She needed to protect her brother but if she left they would kill her mother.


As her own violet eyes met her mothers dark green ones just like Gyendal's her mother smiled through the tears and she nodded, mouthing the words "protect him".


Instantly Te'ijal turned to run back to her and her brother's room but the vampires behind her let out cackles before Te'ijal felt one of them grab her around the waist and haul her backwards. Te'ijal thrashed desperately, terror coursing through her.


"I think I'll eat this one now." The vampire holding her commented.


At those words Te'ijal kicked out desperately.


But it was to late.


Te'ijal felt the fangs pierce the skin on her neck although not going any deeper and she sobbed in terror, tears coursing down her cheeks as her movements slowed some. She could literally feel the blood leaving her body and her head grew slightly fuzzy.


Dimly she heard a shriek from her right and the vampire suddenly went ridged, jerking forward slightly and Te'ijal let out a shriek of agony as the fangs plunged deep into her neck.


It felt almost like someone was dragging her over a bed of nails as her whole body was wracked with pain. Pain shot through her upper gums as her teeth changed, elongating and gaining sharp points. The vampire above her released her and she fell to the ground, rolling to the right just in time as the vampire collapsed to the ground where she had just been, a large wooden stake plunged through it's heart.


The other vampire shouted in fury and grabbed her mother around the neck, tightening it's grip and cutting off her mothers air.


"Go." Her mother choked out.


Te'ijal struggled to her feet, her legs shaking under her.


She had just been turned.


But now was not the time to dwell on that. Right now she needed to get her brother to safety. So with one last look at her mother Te'ijal wheeled and bolted down the hall to her and her brother's room, bursting into the room and slamming the door before running over to the window.


"Te'ijal....what's going on?!" Gyendal asked, his voice cracking.


"Not now. We need to get out of here." Te'ijal snapped, yanking on the shudders over her window.


Gyendal was silent for a moment before the moonlight coming in from one of the holes in the shutters shone directly on the two holes in her neck and all Gyendal's eyes went wide.


"Vampires are out there!! What about mom and dad!!"


"Dads dead. Mom will be soon as well. She saved me so that we could escape." Te'ijal choked out.


"What about your neck? Did they try to feed?! Were you turned?!?!?"


Te'ijal's silence was answer enough for his question as she ripped the shutters off and grabbed her brother, boosting him so he could climb out the window. As soon as he was out she climbed out after him, landing lithely on the ground and hauling him to his feet before bolting across the yard towards the woods, not thinking rationally, only trying to get away before the vampire came out.


Together Te'ijal and her brother stumbled through the woods, tears of pain and terror streaming down their cheeks.


Then Gyendal tripped and fell to the ground. Te'ijal almost fell as his weight unbalanced her but she caught herself before kneeling at his side and looking at his ankle that was bent a odd angle.


Gyendal tried to get to his feet but his ankle gave out and he fell onto his hands and knees again.


Just as he was about to stand again a deep laugh filled the air and Te'ijal whipped her head to see the vampire standing there.


"Trying to escape with my next meal were you. Not happening my dear. That boy in compensation for my lost friend. I will take him and you cannot stop me."


Te'ijal grabbed her brother around the waist and pulled him towards her, shifting back only to have her back pressed up against a tree. The vampire laughed again.


"Trapped are we? Just give him up to me little one, I promise to make it quick and painless."


Gyendal clung tightly to her arm that was wrapped around his waist as she pulled his back tight to her. She would never give her brother up to a vampire but there was no way she could fight this powerful vampire.


She wished that her brother had been the one turned, at least then she would have been happy in the knowledge that now he wouldn't meet the same fate as their parents.


Then it dawned on her and her eyes flew to his neck, only inches away.


"I'm sorry." She whispered.


Gyendal flinched at the fear and remorse in her tone.




She ignored him and with one last glance up at the vampire who was grinning as he looked on the siblings Te'ijal tilted her head forward and sunk her new fangs into her brother's neck, ignoring her brother's own scream of agony as his body jerked in her hold.


The vampire let out a roar of fury and Te'ijal pulled her fangs out of her brother's neck, fighting every part of her instincts that begged her to feed as blood dripped down her fangs.


She shook as her brother's scent changed, from the tantalizing scent of blood to the scent of cold and death.


Her brother clung tighter to her and Te'ijal felt her stomach seize.


She had just cursed her brother's soul for eternity.




Te'ijal walked into her and her brother's shared home with a soft sigh. She had just gotten back from feeding and she was more then ready to relax at home.


She walked in the door and glanced around the house, sensing that her brother was not home. She strolled into the living room and noticed a parchment on the table with her name on it.




I'm out in the forest practicing my spells if you want to join me. If not I'll see you when I get home.




Te'ijal chuckled and put the paper down on the table before heading out of her home and running swiftly out of the city and through the forest to where she knew he liked to practice.


When she reached the clearing Te'ijal smiled at the sight of her brother standing in the clearing, concentrating at the black fire that blazed around him. She leaned up against a tree, arms crossed over her chest as she watched her brother raise his hands as his power swelled around him with pride in her eyes.


Since being turned one hundred and thirty years ago her brother had changed from the goofy innocent teen that he used to be into a powerful warrior. His midnight black hair was pulled into a low ponytail at the base of his neck and his face was no longer round and soft. His red eyes were slightly narrowed and a smile rarely graced his fane any longer. He was a powerful Mage and a charismatic person, all the females on Ged'ahre loved him.


But he was still her little brother and it was the times that he was alone to do what he loved that she saw the child that he used to be.


Once he finished the spell Te'ijal grinned and clapped, causing him to startle and spin towards her before relaxing and grinning.


"Hello sister, enjoy your hunt?"


"Very much. You've greatly improved in that spell since I last saw."


Her brother's chest puffed out in pride.


"I have, haven't I. It was a difficult spell to master but I'm glad to have finally done it." Then he gave a laugh.


"Now I just have to master it enough that I can perform the spell consistently."


Te'ijal chuckled at her brother, watching as he walked over to her before linking her arm through his. The two siblings strolled through the forest quietly, arm in arm as they headed back to Ged'ahre.


It was one of the rare quiet times that Te'ijal got with her brother, just being able to spend some time around him. She treasured these times greatly and she knew that he did as well.




Te'ijal grinned as she dragged her protesting husband through the streets of the city to the house that she and Galahad shared with Gyendal. She had spent the last two days chasing down her wayward husband and the curses and insults he was throwing at her amused her greatly.


She walked into the house, closing the door behind her and locking it before releasing her husband and heading into the living room. As she entered the room she heard her brother's room door open and she turned to see Gyendal standing in the doorway.


Instantly her smile died. Something was wrong.




"Where were you?"


Te'ijal blinked.




The muscles in his jaw jumped and he spit out the question through gritted teeth.


"I said, where were you?"


Te'ijal laughed.


"Chasing Galahad again. Why?"


"You missed my election ceremony."


Te'ijal froze.




"The ceremony for my election into the vampire council. You missed the entire ceremony electing me as the head."


Te'ijal stared at her brother.


"I-I'm so sorry. I completely forgot. I realized he was missing and......"


"And you just had to go chasing him. I know. This is the second time you've missed something important and I can't even count how many times you've been gone during our hunt day every month chasing that knight. He does not feed, he resents our kind, and yet you still act like he's worth the time and energy you expend on him! He never has been worth it and yet you abandon everything to chase your worthless "husband" all over the godforsaken planet!"


Te'ijal's eyes flashed.


"He's not worthless! Do not say such things about by husband again!"


Gyendal's face twisted.


"Oh so he's not worthless but clearly I am with how little you care anymore. Whatever happened to us being siblings that would never let this vampire life get between us? Last time I checked I was the brother that's fought alongside you against humans that want our kind gone. Your husband was one of those filthy humans that wanted us dead!!"


Irrational anger filled Te'ijal at his words and the guilt she was feeling. And Gyendal wasn't done.


"You've become just like those other pathetic females here, chasing after some male and forsaking family!"


Her eyes glowed as she lifted her lips in a snarl. How dare he call her pathetic and compare her to those shallow disgusting women! Anger coursed through her and without thought she raised her hand and slapped him hard.


As the resounding noise echoed through the room both siblings froze. Te'ijal looked at her hand in horror before her eyes moved to his cheek where the faint mark of her hand stood out against the white skin.


For a moment both of them were still and Te'ijal saw anger and pain flash through his eyes before he raised his hands, planting them on her shoulder and giving a mighty shove that sent her flying across the room until she crashed into a couch.


"HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!"


Galahad ran into the room at the sound of her brother's roar only to stop in the doorway and gape at the scene before him, Te'ijal sprawled across the couch and Gyendal standing in the door of his room with more emotion on his face then Galahad could remember seeing before in his life.


There was a tense silence as Te'ijal stood to her feet before her brother shook his head.


"I'm done. You and your husband can have your nice little life alone. I refuse to live here any longer." He spat before stalking across the house, his shoulder slamming against Galahad's hard enough to make the dark knight stumble backwards several steps.


The sound of Gyendal slamming to door behind him echoed through the massive house as Galahad stared at Te'ijal in shock, forgetting for a moment that he hated her.


"What happened?!"


Te'ijal stared out the window at her brother that was striding across the path until vanishing around a corner, her chest clenching painfully.


"I-........nothing. It doesn't matter. He'll get over it one day. We're siblings, he'll forgive me. He can't hate me forever."




Te'ijal opened her eyes as the memory of the day everything changed between them played through her head.


Her heart hurt as she remembered all the good times with her brother and then the time after. If she hadn't forgotten him, if she hadn't taken him for granted and had gone after him, could she have changed things?


Could she have stopped him from following this path?


She didn't know but now it was to late.


As the sun began to rise she heard shouting and footsteps coming up the tower. A irrational hope welled up in her, had Gyendal changed his mind?!


Then the door opened and her husband burst in with Mel and two others and her heart broke.


Te'jal forced everything to the background as she was cut free and put on the sunscreen that kept her and Galahad alive for another day and as they shared information before heading out of the tower to begin their travels once again.


But as she walked next to Galahad her brain refused to leave her alone, tormenting her with memories and reminding her of everything she had lost.


Because now they were on seperate sides.


Now, the only way this would end was in tragedy.




Well now that I have shared my depressing fanfic with you I hope that you all enjoyed reading my random and rather depressing plot bunny. Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner over the heart breaking sibling relationship.....


Let me know what you thought! My muse thrives on reviews:)

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I don't know why I didn't see this before but oh my gosh that was so sad but it had so much depth and I loved it ;_;

I'm glad you liked it! I was a little unsure about how it would be received since it's not exactly the happiest story in the world and I didn't romanticize being turned into a vampire which is what a lot of people seem to prefer in vampire entered stories.


Thanks for the review!! It has inspired my muse:D

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Hey everyone!! Here is another one-shot for your enjoyment:) This one is a tad different then my usual style as this too is a AU fic, however this one is a lighthearted and humourus one in contrast to my usual MO of darker and more intense stories.


This particular idea is one that was given to me by the wonderful ROSETYLER who mentioned doing a AU detention fic for the AV 1 characters and gave me the idea to do one for AV 3! I give her full credit for the idea as it is not one I would have come up for on my own, and I only used it because I knew it was for a different game then ROSETYLER's fanfic.


Hopefully you all enjoy and if you do you can thank ROSETYLER for the idea. She gave it to me, all I did was run with it :)




Friday, the day before the weekend that every student looked forward to most. And as the bell marked that end of the school day had come students all over Aia Secondary bolted for freedom.


Well, most of them did anyway.


"Mel Darkthrop, you have two hour detention today. I suggest you get going." The teacher at the front of the classroom said sternly.


Mel sighed heavily and picked up her school bag, slinging it over her shoulder and walking out of the classroom and down the hall towards the detention room. She walked along the wall, blending into the students and escaping the notice of almost everyone that passed her which was how she liked it.


Once she reached the detention room she pushed open the door to see there were already several students inside the old classroom. Mel looked over to the far corner where she always sat and grinned upon seeing a familiar redhead and her unwilling boyfriend.


"Hey Te'ijal." She greeted as she wove through the desks to her spot, flopping down in the seat of the back row desk closest to the window, and dropping her bag on the seat next to her.


"Hello Mel, what did you do this time?" Her friend said with a pleasant smile.


Mel shrugged in leu of a answer before turning to her brooding blonde cousin. It always amused Mel to see Galahad like this and she felt that it was justice for having to endure Galahad's "knight in shining armour" stage back in middle school when her cousin tried to reform her thieving tendencies and constantly treated her like a maiden in need of saving for two freaking years straight.


"Hey Galahad."


Galahad mumbled something ineligible from where his head was buried in his arms on the desk. Mel muffled a snicker before glancing over at the door that had just opened to reveal two of her, Te'ijal and Galahad's friends.


"Stella? What are you doing here?" Mel asked, surprised at the sight of her gentle lilac haired friend entering the detention room hand in hand with Edward.


"I have a hour detention." Stella informed her in a soft voice.


"For what?! Turning a assignment in to early?"


Te'ijal chuckled at that and Edward rolled his eyes.


"Really Mel?"


Mel grinned before turning her attention onto Edward.


"Another failed prank?"


His face went from grinning to sulking and Mel smirked before glancing around with furrowed brows.


"Hey, where's the teacher. Usually he's here by now."


As if summoned by her question the door opened to reveal the teacher marching into the classroom, gripping the arm of a male student dressed in all black firmly in one hand.


"I'm afraid that you are going to have to join us for detention today. Go take a seat."


The student yanked his arm free glaring at the teacher from under his black hood before stalking over to where Mel, Te'ijal, Galahad, Stella and Edward were sitting. He walked up to the desk next to Mel and shoved her bag off the chair before sliding into the seat and flipping down his hood, his dark green eyes sweeping across the few students that were turning to gawk at him and causing them to whip back around to avoid his glare.


"OY! MY BAG!!" Mel yelped, reaching down to grab her bag and brush it off.


"It'll survive I'm sure."


"Nice of you to join the party brother." Te'ijal greeted the black haired teen, smirking in amusement at the aggravation plain on his face.


"Shut up, sister."


"Poor Gyendal, getting stuck in detention for once." Te'ijal continued, smirking as her brother flipped her off.


"So how did you get caught? You never end up actually serving detention anymore." Mel asked.


Gyendal sighed heavily.


"That stupid green haired little b-"


"Language!!" The teacher barked.


Gyendal gritted his teeth and Mel grinned in amusement at the look on his face.


"Anyway, green hair stopped me in the halls. Her little cronies cornered me and she grilled me about Edward and why he was in detention, saying that Mel must have framed him for something."


"Me?! Framed him?!"


"I don't know why she came to me about him, I'm not Edwards leash holder." Gyendal muttered.


"What leash?! I control myself!!" Edward protested.


"Edward......" Stella said softly, resting a gentle hand on his arm.


Edward sighed before relaxing back in the chair. Gyendal and Mel exchanged looks before both laughing.


"What were you saying about that leash?"


Edward glared at Mel.


"Shut up!!"


Mel laughed again before turning back to face her dark haired friend.


"So that still doesn't explain how they caught you."


His face twisted slightly.


"I told her that I had no idea where Edward was and that even if I did I wouldn't tell her and enable her stalking him and she got mad and sent one of her friends to get a teacher. I tried to get out but the little vixen attacked me, clawing at me and shrieking like I was trying to kill her. I now have double the detention sentence then I did before."


Mel scanned his face for any scratches.


"She didn't seem to get you."


"She didn't. And she had better be thanking her lucky stars that she didn't scratch me because I would have been severely.......irritated."


Mel rolled her eyes and Te'ijal snickered. Galahad actually sat up and turned to face Gyendal.


"Well what did you do to get detention this time?"


A positively evil smile stole across Gyendal's face.


"Do you really want to know?"


Te'ijal, Galahad, Mel and Edward all exchanged looks.


".......not particularly. I'm don't even want to take a guess at what you're planning, you and Mel are dangerous to even know at times."


"I'm in enough trouble as it is, I'm not getting involved in whatever diabolical plan your working on this time."


"Sorry brother, I'm not into breaking the law right now."


"For once I agree with the demon spawn."


Gyendal snorted and leaned back in his chair before turning a piercing gaze into Stella and Edward.


"So what did you two do to end up here? Neither of you are exactly troublemakers."


Edward sighed.


"I got caught setting up a prank."


Mel burst into laughter.


"I knew it!! I so called it!!" Mel chortled.


"So what!! I should be proud of my fail, it means I'm not a delinquent like you!!"


Mel took one look at his indigent expression before bursting into laughter again.


"Sure Eddy, you just keep telling yourself that."


"Don't call me Eddy!!!"


While Mel tormented Edward Te'ijal turned her attention to Stella.


"That doesn't explain how you ended up joining us here in detention."


"I was the lookout but we didn't realize that she was inside the storage closet in the classroom. When she came out if the closet and caught Edward she gave him detention, telling him that she was disappointed in him, I couldn't just leave him to get in trouble alone when I was involved to. That would be wrong!"


Mel stared at her friend.


"Please don't take this the wrong way Stella, but that is literally one of the stupidest things I have ever heard."


Beside her Gyendal snickered and Te'ijal smirked as she gave a nod.


"It really is. You should have ran when you had the chance, Edward would have understood."


Stella shook her head stubbornly.


"It would have been wrong."


Galahad sat up straight, chest puffed out as he made a grand statement...or at least what he viewed as a grand statement.


"Don't harass her just because her heart is to kind and honest to follow in your guys shady ways! I personally admire her bravery for facing the teacher and admitting to her part in Edward's prank!"


His declaration was met with utter silence as Edward and Stella just stared at him and the Ravenfoot siblings exchanged looks with Mel before the three of them burst into laughter.


"Seriously Galahad?! Your killing me here!!" Mel wheezed.


"Sister, your boyfriend is a idiot." Gyendal snickered.


"Oh Galahad, you really are too funny." Te'ijal laughed, wiping tears of mirth from the corners of her eyes.


Galahad glared at them while they recovered.


"So, how did you end up here Mel?" Stella finally asked, her soft voice curious.


Mel shrugged, sliding down in her chair as she crossed her arms over her chest.


"I got to cocky when trying to swipe something from the teachers lounge and this time I got caught. They got all mad and gave me this long lecture about not thieving and that being caught my first time trying to steal should teach me a lesson." Mel said with a sigh.


"First time? Exactly how sloppy were you?" Gyendal butted in, sounding amused to no end by Mel's sulky tone.


"...........shut up raven boy."


Snickers echoed around the small group and Mel decided to turn the spotlight onto Te'ijal and Galahad who were laughing the loudest.


"So Galahad, how did a "knight" like you end up in detention?"


Galahad's face underwent a comical transformation that had the entire group leaning back in preparation for the explosion. But before he could speak Te'ijal stepped in and answered the question.


"Oh, we just got in trouble for PDA in the halls." There was a almost pleased expression on the red heads face that made Galahad's face turn almost purple.




Te'ijal laughed and shot a sidelong smile at Galahad.


"Oh crumpet, how you flirt with those exotic pet names. It's wonderful."


Galahad spluttered and waved his arms around in the air for a moment before growling and dropping his head down on the desk with a thump.


Te'ijal smirked slightly before turning to look at the others.


"Don't mind him. He's just in denial."


Stella and Edward exchanged looks before turning away at the same time and pulling out their textbooks.


"Uh.......right. You know, I think we'll just do homework while we wait for detention to be over." Edward muttered as he and Stella set up on their connected desks.


Te'ijal shrugged and turned back to face Galahad leaving Mel and Gyendal to sit there silently. A few minutes past before Mel saw Gyendal rummage through his hoodie pocket and withdraw a small cylinder with wires.


"What's that?" Mel whispered.


Gyendal gave a dark grin before leaning his head sideways slightly so that his whispered answer could only be heard by her.


"It's a handy little device that happens to be wirelessly connected to the school sprinkler system. Once this is finished and I press the button......"


He purposely left the statement hanging and moved his head away to watch as Mel's eyes widened slightly in realization of the destruction that could be wreaked before smirking.


"So it's not finished yet?"


"Not quite. Just a few more wire tweaks."


He placed the device on his lap before hunching over and begining to work. Mel leaned her head against her desk so that she could watch as his fingers fiddled with the wires, disconnecting some things and reconnecting to others.


Suddenly the door to the detention room burst open and the formerly quiet room was filled with the sound of giggling girls and heeled shoes.


"Lydia! This is a detention room, what do you think your doing barging in here like this!" The teacher snapped.


"Oh, Mr Jacob!! I was sent to come retrieve Edward from detention cause our families are attending a formal dinner tonight and my parents are here with his to pick us up!"


"You cannot just waltz in here to retrieve someone from detention Miss Rupert, he can leave when he is done."


"But Edward and I-......"


Mel ignored Lydia as she continued to blather on, continuing to watch the little sprinkler machine being finished. After a few moments Gyendal let out a soft little noise of triumph and put away his tweezers and extra wire bits.




"Completely. Now, up for some fun?"


Mel grinned and sat up, watching as he flipped a switch to power it on before pressing a tiny button. Mel looked at him expectantly as he pocketed the device and he smirked wickedly at her.


"Wait for it......"


Moments later all hell broke loose. There was a sound of static on the PA system before suddenly a click echoed through the room from above and the sprinklers turned on, out in the hall piercing shrieks and swearing being heard clearly at the same time as some of the other students in detention.


Mel hissed at the cold liquid and ducked her head down as Gyendal grimaced at the wet and flipped up his hood. Te'ijel gave a startled intake of breath and grabbed a plastic covered binder to cover her head with, standing and hurriedly gathering her things alongside Galahad, Mel and Gyendal.




Everyone's head whipped around to stare at Lydia when her shriek sounded though the room and Mel grinned as Edward tried to pull the green haired girls hand off of his jacket as she batted at her hair that was starting to look rather flat and ratty.




Mel looked over at the soft sound of Stella's worried exclamation to see her pulling at her white dress that was steadily being soaked, and becoming see through at a alarming rate.




Mel hurriedly pulled off her jacket, cringing at the fact that the sprinkler was quickly soaking through her shirt as she wrapped the jacket around Stella and hurried her gentle friend out of the room, glancing behind her to see Te'ijel towing Galahad and Gyendal behind her.


"Oh my dress is soaked. When you take your jacket back people will be able to see everything!" Stella said, her voice soft but clearly distressed.


"Keep the jacket, I'll take it back tomorrow when we all meet to go to the movies." Mel said gruffly as she hurried along beside Stella, her arms coming around her now drenched vest style shirt as chills run along her bare arms.


Then the sprinklers turned off and Mel let out a relieved sigh as the cold liquid stopped raining down on her.


"Brr." She muttered as Stella turned to Mel.


"Thank you for lending me your coat. I'll see you tomorrow. I need to go home and pick up my sister for her dance lessons." She said softly as she backed away before hurrying down the hall.


Mel nodded.


"See you tomorrow then. I'll go bum a ride off of Galahad since I'm not walking home like this." She called, Stella turning and smiling before waving.


There was the sound of steps approaching and Mel turned to see Te'ijel approaching with the boys tagging along behind her.


"Actually, Galahad and I are going to a careers fair at the community centre today." Te'ijel informed them.


The other girls looked over at Galahad to see him nodding, much to Mel's surprise.


"Some of the booths are ones that we are interested in looking at. Not to mention that overseating is against the law." Galahad said.


Mel rolled her eyes, irritation clear on her face.


"Whatever mister goodie-goodie. I'll just go get frostbite now."


"Sorry, but I won't break the law." He said with a shrug as he and Te'ijel walked away.


Mel watched as they left, smirking slightly when Te'ijel reached over and slipped her hand into his and his hand slowly closed around his redheaded girlfriends.


"You know, I gotta wonder if Te'ijel isn't all that far off the mark with her denial comments." She mused.


"Well I think them holding hands is enough to confirm that." Gyendal said dryly from behind her.


Mel glanced at him, giving a nod before looking out at the windy fall day outside and groaning.


"Well I'll see you tomorrow when we all meet for the movie, at least I will so long as I don't catch a deadly cold out there."


Gyendal snorted.


"Get real, you aren't walking home like that. Come on."


He grabbed the strap of Mel's bag and dragged her along behind him with a roll of his eyes. Mel sighed heavily but followed as he took her to where his locker and Te'ijel's stood side by side. He fiddled with his sisters lock for a moment before opening the locker and withdrawing a shirt and a pair of black jeans off of her top shelf, before shoving them at Mel.


"Change into this before you get sick from just standing there."


Mel stared down at the clothing and Gyendal let out another sigh.


"This is a shirt, and these are pants. They are pieces of clothing. You take these and remove the ones you are wearing that are currently soaked before them with these clean and dry ones. It is a very simple process."


Mel sneered.


"Don't be a jerk. I know how to change and what clothing is. Give it."


Mel snatched the shirt and pants and hurried to the closest washroom to change before returning with her now squeezed out but still damp shirt and pants in a plastic bag.


"I had one in my school bag. Pretty handy."


"Put it in the bottom of my locker." He ordered as he grabbed his coat out of his locker.


Once she had thrown it in he locked it before the two of them walked out of the school, Mel shivering in the thin teeshirt. As she walked she was caught off guard by dark fabric being dumped over her head.


"Put it on, your chattering teeth is driving me nuts."


Mel gave him a look before pulling on Gyendal's fuzzy burgundy red jacket and smiling at the sudden warmth.




He gave a nod before they reached his old grey beater and he unlocked the doors for them. They climbed in and Mel did up her seatbelt as Gyendal started the car.


"So you're gonna take me home?"


Gyendal glanced over and their eyes met silently as a small smirk flickered to life.


"I could."


He did not elaborate but Mel grinned anyway and relaxed in the seat and tossing her school bag behind her into the back seat next to Gyendal's backpack.


"So what are we doing?"


His smirk turned into a rare smile, a reckless look in his eyes.


"Anything we damn well feel like."


The grey car sped along the streets before leaving the smaller city altogether. And as Friday ticked on, thoughts of school faded from the minds of each and every one of the teens, to be forgotten until Monday rolled around once again, just like always.




Lol yes I know this has crackpairing hints (very large hints) but I simply cannot help it! My favourite crackpairing (and pairing in general) in Aveyond is far too underapprecaited and my goal is to infect as many people as possable with this highly entertaining pairing so that at least people can acknowledge the pairing if they do not find themselves enjoying it :D


Anyway, so this is my grand one-shot and I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it! Be sure to let me know what you thought!

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Haha no offence taken. They are called a crackpairing for a reason :P


I'm really glad that it came across as natural!! Even when writing crack, pairing or no, I always do my best to make it seem real to the story I'm writing. And I'm extremely glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the encouragement!! I really love when people share what they think of my work :)

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Aveyond New Years




As their ragtag group approached Peliad Mel glanced around her, noting the sounds of celebration and the suddenly busy streets of people milling around. 


"What is taking place here?" Yvette asked


"It's New Years!! Every year Peliad had a big celebration and we all gather in the main square to watch the local mages set up a magic firework display!!" June exclaimed. 


Mel groaned, rubbing her forehead tiredly. She had forgotten that New Years was today. 


"Crap. That means that we won't be able to sleep until at least after one when things calm down. What a utter pain." She muttered. "We might be able to eat and relax in the furthest corner of the city from the celebrations though."



Yvette, Edward and June all turned to her with horrified looks. 


"What?! You aren't really planning to hide away for this are you? The New Years celebrations in Peliad are so well done that even us in Thais hear about them!! Come on, we have to go to this!!" Edward begged, putting to use his puppy dog eyes. 


Mel stared at him for a long moment, thoroughly unimpressed. But before she could say no Yvette spoke. 


"I believe I would like to experience these festivities. I do not see such things in  Harakuna." 


June moved forward and gently tugged on Mel's shirt. "Please? I promise you'll love them."


Mel groaned. 


"Fine. Let's grab food and then let's go. Evidently I'm outnumbered."


She heard a snort from behind her and turned to shoot a look at a smirking Spook who caught up to Mel and strolled along next to her as they followed the others that had raced ahead. 


"Eh, it could be worse. It could be a holiday that spanned a week and then you'd have to listen to them for seven days straight."


Mel shuddered.


"Oh hell, that would definitely be worse."


Spook laughed and glanced over at her. 


 "You know, you could always ditch them and head off with me, it would make traveling faster and cheaper, and you wouldn't have to stop for things like this."


 "No Spook, I'm still not going with you. My mind hasn't changed from the last time you asked."


Spook shrugged. "It was worth a try."


With that they hurried to join the others in grabbing food. Mel already had a mental list of things she wanted for tonight, if she was going to suffer through this she was going to do it stuffed full of food.






On a blanket in front of Mel sat Edward, June and Yvette who gaped up at the fireworks with wide and excited eyes, the brightly coloured explosions awing them. 


"I gotta admit, this is pretty amazing." Mel said quietly, leaning back on her elbows on her own blanket a few feet behind the others. 


"It's not all bad going to the fire works, at least you get good food for half price and a more or less relaxing night." Spook said idly. 


Mel snorted. 


"That's true. It could be worse. It could be a romantic holiday."


Spook snickered and Mel smirked before looking back up at the fireworks. She was quiet for several moments as she watched the colourful display, but soon her attention was pulled by the crowd beginning to chant. 


"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four!"


Mel grinned as she chanted along with everyone else. She had to admit, this part was fun. 


"Three! Two! O-?!"


Before Mel could even finish the word one she felt a cool hand settle on her cheek and turn her head sideways, making way for Spook to lean his head down and kiss her soundly as the town clock rang in the new year amidst the shouts and cheers of everyone in the square. It was officially the new year. 


As the last firework went off in finale of the show Spook slowly pulled away, leaving a shocked Mel gaping at him with eyes twice their normal size. 


"You-.... What-.... Why-....."


Spook grinned and returned to his original position of leaning back on his arms as he gazed up at the sky. 


"Happy New Years Mel."


".....Happy New Years."




So this wasn't origianlly a fanfic, this was supposed to be one of my Aveyond Headcannons. but after posting it to DeviantArt and rereading it I realized that it read more like a fan fiction then a headcannon, thus I decided to post this idea to this one-shots and shorts topic as well, just in case the headcannon is hard to read due to small writing.


This was written in about fifteen minutes as a grumpy and tired me attempted to ignore the new years party chaos outside. There actually ended up being six police cars needed in the span of about thirty minutes to clear out the parties near by, the street was filled with teens, there was fights and all sorts of chaos!! I had forgotten how much I hated new years -_-

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So this is the story that I wrote for the gift exchange, I figured that I would post it here as well^_^




Aislday Adventures



Te'ijel walked at the back of the pack, her feline-like eyes sweeping over the woods on either side of the path as she watched for any threats. Up ahead Edward and Stella were talking softly while Mel led the group through the woods, and a slight flicker of concern washed through Te'ijel as Mel stumbled sideways before righting herself.


The vampiress glanced up at the sky, taking in how dark it was getting and how many days they had been travelling with almost no sleep before sighing. Of course these stubborn humans would push through until they were nearly collapsing with exhaustion.


Snow was falling softly through the air as they pushed through and Te'ijel noticed just how badly Mel, Stella and Edward were shivering, and how the bottoms of their clothes were soaking through because of the snow. She let out a barely heard sigh. It would do no good for them to catch their deaths out here.


"There is a city coming up ahead. The last signpost we passed a couple miles back said it's a small city called Travonet." She announced to the rest of the group, her enhanced sight picking up on the reflection of lights from further up ahead in the sky.


The group gave various sounds of relief and Te'ijel shook her head with mild amusement. Humans were frail, but they were determined and highly entertaining. Once presented with a chance for rest the group picked up their pace, causing them to reach the smaller town in record time. Mel dropped back with Edward and Stella and the three of them talked about being greatly relieved to have finally reached somewhere with real beds while Te'ijel caught up with her husband ahead of her.


"While they check in for the night shall we go hunting?" She asked quietly, her eyes glittering with mirth at the thought of his reaction.


He certainly did not disappoint.


"I will NEVER partake in such practice of hunting humans, you evil demon spawn!" Galahad said vehemently.


Te'ijel laughed.


"You are truly missing out crumpet." She teased, enjoying how his eyebrows scrunched up in anger and exasperation.


"Silence yourself!"


Te'ijel only gave a wicked laugh and jogged past Galahad to walk next to Mel.


"How long do you wish to stay in this village? I can sense my brother right on our tail, if we stop for too long he will catch us." Te'ijel stated, her voice going serious as she addressed the exhausted looking girl.


Mel nodded, looking older and more pained then any 18 year old should. The weight of the world was resting entirely on this girl's shoulders, and Te'ijel could see the toll it was taking on her.


"Only one night. We'll eat and rest tonight and collect goods come tomorrow."


Then Mel held a hand up and watched as a few falling white flakes landed in her hand before melting away.


"It's good that we're stopping for the night. The snow is getting heavier, and sleeping out here in the ice cold wouldn't be a good idea." Mel said, talking more to herself then Te'ijel.


The vampiress smiled to herself and watched Mel pick up the pace once again as she led the group through the snow covered woods towards the city. This girl was becoming quite the leader.


As they reached the city walls Te'ijel's brows furrowed. There were strange leafy circles hanging off of the gates and she could hear the sound of singing from within the walls.


They entered the city and for Te'ijel it was like walking into a explosion of colour. Covering the walls of the city were strange circles made of greenery with red ribbons and berries and strangely coloured baubles. Green and red greenery and ribbons were wrapped around the lamp posts and over the shop stalls and doors there was more of the greenery and decorated circles.


Distantly she could hear people singing about hope and love and she turned to the humans in utter puzzlement.


"What on earth are they doing here? Is this some strange superstitious ritual we have come in to?"


Mel and Edward looked at her in surprise.




Te'ijel looked around before looking back at the two young adults staring at her.


"I've never seen anything like this."


"You mean to say you've never celebrated Aislday?!" Mel exclaimed.


"What is Aislday?"


Mel gaped at her and Te'ijel glanced at Stella, Edward and her husband to see various states of shock on all of their faces.


"You aren't joking? You really don't know?"


Te'ijel sighed heavily.


"If I knew, would I be asking?" She asked irritably.


"Come now wife, surely you've heard of Aislday? I've even made garlands to go on the door of our house in Ged'here for Aislday!"


Te'ijel stared blankly at him.


"Those are not vampire wards? I always thought that you were attempting to create vampire wards."


Galahad threw his hands up in the air with a exasperated noise and Te'ijel smirked slightly at his reaction before looking back at the young adults.


"Now tell me, what is this Aislday?"


Mel gestured for them to walk as they talked and fell into step on one side of Te'ijel, Edward coming up on other side.


"Aislday is the day that we celebrate the gift of hope that the goddess granted to all of us. On Aislday people exchange gifts, sing songs about hope and kindness, have a grand feast and decorate with brightly coloured objects to bring cheer and happiness." Edward explained.


"Gifts? Why gifts?"


"To show that we care. Usually it is only exchanged between friends and loved ones." Stella softly.


Te'ijel shook her head in amusement.


"What a silly holiday. You celebrate hope for a small time before going back to hating each other and basing everything off of superstition and anger. What is the point of a holiday that does nothing."


Surprisingly it was Mel that spoke up this time.


"It doesn't do nothing. Even if it's only for a short time, isn't a holiday that causes people to go the extra mile and show kindness towards others worth it?"


Te'ijel shrugged elegantly.




The conversation was dropped in favour of looking for a inn. They managed to find one and much to their relief there was more then enough beds for all of them. The three humans collapsed into beds in exhaustion, passing out in minutes. Te'ijel was not in need of sleep but even she curled up on the top of one of the beds and allowed her body to relax.


She glanced over at her husband to see Galahad leaning against one of the walls close by.


"Husband, move to the wall closer to me. I wish to speak a little bit."


"So you may play your games?"


Te'ijel smirked slightly at his expression but shook her head.


"No. I simply wish to have some company tonight."


Galahad hesitated before walking over and leaning against the wall between the bed she was sitting on and a empty one.


"Was this Aislday a holiday when you were human?" Te'ijel asked softly.


Galahad twitched. She never usually asked about his human time but today curiosity had won out.


"Yes. Apparently it became a thing when the goddess had her first daughter, Aisling, the nymph of hope. She was born twenty years before I was."


"That would explain why I had never heard of this celebration, I was turned long before the hope nymph was born and we did not travel through any cities during this season when we were on our quest with Rhen. We were in the mountains."


Galahad nodded.


"That's true. I forgot about that."


"Hmm.....when does this Aislingday come?"


"It's in two days."


Te'ijel nodded before falling silent, keeping watch over the humans. She heard Mel whimper in her sleep but the young woman fell silent moments later so Te'ijel didn't bother waking her.


"It's really snowing out. The paths that had been dug in the snow to lead from building to building are completely covered and the snow is getting higher." Galahad suddenly said, his voice further away then it had been moments ago.


Te'ijel looked over to see him standing at one of the windows peering out and Te'ijel rose before walking over and peering out of the window next to him.


"You are right. The snow is coming down extremely heavy now. If it does not let up soon our travels may become more difficult then anticipated."




"What do you mean that we can't leave the city?!?" Mel shouted, the harried looking innkeeper holding up his hands in a placating manner.


"We opened the gates but the snow is piled as high as our tall males stand and is packed in by the wind! We've been doing our best to shovel here in the city and one of the people here is a Mage that's been magically melting and evaporating the snow along the city paths but she is not strong enough to do that for the paths out there, and she can only go so far. You will have to wait for a couple days as the snow melts."


Mel threw her hands up in the air with a snarl, a almost panicked light in her eyes.


"But Gyendal will have more then caught us by then!! I'll end up fulfilling that damn Prophecy and then this whole quest will be pointless!"


Te'ijel stepped forward, effectively catching the panicking girls eye. She turned to face Te'ijel who shook her head.


"He will not catch us. He relies on his magic to track us and the snow acts as a dampener. With this much snow he will be out of commission as long as us, if not longer."


She saw Mel relax and stepped back, glancing over at Edward and Stella who exchanged looks of excitement.


"There is a good thing that comes out of this."


They all looked to Stella who had broken the tense silence and Edward gave a massive grin.


"We'll be able to celebrate Aislday!! We can get small gifts and with the permission of the innkeeper we might even be able to make ourselves a special Aislday meal!!" The young prince exclaimed.


Mel brightened slightly and Galahad stepped forward.


"Very true! We can do a surprise gift exchange. Stick everyone's name into a hat and have each person withdraw, get one gift for each person so that we may still exchange gifts but we do not have to risk spending too much of our gold." Her husband said, sounding much more cheerful then usual.


It took a moment but eventually everyone made sounds of agreement, the slightly sweating innkeeper letting out a almost unnoticeable sigh of relief at the fact that Mel had relaxed and no longer looked like she was ready to crush the innkeeper.


"I have a hat here if you want to use it." He suggested tentatively.


Mel nodded and Edward approached the counter.


"Do you have a pen and old paper we could use?


The innkeeper nodded and withdrew old paper and a quill pen which Edward used to scribble down everyone's name, ripping the paper into five pieces and dumping it in the hat. Edward closed his eyes and covered the hat, shaking it up before uncovering and holding it out to everyone.


"Grab a name and don't say who you got, then shop for a gift for that person that can come with us on our quest." Edward stated, excitement filling his face.


Te'ijel watched as Stella, Mel and Galahad each took a name before reaching in and taking one of the two leftover papers, stepping back and unfolding it to see the name of her giftee written in Edwards clean writing.


Everyone watched as Edward withdrew his name and grinned before looking up at everyone else.


"Let's get started!


Instantly Mel had flipped up the collar on the warm coat she had bought in the last town before giving a half wave and stepping out of the inn, a cold wind blowing into the lobby before the door closed behind her.


Te'ijel shook her head and sighed before walking up the stairs, glancing out one of the window along the staircase at the snow with distaste. She may be immune to the cold but even vampires were not immune to the sopping wet that snow brought.


She placed her bag with her bow and arrow on the ground, frowning at the frayed string. It had been a while since they had been able to stop somewhere she could replace the strings and after the over strenuous use that this weapon was getting it was starting to break down.


Then Te'ijel sat down on the bed and opened the piece of paper in her hand.




The vampiress stretched before glancing idly around the room. What should she get the girl? Mel was rather withdrawn which made it hard for anyone to get close and learn about her. Te'ijel sighed heavily before rising to her feet again and heading back towards the stairs, grabbing the burgundy cloak out of the bag that held her arrows to hide from passerbys her race. Just sitting here was rather pointless, she would have more luck figuring something out if she looked through some of the shops and stands.


She entered the main lobby to see Edward and Stella discussing food that would be needed for the feast they had spoken about. They were just wrapping up the conversation as Te'ijel approached, and when they looked up to see her Stella gave a soft giggle and suddenly rushed past her to the stairs, vanishing up the staircase to where the beds were on the upper floor.


"Strange girl." Te'ijel muttered as she watched the lilac haired girl for a moment before turning back towards the main room where Edward was standing talking to the innkeeper.


"Out into the snow I go." Te'ijel sighed before pushing open the door and stepping outside, grimacing at the softly floating snowflakes in the air.


The door to the inn closed behind her and she started down the path, her heeled boots clicking against the frozen cobblestone. She saw a few people glance at uneasily but she ignored them, confident that the cloak she was wearing would hide her unnaturally pale skin from anyone so long as she didn't stop to talk with them.


The shops were all warmly lit from the inside and Te'ijel stepped into the first shop only to freeze and sneeze several times as the strong scent of incense assaulted her nose.


"Oh are you alright?" A lilting voice asked.


Te'jel glanced over to see a short woman hurry over, concern in her brown eyes.


"Fine. I simply have allergies." Te'ijel said curtly before moving to back out of the shop.


"Oh we have something for that. It's a wonderful scent that is soothing to the nasal passages and has helped some of the people in this town who face seasonal allergies!"


Te'ijel stared at the woman. She was trying to sell allergy incense.....to a vampire. She bit back a snort and simply shook her head, turning to leave only to hear the woman come up behind her.


"Wait!!! I have more then just incense and allergy remedies. Aislday is just around the corner, surely you would be in need for a last minute gift for someone?"


Te'ijal paused and turned to face the woman, keeping her face hidden in the shadows of her cloak.


"What, pray-tell, could you have that I would want."


"How about a carved figurines or dishes? Maybe some scented soap? Scarves?"


Te'ijal shook her head and moved to walk away only for the woman to call after her with one more offer.


"What about a journal?!"


That made Te'ijal pause. A journal. Mel had a journal, she always wrote in it. At one point when Mel hadn't been able to sleep she had spoken with Te'ijal for a bit and had told her that she had been writing in her journal since she had originally taught herself to write. In her bag she carried several worn journals as well as the one that she had been writing in through the journey. And the journal she was writing in was nearly filled.


"No. Your journals will reek as much as this place does. However, that is a excellent idea, I believe I will use it." Te'ijal commented before stalking out of the shop, allowing the door to close sharply behind her.


She strolled along the cobblestone streets, scanning the shops as she passed until stopping in front of a small one that when the door opened smelled faintly of old books and ink. She stepped inside, gazing around cooly before slowly making her way through the shelves.


There were large volumes along the shelves that lined the walls and stacks in boxes of old and worn books. There was a rack with leather book bags on the far wall and several small boxes of bookmarks made entirely of tiny beads woven together to create intricate patterns. Te'ijal glanced over those items and instead went to a large shelf filled with journals.


"These are quite nice." She murmured to herself, long and tapered fingers slipping loose of her sleeve and sliding gently over the spines of the journals until they came to rest on a soft cover journal. She gently grasped it and pulled it loose, examining it carefully in her hand.


The cover was a deep chocolate brown all the way around, with black stitching along the rims. It was certainly a classic looking journal, but what really made it stand out was the ornate tooling along the spine and on the cover, intricate designs that stood out from the dark cover with the cinnamon colouring it had been dyed.


It was held closed with a metal clasp that only added to the overall appeal of the journal and Te'ijal gave a satisfied nod. This was perfect.


She strode briskly through the shop to the back where a desk was with a older man sitting behind it reading.


"I wish to buy this."


The man looked up and nodded, holding his hands out for the journal. Te'ijal placed it in his hands and he looked over before glancing back up at her.


"A gift or for personal use?"


"A gift."


He nodded and reached under his desk to withdraw parchment paper which he carefully wrapped the journal in and handed it to her. Te'ijal tucked it into her coat and turned to walk away only to stop when the man spoke, his tone so calm and quiet that you would almost think he was talking to himself.


"Down in the village square there is a Mage who sells magical wares. Recently he's started magicking pens so they never run out of ink and will not smear when you touch the ink on the paper by accident. It's quite handy, especially if you happen to be traveling."


Te'ijal stopped. That would be perfect for the kinds of traveling they were doing, where they might have to pack up at a moments notice and continue fleeing.


"Thank you."


He made a noncommittal sound and Te'ijal walked out, heading directly for the village square. Upon reaching it she found it extremely busy as people milled around in the square, going in and out of shops and talking to people who ran different booths. Almost their entire group was in the square in that moment.


Stella and Mel hurried past Te'ijal only moments after she had entered the square, Stella holding a larger shaped package and Mel empty handed as they spoke in low tones.


She watched Galahad vanish into a leathertanner's shop and she couldn't help but glance around at the decorations and excitedly blathering people in bemusement. Humans were so strange.


With a slight shake of her head Te'ijal walked briskly over to the booth that she could sense the magic coming from, not bothering to browse but simply walking directly up to the young man in Mage robes.


"Hello! How may I-"


"I have been informed that you sell magicked pens that never run out of ink. I want one."


The man's mouth was still partially open from being mid word when she had spoken and it took him a second to recover.


"Uh...of course. I have them right here made out of assorted wood. Which one would you like?"


Te'ijal scanned them for a moment before reaching down to withdraw one that she recognized to be made out of rosewood.


"I wish to have this one."


"Good choice! Rosewood holds my magic the best, and that's the last one!"


He wrapped the pen before handing it to Te'ijal who accepted the wrapped object with a curt nod.


"Having any luck with your gifts?"


Edward's voice sounded from behind her and she turned to face the young warrior who reminded her slightly of Galahad.


"I am. And you?"


The brown haired male bobbed his head with a bright grin.


"I found the perfect gift for my giftee!! This town has some really interesting shops!"


Te'ijal smiled slightly at the teens excitement.


"I'm sure. Now, was their a particular reason you came over here?"


Te'ijal expected Edward to shake his head and leave to wrap whatever gift he had found but to her surprise the prince nodded his head and went slightly serious.


"Uh...I know this is your first Aislday so I thought that I would mention something to you."


"And that is?"


"Well, one of the most important things about Aislday is that you show thatbyou care for those around you, usually through the act of gift giving as a little reminder to them. I know we all agreed to only get a gift for the person who's name we pulled....but maybe getting one for Galahad since he's your husband and all might be a good idea."


Then Edward dropped his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck bashfully.


"I know you probably think it's a stupid idea. I just.....thought it would be nice."


Te'ijal watched the slightly blushing prince for a moment before tilting her head in thought.


"Perhaps you are right. He does seem quite fond of this human holiday, perhaps he will appreciate something from me." Te'ijal mused.


Edward's head popped up again and Te'ijal smirked slightly, he reminded her of a eager child with his excitement and goofy nature.


"So it's a good idea!! Great!! I'll see you later the I guess!"


Te'ijal watched in amusement as the teen rushed off. Such a excitable boy.




Te'ijal joined the humans during lunch, contending herself with a bottle of blood that she kept on hand. The young adults chattered about some different holiday traditions, even her usually quiet husband joining in. Although she would never admit it to anyone, she did enjoy seeing Galahad relax and enjoy himself again. It felt like it had been so long since she had seen him smile.


She thought for a moment, trying to remember the last time she had seen his face light up with his smile. Since he talked to that magic elf girl many, many years ago before the Nymphs vanished from Aia, he had smiled when the male elf had said something sweet to the girl as she had blushed, clearly flattered that the boy she appeared to be sweet on would say something kind. That was the last time she remembered seeing him smile.


"Well, I'm not quite finished shopping yet. I'll leave you guys and go finish up." Mel suddenly announced, pushing her now empty plate aside and standing before she strode out of the tavern they had chosen to eat at.


Te'ijal stood as well.


"I believe I shall finish up my own shopping as well."


Then once again she was out walking through the streets as the winter breeze nipped at her face. She found herself more appreciative then normal that she was immune to the cold, for the wind had quite a bit of a bite that it carried.


She wandered aimlessly from booth to booth as she walked through the square, glancing back at the tavern to see Galahad, Edward and Stella finally leave the square. Then the walked across the square to the woodworking shop. As she pushed open the door the scent of fresh wood washed over her and allowed the door to close behind her as she looked around.


"Welcome to my shop!!!" A jovial voice called to her.


Te'ijal glanced over at the well built man who approached her.


"What can I do for you on this fine day?"


Te'ijal glanced around once more before turning back to the man.


"Yes, do you have carving tools?"


The man laughed and gestured around him.


"I run a woodworking shop ma'am, it'd be in bad form if I didn't sell those."


Te'ijal waved a impatient hand.


"Yes. Now, where are they? I wish to buy some for a gift."


He grinned at her and gestured for her to follow him as he walked deeper into his shop, leaving Te'ijal to follow impatiently after him.


They came to a stop in front of a large wall filled with containers that held various tools where he left her before returning to a table a few feet away. She stared at the tools for several moments, picking up different ones and examining them cluelessly before returning them to their boxes and moving onto the next row. They all looked pretty much the same to her, she saw nothing special or different about it.


Te'ijal hissed out a breath of unusual frustration. She had no idea what to get Galahad in this place. She knew that he loved to work with his hands and that he preferred to do woodworking, and she knew that the couple of tools he did have were old and worn, but she had no idea what she would get to replace them.


"You have a idea of what you want?" The man asked, coming over to her after some time had passed of her going through the tools and yet remaining standing there in front of the rack.


"I don't know. I am not a woodworker, my husband is. I do not know what tools he would want. He only has a couple and they are worn, that is all I know."


The man nodded, glancing through the shelves before turning to her.


"I have a idea of what you may be looking for then. You say he only has a couple of tools?"


Te'ijal nodded in affirmative.


"I see. Well, then this may be a good gift. I sell individual tools, but during the holidays I also sell tool sets that come in a durable leather carrier. I have a relatively inexpensive one that has several different kinds and sizes of chisel and knife, along with something for sharpening. Would you like to see it?"




He vanished into a back room several feet away, the sounds of rummaging heard before he emerged with a leather satchel of sorts in his hands. He undid and opened the top flap and undid ties on each side before laying the entire thing open in front of her. Tucked into secure holders were tools on both sides of the carrier. One of the sides was a large pocket.


"For thinner wood creations or any drawings he might have of projects." The man explained.


Te'ijal nodded in distraction as she examined the tools and the holder they were in.


"I believe that this is exactly what I am looking for. How much is it?"


"Two hundred and eighty."


Te'ijal went still. She could not spend that amount of the groups money on a present. They needed that for food and equipment. But.....she did have a emergency fund that she kept on herself, money she had possessed before she had joined the group. It would clean her out.....


"That is far to expensive in my opinion. I will not spend that amount of gold."


"You will not find this quality of craftmanship anywhere else! My tools are of the finest quality, you would be paying a good price here compared to some places. You said yourself that you don't understand this trade, so you would not understand how in demand such a high quality of craftsmanship like this is."


Te'ijal shook her head.


"I do not need to understand the quality level. I will not spend that amount of money on a gift. There are other places I can go to buy such sets, this is far too much."


The man held it up closer to her almost as if to tempt her.


"This is the best kind of set you can find anywhere. You will find nothing of this quality anywhere else. I am selling you the best of the best."


Te'ijal smirked.


"Ah, but you just said it was a more inexpensive set. Were you falsely advertising your product to me."


The man blinked before a slight grin came over his face.


"Not at all kind lady, this set is more inexpensive....for this quality of work. Surely you would not expect me to sell this for nothing."


"I would not. However, I know that you are selling it for top price that is unreasonable to expect. I know you can go lower."


"How much lower would you be willing to pay?"


Te'ijal fired off the first number that came to mind, going purposely much lower to allow him to bring the price up, while still going much lower himself.


"Two hundred gold."


"Two hundred?!? For this!! No, two hundred and seventy five. I'd sooner sell my first born for such a price!!"


"Two hundred." Te'ijal repeated, saying nothing else but "accidentally" bumping her money bag in her cloak to allow him to hear the jingle of coin.


He shook his head.


"Two seventy."


"Two five."


"Two sixty."


"Two ten."


He made a slightly exasperated noise.


"Come now, work with me here!"


Te'ijal pretended to ponder.


"Alright, two fifteen."


He groaned.


"Your killing me here. Two fifty."


"Two seventeen."


"Two forty five."


"Two twenty." Te'ijal said blandly.


The man rubbed his head in frustration, clearly aggravated that she was not giving into his price range, though clearly his pride and his desperation to bring home such a prize to his wife and children drove him on.


"Two thirty five."


"Two twenty five."


"Two thirty and that is my final offer." The man said with finality.


Te'ijal smirked. That was exactly where she wanted the price.


"So will you be buying this?"


She pretended to hesitate before nodding.




"Wonderful!! I will wrap it now."


Once it was wrapped and payed for Te'ijal tucked it into her cloak and started back towards the inn, her pace slow. She could already picture Galahad's face when he saw her gift.


Perhaps this Aislday would be more enjoyable then she had originally anticipated.




The next day was a whirlwind of chaos around the inn that was utterly empty other then them. The humans and Galahad got up early and went shopping as a group to pick out food for the feast that they had spoke about being a tradition for Aislday before returning to the inn to utilize the kitchen that the innkeeper had given permission for them to use in order to cook for the feast.


Te'ijal chose to wrap her gifts while they were gone, taking twine and a dark blue ribbon that she had bought the day before and wrapping the pen and journal in the parchment paper the journal had been given to her in, then tying it up with the twine to keep it from being opened and looping the ribbon around it into a bow to make it more appealing.


Once she had finished that she pulled out the second gift. The one for Galahad. Te'ijel stared at it for a long while, her hand running absently along the paper that wrapped it. She did nothing for a moment, before taking the pen out of her pack and writing Galahad's name on it in calligraphy.


"Hey Te'ijal!!! Come help us!!" Mel's voice echoed up the staircase as a door downstairs closed with a bang and voices filtered up to her.


Te'ijal let out a long breath before hiding the gifts away again and rising, heading down the stairs.




She was promptly set to work chopping things in prep, which she did not mind for once. It kept her mind off the fact that in a rare feeling of emotion she was both dreading and anticipating the giving her gifts tomorrow.




Morning came and Te'ijal could be found sitting at the window on the far end of the room, enjoying the peace. Galahad was sitting near the three young adults and as the sunrise came up she glanced over to see him perfectly relaxed, eyes closed as he rested against the wall.


"Today is Aislday." She said quietly.


"It is." He agreed without opening his eyes.


Te'ijal survayed the three humans before smirking slightly.


"Do you wish to participate in a little wager?"


"What?" Galahad asked in confusion, his eyes opening as he looked over at her.


"A wager. That Edward will be the first one to wake up and he'll wake up the girls by being needlessly loud and obnoxious."


There was the faintest hint of a twitch at the corners of his mouth and he shook his head.


"That's not a wager I will take. I know that he will do that, I need not lose money betting for anything different."


Te'ijal's smirk grew and she glanced over at the beds as true to her prediction Edward began to stir. It took several minutes of shifting as Edward began to come out of sleep before he bolted upright, his hair sticking up in every which direction.




Te'ijal watched in amusement as his loud shout scared Mel awake, causing the thief to bolt upright with her dagger poised and Stella to sit up, a disoriented expression on her face.


"What's happening?!! Who's attacking?!" Mel snapped.


Edward appeared oblivious to her reaction as he began to dance around the room like a idiot, a goofy grin on his face.


"It's Aislday!!! Get up already!!"


"That's what you scared me awake for?! I aughta-"


"Oh don't be such a grump!! It's Aislday! No one is allowed to be grumpy!" Edward interrupted, going over to Stella and pulling her to her feet.


"Come on you guys!! Let's eat so we can exchange gifts!!"


Everyone followed Edward down the stairs, some going at a slower pace such as Mel and Te'ijal. Breakfast was a quick affair, bread and jam and cheese. However even just the short time that was taken to eat was enough to allow Mel and Stella to wake up fully and soon they looked almost as excited as Edward to return upstairs to exchange gifts.


Soon they were back upstairs, Edward and Galahad shifting several of the beds to that they could all sit in a circle for the gift exchange. Once everyone was seated Edward looked around the circle, his eyes shining with excitement.


"Alright, who's going first?"


"Can I?" Stella asked, her face brighter then usual as she hesitantly raised a hand.


"Yeah! Then we'll go clockwise from you." Edward exclaimed and Stella stood, walking over to her bed and pulling the large package she had been carrying when Te'ijal had seen her in the square in her arms.


"My name that I pulled was Te'ijal's. So this is for you."


She placed the package gently down on the floor in front of Te'ijal who stared at the package with interest for a moment before reaching over and untying the twine, pulling it loose and then unwrapping the paper.


"I know it might be kind of a odd gift but I though that you would really like it since you've talked about how you like experimenting with different kinds of arrows for your bows and I thought that this was a experimental as it could get." Stella babbled.


Te'ijal nodded and looked up at Stella, her eyes crinkling in the corners in leu of a smile.


"I appreciate these. This is a great gift, I quite enjoy playing around with the damage properties of different kinds of arrows and this will allow me to do so whenever."


Te'ijal then looked back down at her gift. Sitting on the paper was a set of ten new arrows, and in a protective case was twelve different jars. Each jar held a different kind of poison, ones that ate through flesh or ones that attacked different internal systems. One even froze the enemy quite literally upon the poisoned arrow getting the strange poison into the bloodstream.


"You like it?" Stella asked hopefully.


"I do. Thank you."


Stella relaxed, a shy smile flickering to life. Te'ijal set her gift aside before watching Mel who retrieved her gift, a thicker rectangular gift which she handed to Galahad on Te'ijal's left before taking her seat to Te'ijal's right between Te'ijal and Stella.


"I got you."


Galahad nodded and slowly opened it before blinking.


"A book talking about the different kinds of birds and exotic plantlife all over Aia."


Mel gave a uncomfortable shrug.


"Yeah. I know that you like watching the different birdlife as we are traveling but you told me when I asked that you don't know very many of the different kinds of birds so I thought that you might like this. It'll let you identify different kinds."


Galahad looked up from the book and gave a small smile.


"I appreciate that. I believe I will get good use out of this."


Mel relaxed and gave a nod to him before leaning back and looking over at Te'ijal.


"So who did you get?" Edward asked eagerly.


"I got Mel." Te'ijal informed the eager prince before standing and retrieving her gift, handing it to Mel before seating herself and watching closely as Mel accepted the gift with sparkling eyes.


"You used a ribbon to tie it shut?"


"No, that was merely a addition that I believed you would appreciate. You might find use for it with your gift inside, for use as a marking ribbon or somesuch."


Mel nodded and withdrew her dagger after she had undone and put aside the blue ribbon and slit the twine. She sheathed her dagger and then carefully unwrapped the gift, her eyes widening as the paper was pushed fully aside.


"It's a new journal." She murmured, reaching down to carefully lift the book out, studying the cover before flipping through the pages.


"This is beautiful." She finally said, looking up at Te'ijal who merely pointed at the smaller wrapped object that had been left behind.


"That is part of the gift as well."


Mel quickly unwrapped the object and smiled when she withdrew the rosewood pen.


"I like this. I'll have to buy some ink soon."


"No need." Te'ijal said calmly, a hint of a smile flickering to life.




"That is a magicked pen, it will never run out of ink and the ink will never smear if you touch it."


Mel gaped at the pen before turning to Te'ijal, a grin on her face.


"Are you serious?"


"Now you will be able to journal without having to watch the ink levels and hold off on sharing thoughts to preserve ink until our next stop."


Mel's grin brightened and she wrapped the gifts to place them carefully in her lap.


"Thanks Te'ijal. This is perfect."


"You are very welcome." The vampiress answered, turning to her husband with a slight smile. She was truly enjoying herself on this human holiday.


"Who's name did you pick husband?"


Galahad reached under the bed behind him and pulled out a package, sliding it across the floor to Edward.


"I received the young prince."


Edward's face lit up and eagerly took the present, unwrapping hastily only to exclaim in delight upon seeing new leather bracers inside. On the top of the bracers there was a intricate carving of a rune and Edward looked over at Galahad in curiosity.


"Those runes mean king and brave, depending on which dialect you are speaking from these parts. I felt that either way they fitted you well."


Edward grinned widely as he tried them on, the bracers fitting perfectly.


"This is amazing!!! I love them! Thank you Galahad!!!"


The final giftee was obviously Stella and she watched cheerfully as Edward pulled out his wrapped gift with a flourish, presenting it to her. Stella took the present and began to carefully unwrap it, leaving Edward to wiggle around in impatience.


"Open it faster!!" He urged, making Stella giggle and slow down for a few second to tease the impatient brunette.


"Let's see....."




Stella giggled again before having mercy on her friend and fully unwrapping it, gasping softly as shimmering purple fabric came into view. The gentle young woman reached down and carefully withdrew the fabric to reveal a warm shawl that shimmered and shined with different shades of purple.


"Oh Edward...." She whispered as she stared at the shawl in her hand.


"Do-do you like it?" Edward asked, hopeful and nervous all at once.


Stella sniffed and placed it aside, reaching over and hugging him tightly.


"I love it Edward. The shawl is beautiful." She told him, her voice muffled by his shoulder.


Te'ijal smiled as Edward's expression, a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment as he hugged the smaller girl back before releasing her as she pulled back to pick up the shawl once more and wrap it around her shoulders.


Eventually they all fell into easy conversation, enjoying the quiet of the morning and relishing in the relaxation afforded to them though being blocked into the town by the snow. The day passed quickly as they talked and laughed, Edward surprising everyone by pulling out a pack of Aislday chocolates he had bought for everyone as a surprise treat.

The humans split most of them, and Galahad convinced Te'ijal to split one with him to see if they could taste the chocolate. Much to Te'ijal's surprise she could taste a faint hint of the chocolate, a flavour she hadn't tasted in so long that she had all but forgotten it.


Eventually Mel, Edward and Stella decided to have their Aislday feast, leaving Te'ijal and Galahad behind upstairs, the room darkening as the winter sun began to set.


Te'ijal and Galahad moved the beds back to their usual places without a word, a awkward atmosphere filling the room.




She glanced over at Galahad to see him crouch down next to his armour which he had forgone for Aislday and withdraw a thinner package before standing and approaching her.


"This is for you."


Te'ijal blinked in surprise before reaching over and taking the package.


"You bought me something? But my name was not the one you picked."


"You are my wife, and Edward reminded me that on Aislday gifts are exchanged between spouses. It's only right for me to buy you something."


Te'ijal glanced at him before focusing on her package and unwrapping it carefully, only to stare down at her package, her eyes widening ever so slightly.


"So far that I've noticed we've gone into no less then five different shops that traded with the Dream-weavers that can enter the Dream realm and sold this enchanted bow string, and each time you call it a frivolous purchase and never get it for yourself, but I know you well enough now to know that you want this." Her husband said in explanation.


"You found a memory string." Te'ijal murmured, reaching in and gently lifting out the shimmering black string.


"These can only be made out of the memory roses that used to grow at the foot of the memory caves. Now they only grow in the Dream realm. It'll never break and it moments of desperation for salvation it can even infuse the arrows with the power to bring up the worst memories of the victim....." She said quietly, uncoiling the string and running her fingers along it before a rare smile sprung to life and she looked up at Galahad.


"Thank you husband."


He nodded and she let out a soft chuckle.


"You know, you aren't the only one Edward meddled with. I have a present for you as well, he told me the same as he told you, that spouses should give to one another to show affection. I'll go retrieve it now."


Te'ijal moved to where her things were and slipped her wrapped bowstring into one of the pockets on her quiver of arrows before grabbing the larger package with Galahad's name on it and carrying it over to Galahad, handing it to her husband wordlessly.


"Open it."


He accepted the package, looking momentarily at his name on the front before carefully opening the package to reveal the soft leather carrying case. He looked up at Te'ijal with slightly furrowed brows before reaching down and opening the bag, his jaw dropping as he gaped at the contents.


"You-....you got me carving tools." He whispered, his eyes wide as he reached into the case and slowly withdrew one of the tools to examine slowly before he looked back up at her.


"Your current tools barely work anymore, you said as much yourself." Te'ijal said, her tone slightly gruff.


"Wife.....I don't-......thank you."


"You're welcome. I'm sure you'll get good use out of it. The man said that there is a pocket/pouch on one side where you can store thinner projects or drawings of future projects. Whatever you wish."


He nodded before looking up at her, the corners of his mouth twitching before curving up into a smile, the first smile that Te'ijal had ever caused.


"I love this. I will work on a small carving tonight."


Te'ijal returned his smile and they stood together in a companionable silence before Edward and Mel started calling for them to come down and sit with them from the bottom of the staircase.


Galahad put away his gift and as Te'ijal descended the staircase she glanced out the window at the Twilight sky.


Although she would probably never admit it aloud, she had been quite pleased with the gift exchange and the reactions to her gifts for Mel and especially Galahad. It was a welcome reprieve from the stress and tension as they tried to evade Gyendal and find the Orbs before him.




A year later- Sedona, Arishta Isles:


Te'ijal hurried through the streets with her coat hood up to block out the chilly wind, her skin pink from the cold. Oh how she loathed the winter now that she was human. A package was clutched in her hands and she tucked it further into her warm sleeves.


She reached her and Galahad's home and fumbled to get the key out of her cloak but managed to withdraw it, her frozen fingers clumsily unlocking the door and allowing her to push it open with a clang as she grumbled under her breath, slamming the door behind her and hanging up her cloak as she hid the package away and made her way into the kitchen.


"I'm home."


"Welcome back love." Galahad greeted her, smiling at her briefly as he stood at the counter carving their roast duck.


"Did you get what you need?"


Te'ijal nodded and cleared off the small two person table in their kitchen as he finished carving the last of the duck and placed several slices on both their already full plates.

He carried them to the table where they both sat and poured the gravy overtop of the mashed potatoes and the duck before they dug in, Te'ijal finding herself savouring the flavour of stuffing and the potatoes and the gravy along with the duck quite against her will. She really hated food, yet her traitorous mouth and stomach loved it.


She and Galahad engaged in light conversation as they enjoyed their meal, finishing at a leisurely pace before clearing their dishes and wrapping up the food to store. Once almost everything was put away Te'ijal slipped out of the room to where her coat was hanging and withdrew the package before hurrying to the living room, beating her husband there by mere minutes.


When he entered the room and saw her sitting on the couch with the wrapped package sitting in her lap he chuckled softly, coming over to sit next to her when she beckoned for him to do so.


"What is it?"


"Happy Aislday." Te'ijal said with a hint of a smile, handing him the wrapped package.


He accepted and eagerly opened the package to reveal a thick book. Upon scanning the title of this large novel he burst into peals of laughter, a wide grin springing to life and the corners of his eyes crinkling.


"A collection of myths and records of vampires over history." He said with amusement before looking up at her. "You remembered that I wanted this. I was interested in doing some research on humans views of vampires over the years now that I am free of the curse."


Te'ijal's mouth twisted in distaste at the reminder of her mortality, before giving herself a brisk shake and turning her full attention to Galahad opening the front cover. She saw him glance over the page before stopping on her inscription and reading it.


"Look at what the humans think of us! Aren't their foolish myths utterly ridiculous? I'm sure you'll get as much amusement out of this as I did."


He laughed again, closing the book and placing it on the table in front of the couch with a grin.


"I plan to start reading this as soon as I can. I have no doubt I will enjoy it."


Te'ijal smirked and he stood, excitement glittering in his azure blue eyes.


"I'll go retrieve your gift now then." He said with a slightly nervous smile as he walked out of the room, leaving Te'ijal to sit waiting in anticipation until he returned holding a object covered in cloth.


He set it on the table directly in front of Te'ijal, moving back around to sit directly next to her as he gently gripped the cloth in preparation to reveal the gift.




Te'ijal nodded and he pulled the cloth free to reveal a intricately carved wooden building replica. Her eyes widened as she realized what the building was and she felt a lump rise in her throat.


"It's the cathedral. The Ged'here cathedral." She whispered.


Galahad nodded and Te'ijal reached out a slightly trembling hand to touch the roof of the house, her fingers sliding down over the shingles that he had stained black to the wooded walls that had been painted to look like stone. There was real glass that he hand painted to look like stained glass and the door was painted to look like the solid oak doors that led to the cathedral inside.


"You got everything perfect. Right down to the odd shape of the front of the cathedral with the two alcove-like areas on either side of the door."


"Do you like it?"


Te'ijal opened her mouth to respond but closed it again when she realized that she would not be able to speak. She missed her home so, so much. But this....now she would have a piece of home with her as she lived out her pathetically tiny mortal lifespan.




She looked over at him and he examined her face before blinking in surprise.


"Are you....teary? Because of this?"


"No, I'm simply holding back a sneeze." Te'ijal snapped, looking back towards the house and blinking firmly to get rid of the hazy mist she absolutely refused to call tears.


Galahad gave a huff of amusement before wrapping a arm around her, pulling her close and pressing a kiss to her temple.


"You are teary, you cannot fool me after how long we have been together. Does that mean you like it?"


Te'ijal contemplated continuing to argue that she was not teary, but when she looked back at the flawlessly and lovingly done miniature of the Ged'here Cathedral she decided that tonight would not be a night she would waste with pointless arguing.


"Yes Galahad, I love it."


His bright smile was worth abaninding the argument for Te'ijal, and when he tilted her head to give her a soft kiss she did not resist, nor did she fight him when he tugged her to his chest and reclined back on the couch with her in his arms as he reached over to grab his book and start reading.


Te'ijal rested against her husband, content for the most part aside from the dull ache in her chest. She missed being a vampire, oh how she missed it, but she was finding as the days went by that having Galahad with her helped lessen the ache in her chest. The clock chimed on the mantle and Galahad's arms tightened around her slightly.


"Happy Aislday my love."


Te'jal tilted her head so her forehead rested against his neck and she let out a soft sigh.


"Happy Aislday."

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Hello all!!! So I have another story to share with all of you^_^ This one is a short as well, however it's quite a bit different from my usual oneshot/short. Usually all my ideas come from this deep dark scary place in my brain I call the home of my muse, but this one came through a quite a bit different way.


A while back I decided to try something new, pick a random piece of art for one of the fandoms I'm in and write a short fanfic based off of that picture with different elements incorporated in. I figured that it would be a good way to test my creativity and create inspiration out of a random image.


So I found the perfect picture, had enough of a backstory to work with, but not so much of one that I would be interfering with someone else's elaborate fanworld. I managed to get just a little over half of this chapter actually written in one go, but then my inspiration left me and thus I abandoned this story. This has been sitting unfinished longer then the Detention AU, but recently I rediscovered the inspiration for this and I dived back in.


As with all stories I post in this particular thread, this one is completely finished. It's five chapters long, and I'll make sure to update periodically. If there's interest in it, I'll get the chapters posted pretty quickly with short wait in between the updates.


(I know this is a long Authors Note, please bear with me!! Almost done!!)


Here is the link to the image that this story was inspired by: http://angelerenoir.deviantart.com/art/Reign-of-Shadows-216149341 By the wonderful AngelERenoir, or D_A as she's known on here :)


Hope you all enjoy!!




Shattered Truths- Chapter One


A Prophecy Fulfilled




"The prophecy can be prevented, you have one opportunity. Mel will be vulnerable to the crystal only once, when she lets go of that staff. If you fail to purify her then and she regains control of the Staff of Destiny, there will be no second chance."


Stella moved closer to Edward instinctively.


"So what your saying is......"


"If she regains the staff she will take over the world and fulfill the prophecy. There will be no stopping her! If you fail and her empire is established....."


The oracle trailed off and her face darkened.


"Once her empire rises it will never, ever fall."





Terror coursed through Mel as Mordred's magic flew through the air towards her. She knew that against a Mage as powerful as her ancestor she held no chance.


Suddenly her head had a exploding pain pulse through it and of their own accord her hands flew up, catching the orb of magic that Mordred had fired at her in her hands. A dark oppressive presence filled the chamber and everyone in the room reacted with shocked cries as they stumbled away. Down below in the prison faint cries of terror could be heard.


Mel's eyes went impossibly wide as she tried to control her own limbs instinctively and nothing happened.




Everyone watched as Mel's hands shifted before flinging the orb of magic back at Mordred.


"You are not the prophesied one. I choose her."


The deep, malevolent voice echoed around in the room and Mordred's eyes went wide in horror and terror as the magic turned black and red before enveloping him whole.


Screams filled the chamber and it shook slightly before the sound began to fade and magic fog cleared. Hovering midair was a cloak and a magic pendant that was motionless for a moment before dropping to the ground.


Mel was frozen as she stared the staff that floated in the air before coming straight over to Mel.


As if in a trance she reached up and plucked it from the air.


"This girl shall be the ruler. I have chosen her."


The presence began to condense in the middle of the room before being sucked into the Staff clutched in Mel's hand.


As soon as the presence was gone it was like the hold over the room was released and voices started up, climbing one over another and piercing Mel's ears.




"Mel please drop the staff!!"


Her friends surged towards her and Mel stumbled back from them, just barely catching herself on the staff as her ragged breathing filled the room.




The room fell silent and Mel pushed herself up straight, scanning her friends. Edward had tears in his eyes and Stella was openly crying. Te'ijel was pale and holding tightly to Galahad's arm and Galahad was clutching his sword tightly as fear and worry swirled in his eyes.


"Darklings, remove them. Put them up in the finest house here for the night. I need space." She rasped out finally.


Her friends protested violently but Mel ignored them as the darklings herded them out if the room. She watched as the door slammed behind them and their voices became muted.


Finally she turned to face the disciples of darkness who had yet to move from where they had stood guard around the portal.


"Why are you still here? Your master is dead."


"We serve the chosen one of Asmodeus, the demon of the staff. He has chosen you, that means that we now serve you." They said in unison.


Mel was still shaking as she absorbed their words.


She had been chosen by a demon.




As Stella, Edward, Galahad and Te'ijal gathered in one of the rooms together the mood was grim. Stella sat on one of the beds with her hands pressed against her face as she cried, Edward sitting next to her as he struggled to hold back his own tears.


Galahad was leaning against the wall staring off into space with his arm around Te'ijal. Te'ijal was silent and her violet eyes were distant.


"We've failed." She whispered.


Stella's crying grew louder and Edward's jaw clenched.


"There has to be a way to stop her!! This can't be it!!"


Galahad looked away from the wall and focused on Edward.


"The battle will be that much harder now that she's begun her reign."


"It's not harder, it's impossible!!!! The oracle herself told us that if we missed our one chance to purify her that she would take over the world and that we couldn't stop her! We've lost her forever!!!!"


Stella's shout was punctuated by a sob and she dropped her head back into her hands.


Galahad turned to his wife with dread in his face.


"Tell me it isn't true."


Te'ijal laughed but the sound held no mirth.


"Oh husband, I wish I could."


"So we have failed......." He whispered.


The four fell silent for several moments before Edward shot to his feet, fists clenching and unclenching.


"No!! I refuse to accept that!! We cannot have lost Mel so easily!! The oracle is wrong, Mel's heart is to good to only have one chance to be freed from the darkness!!"


"Be still prince, whether we want to accept it or not Mel is no longer the thief we knew. She has been chosen by a demon and warped by the demon realm." Te'ijal stated.


"Your wrong!! Mel CAN be saved!!" Then Edward paused and took a shaking breath, licking dry lips before continuing. "And even if she can't be saved we can stop her. We just have to fight. We can stop the dark empire if we just try. I know we can."


"It's the oracle Edward, I doubt she's wrong." Stella said softly.


"But we can't just give up like this!! We have to fight!! If she takes over the world....... We need to at least try. We're her friends, it's our duty."


Stella, Galahad and Te'ijal exchanged looks.


"What's your plan?"


"We need to secure all the powerful capitals all over Aia. Veldharah, Sedona, Thais, and any surrounding cities. We need to create a resistance and fight against her before she can gain control. Then we confront her. It's the only way."


Stella, Galahad and Te'ijal were silent for several minutes.


"I will fight with you. I cannot let the world to darkness without at least fighting to stop it." Galahad finally said.


"I'll fight as well." Stella whispered, wiping her eyes.


They all turned to look at Te'ijal who was silent for a long moment.


"Alright. I'll join you." Te'ijal paused before turning to her vampire husband.


"But first there is the little matter of you turning me......."




Mel hid herself the next day in the library, desperately trying to find a book to explain to her what exactly this demon controlled. It took her three hours of non-stop going through books until she found what she wanted. However, she was not exactly pleased with the results.


"Are you kidding me?!?!? He was a all powerful demon and he fathered Ahriman?!! Why does he have to be the demon possessing the staff?!"


Then Mel paused as she took in the last paragraph about all of his children. Ahriman the eldest, and seven younger ones who controlled the seven deadly sins. Each of his children were separate manifestations of his power and personality....like lust and wrath and pride......


"WHY ME?!!?!??!!?!"


Once Mel recovered from the minor freak out she emerged from the back library with exhaustion lining her face. The disciples of darkness still hadn't moved from where they had been standing around the portal and she decided that her first order of business would be to close the portal on this side.


"Disciples of Darkness......." Then Mel paused for a moment, "actually, what do I call you?"


One appeared to shrug.


"It does not matter. We have no names and we see no need for them. We exist only to serve the chosen one. Now, what is your order milady?"


"Close the portal. I will not have people accidentally entering into the Demon Realm."


They bowed before turning to the portal.


"As you command."


Mel nodded before walking to the stairs that led down to where some of the darklings were gathered. As she entered the room they all spun and bowed deeply.


"Your majesty!!"


Mel gave a awkward nod in recognition before beckoning them all to rise. They obeyed before staring fixedly at her.


"Is there a council that ruled here before my arrival?"


Several darklings nodded.


"Send for them."


"Yes your majesty!!" They shouted in sync before vanishing.


Mel turned and mounted the steps, reentering the main part of the cathedral to see Yemite flash into existence at the foot of the stairs that led up to where the disciples of darkness were closing the portal.




"Yemite, replace the table and chairs for the council meetings downstairs please. The council will be here any moment and the other darklings removed the furniture to gather here."


"Yes mistress!!"


The darkling hurried down the stairs and left Mel standing silently scanning the cathedral. She had no idea what she was doing but she had better figure it out quick.


She did not wish to anger the demon inside.




The meeting with the darklings had been interesting to say the least. Once they had stopped grovelling Mel had managed to get the basics of how Underfall was ruled.


Which was basically not at all.


For some reason the citizens down in Underfall didn't really fight or argue and there wasn't skirmishes about property. The citizens basically ruled themselves with the occasional gathering to get all excited about one day being the capital of a powerful empire.


It had been decided that one powerful darkling would be stationed at every human city in Aia to oversee things while Mel got everything sorted out. She had never wanted to rule the world and so had absolutely no idea of a what she was supposed to do next.


"This is a headache and a half." Mel muttered.




"Is there any darkling here that is powerful but also is a very good tactician or something?"


Yemite shook her head.


"We aren't tacticians. We don't think like humans, you'll have to find a powerful human Mage to work with you."


Mel dropped her head down onto the table.


"Of course."


"Mistress, do you want to find someone who would be best fit to the position?" Yemite asked.


"We'll see. Right now I have other more pressing things to figure out. Finding someone would take to long."


Mel turned her attention back to the map of the world that sat in front of her. She had been warned by one of the darklings that it may end up being a hostile takeover, something she had been expecting anyway, and she was trying to decide where she needed to have control of first.


"I now understand why Edward hated the idea of ruling so much. The amount of paperwork is exhausting."




Several days later Mel could be found reading over plans she had written for the first assault. Her mouth formed the words soundlessly as she went over every little detail.


"But how do I deal with the citizens that rebel? I can't just kill them.....can I?"


She was pondering that thought for a moment when the weight of her question hit her and her fingers went slack, the paper falling out of her hands.


"What's wrong with me?!?! I'm deciding whether to kill someone because they don't agree with me?!


Her hands shook as her mind replayed the question over and over in her head, the realization of what she was doing fully dawning on her for the first time since coming out of the portal.


"What am I doing?! I've been fighting against this all this time and now I'm giving in! I can't do this!! This is so, so wrong."


Mel shoved back from from the table, nausea rising in her throat as she stumbled back from the table and the papers on it, the look of horror and terror that had been on her friends faces the last time she saw them filling her mind.


"I can't do this."


Mel turned and bolted for the stairs only to freeze and sink to her knees with a cry, hands flying up to clutch her head as a crippling pain shot through it. Agony wracked her body and Mel shook.


She fell sideways against the wall, gasping for air as it felt like it was being squeezed from her lungs.


The staff to her left began to tremble and glow before a dark presence fell over the room and coiled around her, squeezing her tightly.


"I did not choose you only for you to quit now. I will not give up my toy so easily."


The voice was filled with anger and Mel couldn't help but let out a whimper.


"I have gifted you with the eternal lifespan of a darkling so you are able to eternally rule over the dark empire, you will do as I want or you will pay."


When Mel didn't speak the pain all over her body simply grew, her chest compressing and the nerves behind her eyes giving a starburst effect as her pain sensors were overloaded until Mel couldn't take it anymore.


"S-stop!! I'll...I will okay"


The pain lessened.


"Good. Do not disobey me again."


The presence vanished as quickly as it had come and the immovable force that pressed her down, yet supported her to keep her off the floor released her and she collapsed forward until she was on all fours struggling to hold herself up. The door to the council room opened and Yemite walked down the stairs only to gasp at the sight of Mel kneeling on the ground, as white as a ghost.




Yemite rushed to Mel's side and Mel glanced up at the loyal servant, attempting a smile.


"Mistress what happened?!"


Mel stood slowly to her feet, allowing Yemite to assist her.


"Nothing Yemite. I've simply learned a valuable lesson about who's truly going to rule this empire."


Yemite cocked her head.


"I don't understand."


"That's alright, you don't need to."


Yemite helped Mel walk over to the chair where she sank down, her head resting back against the chair.


"Yemite, did you know that I was immortal?"




After what happened with the demon Mel had been working almost round the clock to get everything in order for when she fully took over the world. The royal prisoners had been moved to another prison outside of the cathedral so that she didn't have to listen to them shouting to be let free.


The messenger who was checking on all the darklings up on Aia would be returning to give a report soon and Mel was waiting impatiently for news.


"Your majesty?"


Mel looked up to see that the messenger had finally arrived.


"Good, your here. What's the news?"


The darkling shifted on it's feet uncomfortably before drawing itself up to full height.


"Your majesty, for the most part the people have accepted that the darklings are leading the way to a new queen but there have been attempts on the lives of the darklings. Many mages have accepted the idea of a queen that they can serve and become powerful through so they have been protecting the darklings and working to win over as many citizens as possible. However, there is also a group called The Resistance that's rising all over Aia. So far only humans have joined this group, the non-humans want to see for themselves what this new ruler means. However, the Resistance is growing in power and if we want to take over we are going to need to attack soon."


Mel was silent as she absorbed this news. Her mind raced as she figured out what her next step was.


"Send darklings to all the non-human capitals and have the darklings promise that the non-humans will finally have equal standing in Aia under me if they fight on my side. No longer will they have to hide from humans in order to be safe. I will protect them so that they may roam free. Leave their royalty alone, they will be like provincial rulers and they can be left mostly to themselves. That means you tell this to the dwarves, the dragon people, the elves, the fairies and tell the Naylithens that all they have to do is not fight against us and they will be protected. Do not ask the Naylithens to fight."


The darkling nodded and vanished, Mel closing her eyes and magically calling Yemite.


"Yes mistress?"


"Bring me the file with all the mages in it that are powerful and wish to serve at my right hand as a tactician."


Yemite vanished only to reappear a moment later with a fat folder in hand. She handed all the parchment to Mel who took a deep breath before sighing.


"Well, this should be fun."




Mel had only gotten halfway through the paper stack when she threw her hands up in the air.


"Are you kidding me?!?! The most powerful ones will only serve me if they can become a consort and the rest are females that want me to make rulers under me of various cities.


Mel growled before slumping in her chair.


"Goddess above I hate my life."


While she was busy glaring at the papers on her table Yemite tapped her shoulder.


"What do you want Yemite? I'm busy trying to figure out which idiot to choose."


"I might have a idea of what you can do mistress." Yemite said hesitantly.


Mel looked up at Yemite.


"Go ahead."


"Well, what about the Mage in the prison?"


"Lydia?! Are you crazy?!?"


Yemite shook her head.


"No, not the one you call Lydia. The male one. The ex vampire."


"Gyendal? He's far to powerful a Mage to-.........." Mel went silent and Yemite gave a encouraging nod.


"That is insane, but absolutely brilliant. Where is he?"


"Still in the prison below."


Mel stood, the chair screeching backwards across the floor. Shoving the paper stack back she turned and swept up the stairs and out of the council room before hurrying to the prison and descending downstairs to the farthest and biggest cell where she saw Gyendal lying on his back with his arms folded behind his head.




He glanced over and snorted.


"So the great queen is finally acknowledging my existence is she?"


Mel ignored the pointed statement, striding right up to the cell as she stared intently at the ex-vampire. Her first reaction as she stared at the male inside the cell was to kill him or hurt him, of easiest of all, just walk out. Even as she moved to step back and leave she watched as his head turned and his dark grey-green eyes met hers, freezing her in place. The darkness in his gaze snapped her back to reality am reminded her of why she was here, causing Mel to straighten.


"I have a proposition for you."


Gyendal raised a brow.




"How far would you be willing to go to have the power over a large group of people?"


Gyendal sat up and stared at her.


"Has the Demon realm stripping you of all intelligence? Because I would have assumed that such a stupidly obvious question would need not be asked in the first place."


Mel gritted her teeth and glared at the Mage, her muscles tensing.


"So the answer is that you've gotten to old to desire power then? Great, I'll go-"


"Don't be a idiot!!" He snarled, his back becoming ramrod straight as Mel smirked.


"It was a simple-"


"I have no interest in foolish games lamb. Get to the point."


She sneered and crossed her arms, all sense of her hastily constructed aloof and detached persona gone as she was reduced to the deeply aggravated and combative person that surfaced every time she spoke to the infuriating ex-vampire.


"I am ruling now, just like you forced me to, and now I'm trapped in this role of being a glorified secretary for the affairs of Aia, but I don't have anyone that can assist me in figuring out what steps I need to take to be a effective and feared ruler. I need a powerful Mage who can stand with me, and right now I am in desperate need of someone who is powerful that can work with me as I prepare for war against a human resistance that has formed."


There was a moment of silence before Gyendal yawned and leaned back very deliberately.


"And you need help finding someone who can do that. Well I'm afraid that I'm rather useless in recommendations of that sort so if you don't mind, I'd like you to leave." He said with a sniff.


Mel threw her hands up into the air.


"And you say I'm stupid?! Why would I come down here for reccomendations?! I have hundreds of darklings that have been gathering Mage records to find me someone competent enough to work with me, and after the thousands of records that have been gone through none appeared that don't want to become a mini dictator with lots of money or marry me!"


"So you came to talk to me and give me such a offer of power.....why?"


Mel stared at him for a long moment. Had becoming human really addled his brain that much?!


Apparently not. It took a moment, but she saw realization dawn on his face.


Then he began to laugh.


"You, want me to work alongside you?! You hate me!!! You think I'm responsible fully for what finally brought you to this place!! Why the hell would you want me working with you, better yet why the hell would you think I would even consider it?! I loathe you! You have been nothing but a minion of misery since that night when you retired the orb of Darkness!"


"You think I want to ask you?! I don't have any other choice!! I know that you won't expect me to marry you, and there is no one else even competent enough for this job!"


Gyendal stood and approached the gate separating them, stopping mere inches from the bars. His eyes glittered with cunning as he met her own steady gaze.


"And tell me Mel Darkthrop, what do I get out of this?"


"The ability to walk free from this cell for good, being elevated to the highest level of power other then myself over everyone, and the remains of the magic dampening bracelet that had been placed over you permanently removed, and the freedom to travel Aia once again after the shifting of power has been fully settled."


Her words made Gyendal's eyes widen as he took a half step back, clearly startled by everything that she was willingly offering.






He studied her, his lips tightening into a thin line.


"And what proof that you will keep to this do I have?"


Mel took a shaking breath before turning towards Yemite who stood at the far wall where several switches were located.


"Open the door."


Her loyal servant did as orders and with a shuddering clang the door to Gyendal's cell opened, leaving nothing between the two enemy mages. Gyendal stayed perfectly still, not making any move to attack her.


Mel hesitated before stepping forward before holding out one hand flat, palm facing up as Yemite approached and placed a glowing and pulsing red stone in her hand. The stone of truth, entrusted to the Darklings by their patron Druid, Rashnu of the Darkness.


"Will a oath do well enough for you?"


The ex-vampire stared at the stone in awe, knowing what it was without Yemite even having to say a word. Mel took a shaking breath before speaking, the stone beginning to pulse with every word spoken.


"I am Mel Darkthrop, Mage, child of Prophecy, and ruler of Darkness. I swear a oath upon this stone that I will grant Gyendal Ravenfoot the authority of my right hand, and the freedom to roam while removing all unwelcome restraints once placed upon him should he accept and swear a binding oath of loyalty to me, never to betray me and turn against my Rule or attempt to bring trouble upon I or my darklings either through his own power, or through the power of mages around him acting through his will."


Gyendal was silent for a long moment, before looking up from the stone at Mel.


"I have no other option. No freedom, no authority. The vampires will no longer accept my presence among them even if I did escape, for I am only a human now. And you will grant me authority. I will accept this offer.....on one condition. I wish to become a vampire once again."


Mel hesitated. If she made him a vampire, it would take away the small amount of power leverage she held over the Mage in front of her. But if she didn't, she would lose out on having the most powerful Mage she had ever met before in her life working at her side.


".......very well. I swear that if you abide by the previous terms of my oath I will also find a way to turn you."


He nodded then raised a hand, placing it over the stone in her hand as he began to speak.


"I am Gyendal Ravenfoot, servant to Rashnu of the Darkness, creature of death, Mage of the highest order, and Lord of Twilight. I swear a oath upon this stone that I shall remain loyal to the reign of Mel Darkthrop, never to betray or turn against her rule, nor to bring harm to her or the darklings through my hand or the hand of those who obey my wishes and will so long as Mel stays true to her oath of my freedom of magical constraint and imprisonment, returning to me my ability to roam and granting me the power of a ruler as her right hand and returns to me the gift she stole by restoring my status as vampire."


The stone blazed between their hands and Mel tensed as the stone heated, and tingling warmth spreading through her body before fading away.


The oath had been made. They had sealed their fate.




So as you already would know, this is my imagining of a dark!Mel story :) It's actually been quite fun to write a story where she actually fulfilled the prophecy rather then not, this whole story and the various elements within have actually been quite the writing challenge for me!!


Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. Let me know what you thought!!!

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Shattered Truths- Chapter Two


Queen of Darkness





Yemite came forward and took the stone back from Mel as Gyendal stepped back and Mel closed her eyes before taking a deep breath and opening them again. Then she turned away from Gyendal and strode towards the stairs, her demon realm-faded red school robes swishing slightly as she tiredly mounted the stairs.


"Before we start anything we need to figure out some clean clothes for you and where you're going to stay. Come to think of it, I need to find out where I'm going to be living as well. I haven't actually left the cathedral once since arriving here, I've just been taking the occasional nap in my chair downstairs."


Gyendal snorted.


"My, you actually sound like you might be dedicated to ruling the world now. Whatever brought around such a transformation?"


Mel stiffened and didn't respond, simply quickened her pace as she went across to the council room where all her paperwork was set up. There was a moment of quiet before Gyendal easily caught up to her side and looked down at her with a hint of amusement.


"So something did happen. Care to share."




He blinked at her tense tone before raising a brow but mercifully dropping that line of questioning. They descended into the council room where paperwork was piled all over the massive table and scattered around where Mel had been sitting with a open inkwell and quill. She was capping the inkwell when Yemite appeared next to her.


"What next mistress?"


"Where am I going to live down here? And where will he live?"


Yemite started bouncing around her in excitement.


"Oh goodie! I get to show you to your new home! Every since you emerged with the staff and began to put the world takeover in motion we've been gathering together vampire mages and darkling mages and have removed the barrier around your new home!"




Yemite nodded.


"It was built when the prophecy first came into existence by the most powerful darklings, vampires and any other being living here in Underfall. Once construction was complete it was sealed to prevent people from trying to enter and cause damage or steal, not to be opened until the fulfiller of the prophecy and their servants and right hand had arrived. There's enough room for everyone you need around you to live in the Citadel with you."


Mel nodded and Yemite led them out of the Cathedral, Mel gaping as the exited the gated in courtyard and stood at the mouth of what had at one time been a dead end path along the cathedral fence. Now it led to foreboding black iron fence with spikes up top, acting as a divide between the main city and the massive black citadel behind the fence, the black spires that stabbed into the sky reminding Mel of the dagger she had tucked into her robe, the needle that she had gotten on the quest for the Death Orb.




"I must admit. That is a highly impressive castle. Too bad it'll be wasted on you." Gyendal said after a moment.


Mel was to awed by the sight in front of her to snark at the Mage next to her. Yemite started walking up to the castle, Mel and Gyendal following at a slightly slower pace as they walked down the path and approached the wide stretch of ground where the massive iron gates sat open. Mel felt almost like a bug as she passed through the gates and approached the foreboding black citadel, taking in how it seemed to absorb every bit of light that touched it, like a pit nothingness.


They entered the castle-like building and Mel walked down a glittering hall, taking in the glowing sconces on the walls as they were led to a ornate set of wooden double doors that Yemite shoved open for Mel and Gyendal.


"This is the throne room." Yemite said, her usual cheery voice quiet.


Mel stopped in the doorway, her eyes widening as she took in the massive room, obsidian and gold with blood red curtains that covered several massive windows on either side of the doorway. Directly across the room on a raised dais sat a black steel throne with gold cushions on the seat and the back, the throne radiating a oppressing aura. There was enough room for a second throne if desired, and without one there was enough room on both sides for someone to comfortably lean on the arms of the throne.


On either side of the dais there were two curving staircases that led up to a balcony above the throne as well as two doorways on either side of the balcony that led elsewhere in the castle.


"Mistress, do you want to be shown around this floor before we go up to where all the bedchambers can be found?"


Mel dragged her eyes from the throne to look over at her loyal servant.


"Let's do the tour first."


Yemite nodded and led Mel and Gyendal through a door in the far right corner away from the dais, showing them the kitchen and the dining hall along with the ballroom, the library, the terrace, and stairs that led to a lower level with a prison and interrogation chambers.


"Where will I do my work?" Mel asked as they reentered the main throne room and they were led to the closest staircase next to the throne dais.


"There's a office in your wing mistress. The guest rooms and the sitting room can be found in to the right." Yemite explained as she pointed to the staircase to their right as they stood facing the throne and the staircase above before they mounted the stairs and entered the left wing.


"Mistress, your bedchambers and bathroom are located on the other side of the door on the far left. Lord Gyendal, your quarters would be located directly across the hall on the right. The door at the very end of the hall leads to the conservatory, the other door on the left side of the hall belongs to me as your personal servant so that if you need something I can get it for you, and the other door on the right side of the hall leads to a joint study with a wall to give almost complete separation. It was designed so that you and your right hand would not need to traverse all over this castle when figuring out business."


Mel grimaced at the thought of being in such close quarters with her once enemy.


"Well let's see my new sleeping quarters." She muttered, pushing forward and opening the door to explore her new room.


Of course in fitting style of a queen the room was more luxurious then anything Mel had ever seen before in her life. Dark purple silk sheets on the bed and shadowy grey walls adorned with paintings of a waterfall from the forest nearby the city of Underfall, as well as a painting of the Darkthrop crest.


The bathroom doors were open and she could see the fixtures from where she stood, her mouth hanging open as she walked fully into the room and turned to where a set of closed doors stood, walking over and pushing them open only to see a walk in closet filled with dark clothing. Standing in the centre of the room stood a form like the ones they had in dress shops the shape of a female adorned in black clothing that almost glowed.


"What is that?"


"Those are the clothes you will wear once you are officially crowned as queen mistress."


Mel approached the clothes, running her hands down the fabric on the strange cloak-like jacket that covered a pitch black dress.


"You say that like I need to be publically coronated." Mel said quietly.


"You do mistress. Before we actual come out of Underfall to present you to your new kingdom you must be fully coronated so that all recognize you as queen down here in Underfall and over in Ged'here. That way you have a solid support system by the time you need to fully take over Aia."


Mel's fingers froze partially down the jacket/cloak and she took a slightly shuddering breath.


"How soon?"


"By the end of the week mistress. I was actually going to be talking to you about that today." Her servant chirped.


Mel nodded and her hand dropped down to her side.


"Alright. Just-...let me take care of a few things before."


"Yes mistress."





Mel was sitting in her new study, enjoying the comfy chair she was able to sit in as she worked at her desk, paperwork sitting in stacks around her on the desk and against the wall separating her work space from the workspace that would belong to Gyendal once he started assuming the responsibility of her right hand to prevent the stacks being knocked over.


As she worked she heard the door to the joint study open and soft steps approach. She didn't bother looking up and she heard the steps stop just behind her.


"Yemite said you wanted me. Tired of the paperwork already after this short time and wanting to dump it all on me?" Gyendal said in a slightly mocking tone.


Mel placed down the quill and stretched before turning to glare up at the Mage.


"You already have paperwork waiting for you on your desk, the things I need not bother doing when I have someone of less authority who can do it for me. But that's not why I called for you, Yemite told me that I will be coronated by the end of the week and when I am crowned I will need to present you as my right hand." Mel said with a sneer.


"You must be crowned as queen in a ceremony? Isn't the fact that you are the fulfillment of the prophecy enough?" Gyendal questioned idly as he leaned up against her desk and picked up a random paper off the closest stack, examining it.


"You would think. But no."


"Well, what do you need me for right now?"


Mel sighed and pushed back her chair before standing.


"I want to present you as a vampire. No need for anyone to question your strength by first presenting you as a human when you are well known as the feared Lord of Twilight. We need to figure out how to turn you without anyone knowing before you are presented to everyone."


Gyendal stood straight.


"Do you know how we can do this?"


Mel stepped around him and started for the doorway, Gyendal coming up to her side.


"I need to figure out how to return you to your vampire state in the easiest and least messy way. The sooner we get all of the side issues taken care of the sooner we can turn our attention to what's been going on on the surface of Aia. So we're going to go to the library in the Cathedral where all the books directly dealing with the prophecy and the power of the staff are stored. We'll find our answers there most likely."


They exited the castle and Gyendal flipped his hood up to hide his face from any of the beings they passed as they hurried to the cathedral and crossed the room to the couple of stairs that led up to where the library was. She stepped gingerly across where the portal to the Demon realm had been and heard Gyendal give a soft huff of amusement behind her.


"Shut up Gyendal. You weren't the one who was shoved unwillingly into something out of most sane people's nightmares."


"I never said a word."


"You didn't have to." Mel muttered as she walked right up to the area of the library that dealt with the Darkthrop Prophecy, the staff, the demon inside, and the supernatural creatures that were directly under her powerwise which would of course be the darklings. Funny enough vampires were also under that qualification.


"I saw a book talking about my abilities as welder of the staff to manipulate the beings within the vampire and the darkling races." Mel said distractedly as her fingers brushed across the spines of the old volumes in the shelf until she stopped on the correct one.


"Here we go..."


She gently flipped through the pages of the ancient book, her fingers taking unusual care as she turned through until she finally found the piece she wanted.


"I assume you found it." Gyendal's cold voice said from next to her, causing Mel to automatically flinch before she shot the Mage a nasty look.


"Yes. Let me see. ok so I can control the weaker vampires by possessing their minds for the weaker ones...I can summon them to me at will...and now we are onto talking about the undead animals which is useless. I must have missed something. Let me see...ahh! Here it is!"


Mel shifted the book before glancing over at Gyendal.


"It says here that I have to take the very essence of a existing vampire using the staff and transfer it into the human I wish to turn... but I have to have spoken or know the vampire in some way in order to be able to locate his or her essence and drain it."


She fell silent as she intently studied the passage referring to that process but found no detailed instructions other then to channel through the staff.


"I'm going to have to find out from Yemite if there are any vampires that have been causing trouble or have stirred up trouble in the past regarding the prophecy. We'll use them."


"Not even in power for a month and you're already fully relying on your servants. How impressive." Gyendal mocked.


Mel shot him a withering look.


"If I wanted a useless mouthpiece I would have clapped Lydia in Mage proof chains and hired her instead of you."


Gyendal smirked and Mel restrained the growing urge to coldclock him with her staff as they descended the stairs into the council room and Mel silently summoned her loyal servant. As they waited Mel thought for a moment about what she might be able to say to get him even just a tiny bit aggravated. It would make her feel significantly better in a rather petty way. Then it dawned on her, the most obvious and easy topic.


"So how is it going to feel walking among the vampires as a lowly human?" Mel finally asked innocently, glancing at him to see his jaw clench.


Gyendal refused to respond to her obviously baiting comment and Mel smirked, satisfied that she had gotten to him.


"You called mistress?"


"Yes. I need to know about any vampires living in Underfall, do you have any troublemakers or vampires that have spoken out against the prophecy in the past?"


Yemite cocked her head in apparent thought.


"Sort of. This vampire supports the prophecy and hasn't caused any problems here, but he was kicked out of Ged'here because he constantly spoke out against the vampire council, especially the leader of the council."


"And who is the leader?"


"I am."


Mel looked over at Gyendal in surprise.


"You lead the council?"


"I did. Obviously I will no longer hold that position." He snapped.


Mel paused before smirking slightly.


"Does he live nearby?"


Yemite nodded.


"Good. Take us to him." Mel ordered.


Yemite nodded and they were quickly led out of the cathedral and into the main city to a small house where Yemite quickly rapped on the door.


"What are you doing Mel?" Gyendal muttered to her, coming up behind her.


"You'll see." Mel murmured.


The door opened and the vampire stared out at Yemite only for his eyes to widen as he looked up to see Mel and Gyendal towering above her, creating a very imposing effect.


"C-come in your majesty. You and your companions are welcome to join me." The vampire stuttered.


Mel blinked before hiding a sneer at the weak and slightly whiny tone of the vampire in front of her. She had barely seen him for a second and she already knew that he was nothing like Te'ijal, Gyendal or even Galahad.


Without a word she and Gyendal who still wore his hood entered the room before with Yemite trailing behind them. Mel stopped a few feet away from the vampire.


"What is your name?"


"Brangor." He said shakily.


"And why are you living in Underfall instead of Ged'here?"


The vampire stood straighter as a slightly pompous expression flickered to life.


"I have been living in Ged'here for over a thousand years and yet it was a upstart little Mage that was able to worm his way into the council and have complete control. The obnoxious Mage views himself as above all and actually dared to speak of using the great prophecy for the gain of himself and vampires, he is nothing but a self intitled prince that relies on flashy tricks and charisma for power!"


Mel raised a brow before giving a snort of laughter.


"Gyendal Ravenfoot right?"


The vampire blinked.


"Yes. How did you know?"


Mel simply stepped aside, watching as Gyendal reached up and flicked the hood back the vampire gasping before staring at Gyendal in shock.


"Y-your a human?!" Then Brangor began to laugh, clutching his middle as great peals of laughter burst free.


"The great Lord of Twilight is a human! This is too good to be true! Did you bring him to me for me to deal with him?" The vampire asked, a massive grin springing to life on his face.


She smirked and held up one hand, the air shimmering before the Staff of Destiny appeared in her grasp.


"No, however your previous statement that it was too good to be true was pretty accurate. Because of me, Gyendal was made human. And now because if a oath, I will be turning him once again so he can serve as my right hand."


Brangor's face underwent a rather comical transformation as he sputtered in outrage.


"Your right hand?! W-what does this have to do with me?!"


Mel's eyes narrowed and her grip on the staff tightened.




In one fluid motion Mel reached up one hand to place it on Gyendal's neck directly over where two white fang scars could be seen, ignoring his flinch and hiss. Her other hand guided the staff out and the point was pressed to the vampires chest as she began to call on her new magic and gave a mighty pull on the staff.


Brangor let out a strangled shout and his body began to spasm as the magic from the staff held him motionless in the air, Mel inhaling sharply as a icy cold sensation flowed through her body and up her arm to Gyendal. He stiffened and Mel closed her eyes as she continued to pull with her magic on the vampire at the end of her staff. Her own arms began to shake and her eyes snapped open as she watched the vampires skin colour until it was a pink colour and his visible fangs retraced before vanishing altogether.


Finally the vampire, now human gave one last spasm before his eyes rolled back up into the back of his head and he collapsed to the ground. Mel staggered sideways and her hand fell from Gyendal's cold neck to grip the staff as she leaned against it, eyes closed as she took several breaths to try and rid her body of the sudden fatigue.


"Well, I must say that I am greatly pleased by this turn of events." A dark voice purred.


Mel's eyes snapped open at the malevolent purr that she was more then used to hearing, a smooth quality that Te'ijel had also held when she had been a vampire.


Looking up she found herself staring into the blood red orbs of Gyendal Ravenfoot as he grinned, pearly fangs glistening in the light.


"This is like a scene out of one of my nightmares." She muttered before giving her head a brisk shake and turning towards Yemite.


"Lets go. I have some last minute paperwork to finish before the coronation."


Yemite nodded and Mel felt a silent presence come up at her side, making her twitch. Gyendal was now able to be perfectly silent when moving around, that could have some seriously unforeseen downfalls.




Mel stood just back from the doorway that would lead out to the throne room, the winding staircase just outside. Her breathing was slightly accelerated and she ran her hands along the silky fabric of the overpiece of her dress, her hands brushing over the corset piece around her waist as she looked down to see the bottom hem of the underpiece of her dress that just fell to mid thigh. Anywhere else in Aia this would have been scandalously short, but it was clearly acceptable here, and it would certainly make a statement to the people she was going to rule over.


"I can do this..." Mel whispered, her eyes closing as she took a deep breath and let it out, fingers twitching for the familiar and comforting feeling of the hilt dagger that used to be strapped to her side and allowing herself to wish for the freedom that her life as a thief had once granted her.




Mel flinched and spun to see Gyendal standing a few feet away, dressed in clothes quite different then his usual red tunic and cloak. Now he was dressed in a black tunic and pants with a fitted red coat overtop, gold and black threading glittering in the light of the hall. His hair was pulled back into a braid at the base of his neck. Taking in his noble appearance Mel couldn't help but be reminded that she was way over her head in a world that she had never even truly witnessed until arriving in Thais.


Irrational anger stirred in her gut at his question, resentment that he had sensed her weakness.


"What does it matter to you?" Mel hissed and a flicker of amusement could be seen in Gyendal's scarlet red eyes.


"It matters that the way you present yourself shall have a large effect on my image and I will not be presented as someone who throws in with the weak."


Mel snarled and stepped forward, her posture challenging.


"Really? Well you should of thought of that before you swore that oath, Lord of Twilight. If I fall, your going down with me."


Gyendal smirked, seeming pleased with himself over something.


"Much better." He murmured, smoothly approaching and turning her back to face the door.


"I do believe that it is time to go."


Mel twitched again but didn't hesitate as she stepped out of the hall and started down the stairs towards where a crowd of creatures were gathered, darklings and imps and vampires and so many more underworld creatures.


Gyendal was just behind her and the two of them dismounted the stairs in silence before walking to the very front of the dais and stopping. Mel's face was blank as she scanned the audience that packed the massive main room before her eyes fixed on the older darkling in front of her that held a gilded box in his hands.


"Mel Darkthrop, you are the fulfiller of the Darkthrop Prophecy, and the new Queen of Underfall. By your hand a dark empire shall rise and right now we shall formally crown you as queen."


The darkling opened the box and Mel stared at the glittering black diamond crown that sat nestled in the crushed velvet cushions. Yemite had been extremely vague about the ceremony so other then knowing she would be crowned and that both she and Gyendal would be introduced with their new titles she knew nothing about the ceremony.


"As queen of the world, none are worthy among your lowly servants to place the crown upon your head that signifies your authority over all. The only one suitable for such a task would be the one of the highest noble position, and the one of the highest authority in the cities your rule will be centred out of. In this situation, I am pleased to preset to your right hand, Lord of Twilight Gyendal Ravenfoot, the crown to place upon your head and mark you as queen of all!"


Mel blinked and glanced sharply over at Gyendal who simply nodded to the darkling and stepped out from where he had been standing at her side, reaching down to grasp the crown before turning to her and meeting her eyes.


Mel knew the next step although she was loathe to do it. But knowing she had no other choice Mel closed her eyes and bowed her head, leaning down as she felt the cool sensation of the crown being placed on her head, nestled in her hair. Once she felt Gyendal remove his hands she straightened, watching as Gyendal stepped back and bowed to her before moving to stand at her side once again.


They then turned and mounted the stairs, Mel walking up to the throne and taking her seat before holding out a hand and summoning the staff to her. She looked out over the crowd with her staff grasped firmly in one hand, pressing the end of the staff harder against the floor then she meant to as she looked out over the beings that now would be officially known as her people. Gyendal stood next to the throne and a hint of a smirk flickered at the corners of his lips as he surveyed the room.


The darkling who had been holding the box turned to face the crowd and Mel saw Yemite scamper up to stand at the bottom of the stairs, not mounting the dais for th official ceremony.


"I now have the great honour and privialge of presenting to you the right hand to the queen, Gyendal Ravenfoot and Mel Darkthrop, Queen of the Dark Empire!"




So what did you think? Next chapter things will be getting more interesting :D

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Shattered Ties- Chapter Three


When Lines Blur





In the next weeks Mel had zero time to do anything but work at her desk, going through laws, deciding where she needed to take first, responding to letters from the royalty from the various non-human countries who wished to discuss what her rulership meant for their people.


In the office on the other side of the divider Gyendal was just as busy. Since he had started working with her they had been working for most of the time and at each other's throats the rest. Resentment on both sides that they were forced to work together in order to keep their hold on the power they currently possessed was at the forefront of their minds.


"Mel. The darkling claims that they have information about a search that you sent out." A irritable voice snapped from the door to the joint office.


Gyendal had been doing some research on underground sewer maps for Thais and Velahadra as they attempted to isolate where the most powerful cels of the resistance were located and clearly had run into the darkling on his way back to the office.


"Send them to me." Mel ordered, not looking up from her work.


Moments later she heard the darkling hesitantly approach and she glanced up at him.




"U-um the search came up inconclusive."


Mel looked up fully, startled by the news.




"They cannot be found anywhere. We went searching and no matter who we spoke with they had no idea where they had gone. Apparently they returned to Velahadra to gather the princes things from the school and then they were seen leaving the city, but that's where the trail vanishes. We cannot find them anywhere, it's like they've ceased to exist."


Mel was silent, a hand coming up to rake through her hair.


"When did their trail go cold?"


"About a week after you closed the Demon portal in the cathedral milady."


Mel nodded.


"Thank you. Now leave."


She heard the darkling scuttle away and she let out a long sigh.


"You were searching for your little friends, the moth and the prince that travel with my sister and her husband." Gyendal stated, his voice nearing as he approached.




"The darkling said that they vanished a week after you closed the portal?"






Mel looked up.




Gyendal raised a brow at her almost desperate tone and Mel's eyes narrowed.


"Answer the question Gyendal."


"Why? I only swore not to create a rebellion against your rule, I never swore to be your lapdog that does everything you want." He taunted.


A tired and angry Mel shoved her chair back violently as she faced off against Gyendal with a thunderous expression.


"You are my right hand and you will do what I say or you will regret it." Mel hissed.


Gyendal made no reaction for a moment before a dark and very deliberate smirk crawled across his face.


"What can you do to me that you have already sworn to grant the opposite of? You have no power over me other then a flimsy oath that allows far to much leniency for me then would have been wise. But you cannot fix that now and your trapped by your own clever little game."


Hate bubbled up in Mel and she took a threatening step forward.


"I'm not nearly so incapable as you believe me to be. Do not test me."


Gyendal let out a mocking laugh.


"Do not test you? You stupid, weak, ignorant fool. What can a mere human like you do against someone like me, who has lived through over forty of your lifetimes? I have more knowledge, and more power then you could ever dream of."


Mel snorted.


"Well I have enough power that I was able to imprison you and then force you into a binding oath. What's your great accomplishment? Turning me into the person I am now, the person that holds your leash."


Gyendal's eyes glowed dangerously bright for a moment before he forced himself to relax.


"You will regret those words, Darkthrop whelp."


Then he spun on his heel, stalking out of the join office as the door slammed behind him with a massive bang.


Mel glowered at the door as she thought about their conversation.


"Challenge accepted."





Morning rolled around and once Mel was dressed and had eaten she walked into the office, but instead of going over to her desk as usual she walked into Gyendal's side of the shared office and cleared her throat.


The vampire gave a visible twitch of annoyance and looked up at Mel with a look that was filled with exasperation and aggravation at her interruption.


"What is it?"


"We need to go down to Ged'here and inform the council of my decision to mesh together the vampire council and the darkling council to work under me as advisors."


Gyendal gave a short nod and stood, approaching her and passing her as he went out into the hall.


"Very well. Let's go."


Mel and Gyendal made their way to where the Grim Reaper would transport them over to Ged'here. It took mere moments before they were standing in Ged'here and Mel led the way to the Ged'here cathedral.


Inside she heard voices and she smiled internally. She had timed it so that she was arriving during one of their council meetings and it looks like she had estimated the timing perfectly.


Mel confidently mounted the stairs and pushed the doors open, striding through the empty cathedral front that even she could admit was very impressive, especially compaired to the cathedral in Underfall, and walked into the council meeting with Gyendal behind her.


Instantly the vampires fell silent as Mel entered the room, her black clothing swishing in the silence as she stepped aside for Gyendal.


"Your majesty," One of them said calmly, although the tension was clear in her voice. "To what do we owe the pleasure?"


Mel shifted and scanned the eleven vampires in front of her.


"I came because I have news for you. I am creating a council that will help me in decisions regarding laws and governing bodies over the cities on Aia. I plan to take this existing council and mesh it with the small council darklings already existing. You do not have to be part of this, and if you do not wish to be involved in such a movement then feel free to leave now."


The vampires appeared taken aback by her abrupt announcement, exchanging startled looks and soft whispers.


"I...understand why you do this. However, we do not wish to move to Underfall simply to help you govern."


"I'm not asking you to move, you simply are going to be part of the council. Nothing will change from your governing over Ged'here other then you will also be working with the darklings and I to oversee others in Aia."


It was impossible to tell whether the vampires were happy with this new turn of events, but Mel cared nothing for that. The vampires would support her no matter what, especially with the bounties that still were placed on their heads by the humans that they would not have to worry about under her rule.


"So Gyendal will be guiding these meetings for the betterment of your Rule?"


Gyendal straightened next to her and Mel's eyes narrowed, a slightly malicious smile flickering to life.


"No. I will lead those meetings. I want to make sure that things are truly being done properly when it comes to governing Aia, I want no mistakes made."


Her words fell heavy and a couple of the vampires actually recoiled at the venom that bled through her words. A few of the vampires who appeared older then the rest appeared startled for a moment before a knowing look flitted across their faces.


Mel gave a nod, hiding her face for a moment so she could wipe the triumphant look that had sprung to life at the startled intake of breath that had come from Gyendal at her words.


"Any questions or concerns may be taken to me whenever you deem necessary. I will not turn you away and not grant a audience when I am working unless I have no other choice."


Then Mel dipped her head and turned before walking out of the council room. A moment later she glanced behind her to see Gyendal trailing after her, his face calm but his eyes reflecting how enraged her words had made him.


She turned away once more and allowed a small grin.


Mission accomplished.





Mel was walking down the hall of her left wing with several books in hand when she noticed the strangest noises. It sounded like there were people gathered in the main room below, and they were yelling.


"What on Aia...?"


Mel set the books on a decorative table before hurrying to the doorway that let to the stairs and the great room. She rushed through the doorway and let out a gasp.


"What the hell?!"


Below her were people, humans to be exact. But not just any humans, these humans were the very royals she had locked up in a old prison house on the outskirts of the city! Among them were other unnamed prisoners of non-human races that had also been in the prison house.


"What in the name of the great goddess are you doing?!" Mel roared as she took the stairs two at a time until she was standing among the darklings that were overseeing the prisoners that were being jockeyed through the hall to the doorway that led to the prisons below.


"We have been charged to move the prisoners to the prison here." One darkling reported.


"What?! I was asked about this already and I already said that we needed to wait until the separate doorway that leads in and out of the prison to the outside was finished so that the prisoners didn't have to come through the main citadel!"


The darkling looked up at her in puzzlement.


"Well we have nowhere else to put them. The prison in the cathedral has been already filled and the old prison house is being demolished as we speak."




The darkling nodded and Mel stood frozen for a moment.


"I want all the prisoners locked up and under heavy guard until I return." Mel squeezed out from between gritted teeth before breaking into a full sprint and bursting out of the castle, through her courtyard and out past the cathedral all the way to where the prison house was located.


Or rather, where the prison house used to be located.


Now, all that stood there was a pile of rubble. Mel looked around wide eyed, not fully processing the sight in front of her. Off to the side she saw a green haired darkling guiding people and overseeing the demolition of the building in front of her.




Her darkling servant spun to face her with a cheerful face.


"Hello mistress! Are you coming to check on the project?"


"What do you mean come to check on the project?! This never should have BEEN a project! I said no to this not even three days ago when it was first presented to me! What the hell made you think you had the right to do this?!"


Yemite flinched in the face of Mel's anger and a look of confusion and guilt could be seen on her open face.


"B-but Gyendal said that we had to do this. He charged us to start and so I thought I was just obeying orders."




"Yes mistress."


Mel threw her hands in the air.


"And you obeyed him?! You are MY servant! You DO NOT OBEY GYENDAL FOR HIS EVERY ORDER!"


Yemite flinched back again at the volume of Mel's voice before looking behind Mel with slightly widened eyes.


"Now that isn't exactly sticking to your oath is it? You said that I would be the most powerful in Aia, with you being the only exception. If I have no authority to even have the darklings obeying my orders then your breaking your oath and I am no longer tied to you, am I?"


Mel turned slowly until she was facing Gyendal, her hands that were clenched into fists were trembling as she fought against her fury that was blazing up in her.


"You deliberately undermined my authority and purposely made it so that the darklings would find out that I had not approved of this job. You went behind my back and purposely made me look foolish in the eyes of my servants." Mel spat.


Gyendal crossed his arms and smirked.


"I think that's fair. After all, I've had full authority over the vampire council for hundreds of years and in front of my council you belittled my capabilities and inferred that you do not think me competent enough to lead the council."


"So this was all a game to you. You have nullified hours of in-depth paperwork and caused a confusion in the darklings about authority all for revenge?"


He glowered at her.


"This was never a game. This was a demonstration of what life will become like if you are foolish enough to take away what little I have. That council was something I poured my life into and you took it from me. This is the least I can do to return the favour."


Mel twitched and she felt the unwelcome sensation of guilt at his words. Perhaps her actions hadn't been properly thought through.


Not that she would ever admit it.


"Don't ever challenge me like this again, or your life will become far more miserable then it ever has been before. I will not be played with."





Mel sat on her throne watching the darkling that was giving the report on how Hingis were looking in the Eastern Isles. The resistance was picking up more momentum and it was clear that something would have to be done soon.


"Have you found any isolated cells yet?" Mel questioned.


"Evidently they have not, otherwise the reports would be sitting in our hands right now." Gyendal sneered from where he was leaning against the side of her throne, arms crossed.


Mel's hand that was resting on the arm of the throne clenched around the arm as she shot a poisonous look at Gyendal.


"U-uh no your majesty, no cells of the resistance have been located thus far. We have been searching and we're finally being able to start our searches of the sewers so there is still a chance that we'll find something soon."


"And what about the royals that are currently still living in the cities, the princes and princesses?"


"Some of them are fighting against the new rule while others are submitting to the inevitable." Gyendal stated for the darkling.


"I never asked you. I asked my servant who has just returned from the surface of Aia." Mel snapped, ignoring the vampire at her side as she focused on the darkling.


The darkling shifted uneasily at the tension in the room.


"L-lord Ravenfoot is correct in his statement. Some are fighting against us and several have vanished, to join the resistance presumably, while others are submitting to the inevitable."


Next to her she heard Gyendal give a soft huff of amusement.


"What?" Mel asked sharply.


"Oh nothing." He said in sardonic amusement, "It just entertains me to know who is clearly playing a very large part of this."


Mel turned in her chair to look at Gyendal full on.


"You know?!"


He grinned.


"I'd have to be a fool not to see it."


"Why haven't you told me yet?! Who is it?!" Mel snarled, shooting to her feet, anger swirling in her eyes.


Gyendal pretended to think, amusement at her frustration clear on his face. The darkling standing in front of the dais mumbled a excuse and fled the room, clearly not willing to stay and risk the explosion that anyone who had spent any amount of time around the queen and her right hand knew would come after only a few minutes of those two conversing.


"Do you really want to know? I doubt that you'll appreciate the knowledge once you have it."


"Stop being such a self inflated bastard and tell me the information you should have shared when you figured it out!"


The vampire smirked as he stepped around the side of the throne until he was toe to toe with her, leaning forward slightly to tower over Mel.


"You should have figured it out by now. The resistance rose up a week and a half after you shut down the portal and took full power over Underfall. Your friends along with my sister and her husband left a week after you shut down the portal and took full power. They conveniently vanished from Velahadra and within days the resistance was already becoming a undermining force in these cities for your securing authority through the Darklings. Who do you think started this?"


Mel froze and her eyes went wide.


"They...my friends are..."


The vampire in front of her was silent as Mel connected all the dots between different reports about the resistance and her friends, her face paling slightly as she realized just how dangerous the resistance truly would be when it was led by her friends. And she realized what she may have to do to end this resistance.


"That's right." Then Gyendal leaned forward until his mouth hovered just above her ear as he taunted her with his next words. "Your precious friends have betrayed you and are creating a movement to end your reign. From all the people that have ever been in your life from the past, there is not one person left who is supporting you through your new reign over Aia. No one other then me."


Then he pulled back so he could stare at Mel's shocked face, her mouth opening before closing. Gyendal's smirk grew and sadistic pleasure could be seen clearly in his expression.


"Tell me Mel, how does it feel to be alone? Without anyone who truly cares for you at your side."


His word snapped something in Mel and with a feral snarl she recoiled and struck Gyendal across the face with all her might, her hands reaching for his throat in as utter fury clouded her thinking.


Quicker then she could see Gyendal's hands lashed up and grabbed her wrists, holding her hands motionless only centimetres from his neck.


"How dare you." He hissed before flinging her hands back at her and causing Mel to unbalance and fall backwards into her throne.


Mel moved to stand but Gyendal slammed his hands down on the arms of the throne as he leaned almost all the way over her, creating a cage that blocked her into the throne.


"I am a noble and a Mage that is more deserving of your respect then any of the useless idiots you used to travel with. I am your equal in every way other then the titles that we hold, you have zero right to act as though I am a lesser person that you have the authority to strike."


Mel's breathing was irratic as she struggled in vain to hold back a dark and dangerous feeling welling up in her. She hated him...she hated the fact that she needed his help to rule over Aia, and she hated the fact that she was bound to him by oath every bit as much as he was bound to her.


But most of all she hated the fact that he was able to stir up so many conflicting and all-consuming emotions in her, destroying the walls she had been placing around herself that even Edward and Stella and her other friends had never fully seen past. He made her feel exposed, and she resented and hated him for that, to the point that those emotions were overwhelming her.


She wanted to do something, anything, to shut him up, to stop this picking away at her walls that was driving her out of her mind. She needed to make him stop.


"You had better-mmfphh!"


His next words were cut off as she grabbed his collar and sharply jerked him down to her level, their mouths crashing together in a almost painful way. Gyendal jerked in shock before automatically responding.


Mel had no idea what possessed her to do something so utterly insane. She hated Gyendal, and he most certainly returned the sentiment. The best she could figure is that in the wake of all the stress she had taken a leave of her senses.


The blindsiding kiss lasted for mere seconds before Gyendal reared back, his eyes wide as she stared down at her.


"What the hell was that?" He asked in a dangerously soft voice.


Mel met his heated gaze, seeing rage in his scarlet eyes along with something...darker.


"If you don't know what what such a simple action was then such incompetence is hardly capable of helping lead my empire." Mel murmured shakily, trying to play off her own shock at her actions with snark.


Gyendal's eyes narrowed before one hand came up to grasp the back of her neck before he abruptly dipped his head to press his lips to hers, moving them roughly over her own and sending a jolt down Mel's spine.


Her hands flew up to shove him back instinctively but stilled at the sensation of Gyendal's fingers fluttering along the back of her neck. The strange and electrifying sensations that Mel was feeling were like nothing she had ever experienced before, the thrill and the anger that created a undeniable tension.


Utter abandon was flowing through her and in following what appeared to Mel to be a trend of utter insanity she pushed the alarm bells that were frantically going off in her head to the back of her mind as she shifted her hands to grip the lapels of his coat tightly in her hands, rising to the unspoken challenge and matching Gyendal's almost dizzying pace.


Eventually the breaths that Mel was taking through her nose weren't enough and she tilted her head down, pulling her lips away as her harsh breathing filled the air. Their foreheads pressed together and Mel's eyes remained closed as she attempted to regain the tattered remains of her emotional wall.


"Goddess I hate you." She whispers breathlessly, her voice a odd mixture of anger and excitement.


"You have been nothing but a trial since I first made contact with you, I loathe your very existence." Gyendal retorted, his voice an almost purr.


Mel said nothing, her fingers flexing in their grip on his lapels before the released his coat and fell down into her lap. They stayed silent for several minutes, Mel leaning against the back of the throne and Gyendal bent over her, bracing himself on the arms of her throne. Eventually he stood to full position and stepped back, glancing around the throne room as Mel rose to her feet, stepping around him and off the dais.


She started for the stairs and mounted the large staircase before turning into the left wing, Gyendal just behind her. She was about to go into her office when a tall form slipped between her and the door, leaving her glaring up at Gyendal who met her look with one of his own.




"I'm cancelling all work for the rest of the day. The paperwork can wait until tomorrow." He said, his eyes glittering and his dark voice silky.


Mel said nothing but stepped back from the door, singling her unspoken agreement with his statement. His smile was dark and almost forboding and as Mel fully met his burning gaze she reluctantly accepted the fact that she had truly lost all sense of sanity.


Things were certainly going to get interesting.




Random thoughts from the writer: So the intensity and tension in this chapter was definitely a different kind of intensity from what I usually write. I wrote battles, and fights and cliffhanger fun, not this kind of dark romance!


To be completely honest, I was really unsure about this chapter, the kiss scene especially. I don't write that kind of stuff very well, it always feels to me like it falls flat since I'm not really a romantic at heart. However, I decided to test my limits and as I built this chapter up it flowed smoothly and I was able to get this done without the usual stop/start and sixty thousand rewrites.


I always love reviews, but for this chapter (or story overall, depending on your review MO) especially I would really appreciate feedback on how their coupleish dynamic came across. :)

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Impactful and intemse was definitely what I was going for, so I'm glad that came across. Lol, I've learned a valuable lesson with this story though, unstable and weird relationships are definitely not my forte. I can't count how many rewrites that last section of the story went through, I hit epic headbanging frustration levels at the writers block.


Uh oh, surprised could be potentially a not so good thing...... when you say that do you mean surprised in a good way? Or surprised in a "this kind of feels off to the character" way? If it's the not so good surprised I'd love to hear what you think so that I can fix anything that potentially doesn't flow as well :)

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