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Heirs of Darkness- A AV3 fanfic (AU)- In Progress

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Hello fellow Aveyond fans!!

The idea that sparked this fanfic was quite a random one for sure. I completely blame this on my sleepless nights, I come up with some pretty crazy stuff when I'm lying awake at night.

Anyway, this all started because of what was supposed to be a cannon-compliant one-shot and somehow spiralled into a AU style story that rewrites over half of the original story.

This is quite the writing challenge for me since I've never actually written about vampires or Darklings or taken a original storyline and altered it as dramatically as I plan to with this.

The important characters in this story will still play a major part in my story but I plan to explore their personalities a lot more then they were explored in the game such as Edward, Stella and Gyendal just to name a few.

Hopefully you enjoy and I look forward to hearing what you guys think!

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The moon was shining brightly over a dark forest, wind whistling through the trees. Crickets and frogs could be heard all over the forest, the occasional hoot of a owl adding it's own song to the sounds of the forest.


But then a soft sweeping noise could be heard and it all fell silent as a lithe figure ran soundlessly through the forest, a predator that even monsters feared. Red hair glinted in the moonlight as the figure darted through the forest.





Fifteen year old Te'ijal jogged back to the cave that her and her little brother were living in with a bag that held the body of two wild chickens. Looking at the barrier at the entrance that she had placed earlier that day Te'ijal placed the bag carefully on the ground before moving it out of the entrance.


Once the boulder was far enough out of the way Te'ijal grabbed the bag with their food and walked into the cave silently, dropping it near the entrance before looking over at her brother.




There was no answer and the black haired lump under the blankets at the other end of the cave didn't move.


Te'ijal sighed.


"Gyendal, I know your awake. You need to eat."


Finally her twelve year old brother moved, sitting up and glaring at her. His dark forest green eyes were puffy and red from crying and the light if the moon reflected off the two fang scars on his throat, making them shine silver.


Te'ijal's fingers instinctively flew up to touch her own marks before she yanked her hand away, angry at herself for no reason she could understand.


"I'm not hungry. Leave me alone."


Te'ijal rubbed her temples tiredly before dragging the bag along behind her.


"Gyendal, we need to feed. Mother and father wouldn't want us to starve ourself. I know that meat doesn't taste all that good anymore but we don't really have anything else to eat......"


"It makes me feel sick to eat cooked meat!!"


"I know, it does the same to me. But if we eat it raw we'll get sicker."


Te'ijal walked over to the fire and pulled out the two chickens before grabbing her knife and getting to work. The scent of the blood made her mouth water, but the animals in this area were infused with magic because of the Druid that resided over this area so the blood of the animals could very well kill them.


If she cooked the meat the magic wasn't nearly as concentrated. They would be ok if they ate the cooked meat.


The smell of food filled the cave although it appealed to neither of them.


As Te'ijal sat and watched the meat she became aware of a odd sound outside the cave.


"Gyendal, do you hear that?"


Her brother looked up at her from the grass he was for some reason tying n knots and listened intently before sitting ramrod straight.




"We need to-"


Te'ijal was cut off by a arrow whizzing by her head, missing her by only a few inches. She let out a yelp and jumped sideways, nearly falling into the fire.




Gyendal grabbed her arm to steady her although she had already caught her balance and the two of them stared fearfully at the mouth of the cave as two figures dressed from head to toe in black emerged.


Shaking slightly Te'ijal wrapped a arm around her brother.


"Well, well. What do we have here? It's not just a helpless little girl Ricky, we've also got a even more helpless boy. How interesting."


"W-what do you want? The food? You can have it! J-just leave us alone!"


The two man laughed, but the laugh was not at all kind.


"Look Jake, they think that we want the food!!"


Te'ijel's grip tightened on Gyendal and she glared at the men.


"Leave us alone!!!"


The laughter stopped and they shot her almost identical leers.


"Poor princess thinks she can order us around."


"Oh don't worry, that will change once some cruel slave master buys them. Well....after we have our fun as payment for finding some new slaves. That little boy should get a good price for sure..."


"Te'ijal......" Gyendal's soft whisper echoed through the cave and the men laughed uproariously.


"He thinks she can protect him! How sweet!! Poor little boy, your sister can't protect you from what's gonna happen to you once we've got you."


At those words fury coursed through Te'ijal and without thought to her own safety she adjusted her grip on her knife and lunged for the man closest to her.


The man, caught off guard, didn't have time to react and was unable to stop Te'ijal as she drove the knife down into the man's chest.


Suddenly the cave was filled with screaming and yelling as the other men and Gyendal began to shout things that Te'ijal cared nothing about.


Te'ijal had never killed before and knowing that she was the one ending this man's life made her throat close up. The only thing keeping her strong was that she had no choice. .


There was no way in hell she was letting anyone hurt her little brother.


The man was dead in a matter of moments and blood covered Te'ijal. Suddenly her brother let out a shrill scream and Te'ijal whipped around to see the other man was storming towards her.




"You brats will pay for this!! I'll take you back to our team and we'll make you pay!!!"


Te'ijal shoved herself to her feet with her knife clutched in a shaking hand as she prepared to fight the second man.


But the scent of blood that filled the cave made her head fuzzy as every part of her vampire instincts screamed at her to feed. Te'ijal tried to take a step and fell to her knees, watching in terror as the man grinned and raised his own weapon. .


Then Gyendal snarled, lips pulled back to reveal sharp fangs as he lunged for the man, burying them in the man's neck.


Te'ijal gasped as she watched the man shriek before giving a jerk and falling limp as he went white from lack of blood.


Minutes later Gyendal stepped back and the man dropped to the ground, dead. He was panting and shaking, his once pearly white fangs now dripping red.


Te'ijal met Gyendal's gaze in shock and horror, seeing that his green eyes were already starting to have a reddish tint.




"He would have killed you. He would have killed both of us.


Gyendal knelt down facing her and placed a hand on her shoulder.


"Are you alright?"




He studied her eyes before attempting a smile.


"It's fine. Besides, I'm not starving now. We don't have a choice about how we feed anymore sister, perhaps it's time to accept it."


Te'ijal closed her eyes and took a shaking breath, trembling as the scent of blood washed over her senses.


"He said that he had friends just like him. Perhaps we should get rid of them." Gyendal suggested quietly.


They looked at each other silently before Te'ijal nodded.




Her voice shook as she spoke that one word and she angrily cleared her throat before trying again.


"Alright. And after we've......fed we should start searching for that vampire town we've heard about."





It was nearly morning when the siblings returned to their cave, full for the first time since being turned.


They bypassed the bodies lying on the ground and gathered their belongings before leaving. Together they ran through the forest towards what was known as the cursed wood which was rumoured to hold the entrance to the underground city where the vampires resided.


As the sun began to rise Te'ijal and Gyendal found another small cave to hide in during the day. They set out their bedroll before taking turns hiding behind the rock ledge in the cave and changing out of their blood soaked clothes into clean ones.


As they climbed into their bedroll Te'ijal watched as the weak light in the cave reflected off of her brothers eyes.


The beautiful forest green that was just like their mothers was gone now, replaced by a blood red colour.


If Te'ijal could look in a mirror she knew that her own violet orbs would have turned red as well. Glancing down at her skin it was already going white, and the more she and Gyendal fed the paler their skin would go.


It probably wouldn't take very more feedings until they wouldn't look even remotely like their old selves.




Te'ijal glanced over at Gyendal who had turned in the bed to face her and was looking at her with worry in his newly scarlet orbs.




"Are you.......angry with me for doing what I did?"


Te'ijal blinked.




"For biting and feeding on the guy. I just didn't want him to hurt you."


Te'ijal felt a lump grow in her throat and she reached over, abruptly hugging Gyendal.


"No. You did what you had to in order to save my life. Then we fed so that we could survive. We don't have a choice anymore. I could never be angry at you for something like this."


Her brother lay there quietly on her embrace, head tilted to rest on her shoulder. He very rarely liked physical contact but at that moment they were both scared and desperately in need of comfort.


Eventually Gyendal drifted off to sleep, his breathing becoming even and slow.


But sleep wouldn't come to Te'ijal. She lay awake as the birds chirped and various animals chattered as they frolicked outside of her cave. She didn't know how long she was awake for when beside her Gyendal let out a whimper.


Te'ijal sat up slightly and turned to look at Gyendal only to see that his face was screwed up and his hands that held onto the covers were clutching them so tight his knuckles had turned white. His breathing was irrational and he made another whimpering noise.


"Shhh, it's alright." Te'ijal whispered, brushing hair out of his face gently as she tried to sooth her little brother.


It took a few moments before he relaxed and the lines in his face smoothed as his breathing evened out again.


Te'ijal watched her brother for a moment and swallowed hard as she gently tucked his raven black hair behind one ear that had become pointed since they had turned.


"Goddess, I know that you might not care about us anymore after us becoming vampires but if you can hear me I beg you to protect him. I don't want him to suffer anymore, I'll even give him up to fate if it means he can be happy. Please goddess..."


She felt a slight breeze stir the air in the cave and as she settled back down in her bed, holding onto her brother tightly and slowly drifting off to sleep another whisper fell sleepily from her lips.



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Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! There are not enough bb!Te'ijal fics out there! This is really great and you portrayed Gyendal so nicely I'm actually softening toward him... what is this sorcery? XD




Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

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Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! There are not enough bb!Te'ijal fics out there! This is really great and you portrayed Gyendal so nicely I'm actually softening toward him... what is this sorcery? XD

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

Yes!! The magic lessons are paying off!! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the prologue:)


Haha so I'm clearly illiterate in text speak because I have no clue what bb means when describing a character..........

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Oh sorry... tumblr slang, I got too used to it. >.<


bb! is usually placed in front of a character's name, to mean a much younger character than the one in canon. Basically baby!Te'ijal or bb!Te'ijal means a much younger Te'ijal than what we see in Aveyond xD


Hope that makes sense haha


Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

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Oh sorry... tumblr slang, I got too used to it. >.<

bb! is usually placed in front of a character's name, to mean a much younger character than the one in canon. Basically baby!Te'ijal or bb!Te'ijal means a much younger Te'ijal than what we see in Aveyond xD

Hope that makes sense haha

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

Haha yup that makes sense:) Compaired to how old Te'ijal is in Orbs of Magic she really was a baby in my prologue.

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Chapter One




It was late afternoon in Harburg and the city was bustling with activity. The smell of cooking food wafted out of the open window of one house on a hill in the city, as did the sound of children playing.


"Get back here Mel!! When I get my hands on you.....you can't run forever!!"


A nine year old girl whipped around the corner, black hair flying out behind her as she laughed.


Behind her a brown haired youth of fourteen could be seen chasing the younger girl with a wide grin on her face.


"Dream on Rayina!! You'll never catch me!!"


The girls ran around the corner and through the kitchen, dodging around their mother who was working at the counter.


"Girls!! No running in the house!! Take it outside!"


"Sorry mama!" The girls chorused as they ran to the door that led into the yard.


Just then the door opened and they both screeched to a halt as their father walked in and grinned at the sight of the puffing girls.


"Papa!!" Mel cheered, jumping up and latching onto her father's neck.


He laughed and hugged her tightly, spinning her around in a wild hug before setting her back down on her feet.


"I'm glad to see you to Mel."


Mel giggled and watched as Rayina walked up to their father calmly before giving him a quick hug and stepping back.


"Hello to you as well my mature little daughter." Their father teased as he closed the door behind him and removed his coat, hanging it on the hook by the door.


As their father headed into the kitchen Mel and her sister followed, curious about the bright grin on their fathers face.


Mel hopped up onto a chair at the table, watching as their father walked over to their mother and wrapped his arms around her middle, planting a kiss on their mothers rosy cheek.


"Good evening my love. How was your day?"


"It was good. What has you in such a good mood?"


Their father released their mother and grabbed his chest playfully.


"You don't remember? You wound me!! How could you forget our anniversary?! The birth of the Fairbairn family household!"


Mel's mom blinked before gasping.


"It is?!"


Mel watched her father nod with amusement on his face.


"I completely forgot!! I thought it was tomorrow!! I'm sorry!"


Her father laughed.


"I'm not upset, I'm simply teasing you a bit."


Then he leaned down and kissed Mel's mom.


"Happy anniversary my love."


"Mmm Happy anniversary."


Mel scrunched her face up in disgust.




Her parents broke apart, startled before bursting into laughter. Her father and mother exchanged looks before grinning and walking over to her, wrapping their arms around her on both side before smothering her in kisses.


Mel made a show of protest although it was hard to get out around the giggles and Rayina watched with laughter in her bright eyes.




That evening after supper cleanup Mel's parents headed into the living room to read and cuddle and Mel headed upstairs to the rarely used attic.


Tonight was the night of the full moon and the legend was that on the night if the full moon the ghost of Mordred Darkthrop could be seen hovering around the ruins of Darkthrop keep.


Mel's house was set on a hill in the city and allowed a perfect view of the top half of the keep. Every full moon Mel came up to see if the ghost would come out and although she was starting to disbelieve the legend it was still fun for her.


So as the sun fully set Mel got comfortable on a little stool before eagerly awaiting the chance to see a real live ghost.


She sat there for a long while when she heard a soft creak behind her. She turned to look over her shoulder, scanning the attic to see that no one was in the room with her. Shrugging, Mel turned her attention back to out the window.




Mel let out a shriek and fell off her stool, staring up at her sister wide eyed as Rayina burst into laughter.


"Aw, did I startle you?"


Mel gave her sister a childish glare before standing and crossing her arms with a pout.


"You're mean."


Mel's sister snickered.


"You're still watching for the "ghost?"


Mel went pink.




"Nothing, it's just that you've been watching for the ghost every full moon since you found out about that rumour about the ghost."


Mel shrugged and glanced out the window before glancing away. Then her eyes went wide and her head whipped back towards the window. Letting out a gasp she lurched forward and pressed her hands against the window, jaw hanging agape as she pointed.


"Rayina! Look!!"


Her sister turned to the window and gave a sharp intake of breath, her eyes widening as they both stared out the window at the Darkthrop Keep.


In the dark sky was a humanoid glowing apparition that appeared to be descending towards the abandoned keep.


"Is that.....?" Mel trailed off as she stared at the glowing form.


"The rumours were true.........." Rayina whispered, awe in her voice.


Mel and Rayina watched silently as the figure descended until vanishing from sight altogether.


Once they could no longer see it the sisters turned to each other.


"It was the ghost." Mel stated, her tone still holding a air of disbelief.


"I know."


"Do you think that it's going to do something to the keep?"


Rayina shrugged.


"I dunno."


They were silent a moment longer before Rayina glanced towards the stairs leading downstairs and leaned in.


"Tomorrow after morning chores we should go look at the keep. Take Jacov and Stephen with us." Rayina whispered, naming two of her friends who had told Mel about the ghost rumour.


Mel nodded eagerly.


"Should we tell mom and dad what we saw?"


Rayina shook her head.


"Mom's frightened of the keep, you know that. Even mentioning the Darkthrop name makes her flinch. We won't say anything to her unless the keep in glowing or anything because that might mean that something is weird and the city needs to know."


Mel nodded in understanding.


"So tomorrow we'll go investigate?"


Rayina nodded.


"Yes. Tomorrow we go find out what's going on with the Darkthrop Keep."




That night Mel climbed into her bed and wrapped the covers around her, excitement at the idea of finally getting to go and look at the forbidden Darkthrop Keep.


But between the steady and even breathing of her sister in the bed a few feet away and the soft light from the moon filtering in through the window Mel began to fall asleep as her eyes slid shut and she drifted into dreamland.




When Mel opened her eyes again she found herself on a empty plain with nothing but thick white fog all along the ground. A endless black sky stretched above her head, dotted with bright stars.


"W-where am I?"


"Such a dark destiny........"


When the voice spoke Mel jumped, her head whipping from side to side. The voice sounded so gentle and kind, like that of a sweet old woman's, and although under normal circumstances it would have calmed her right now it only frightened her more to hear the disembodied voice.


"Who's there!!"


"A truly sweet child with a curious heart. A shame that the evil in this world actively seeks to destroy your light."




Mel trembled slightly as a cold breeze blew across her skin.


"It's really quite strange. One would think that your saving grace would come from the light, from the beings in this world who seek to spread love and kindness. Or even from one who is neutral."


"Saving grace?" Mel repeated uncertainly.


"Yes. To save you from yourself."


"W-what's so strange about my saving grace?"


A soft laugh echoed through the strange space and rising out of the mist strange shapes began to form. The shapes of people began to pop up all over the place, holding their distinct form before morphing into something new.


"While most people's saving grace is a representation of the good in this world, the darkness is yours."


Mel blinked, confusion and irritation filling her.


"I don't understand! Why do I need saving grace? What's so dark about my destiny? Who ARE you?!"


Another laugh, although this one did not belong to the kindly old woman who had been speaking before. This one was icy cold and belonged to a male. To her left the mist rose up and formed the shape of a imposing figure before turning black as a nightmare. Glowing red eyes appeared to snap open and fix her with a intense stare.


Mel let out a gasp and stumbled back a step as the old female voice started speaking again.


"When the darkness is about to destroy the light that oversees Aia, it is people who embrace the light who save it. But this time it will be the darkness that shall overcome. A truly strange occurrence I must admit. Never before have I seen such confusion in the destiny of a single person."


Mel started to shake.


"I just don't understand......." She whispered.


"And you will not for many years longer. It is not yet your time."


"Then why are you telling me now?"


The woman did not answer but the red eyed figure chuckled and stepped forward.


"Poor little child, so confused, so innocent, caught up in the middle of a war you wanted nothing to do with."


Mel stared wide eyed at the red eyed figure.


"I wonder if your "saving grace" will be so interested in saving the world as the goddess seems to think. Your life will not be a easy one, will it......lamb?"


The last word fell heavy and resonated with Mel for reasons that she could not understand. Then the figure vanished, as did all the other mist forms around her.


Mel wrapped her arms around herself, dreading what would happen next. But all that happened was the woman speaking once more before Mel's eyes shut against her will and everything faded into a blissful silence.


"The darkness shall be your inheritance my child, embrace it."




I know it's a bit of a short chapter, sorry about that! Things will get a bit more interesting come next chapter, I promise.


A question for your guys, I'm going to try and focus in on just one of these Aveyond stories and get as many chapters cranked out as possible. Would you guys prefer that I work on this story and crank out regular updates or would you prefer me to focus in and work on Shadows of My Twisted Destiny?


I'd love to get as many answers as possible so I can know which story has more interest and I can focus all my attention on that story. Also, feel free to tell me what you thought of this chapter:)


On a slightly unrelated note I recently uploaded a one-shot called What Was Lost and it goes through Te'jal and Gyendal's relationship as siblings and what I think would have caused such a big rift between them that he wanted her tied up and killed by the sun in LoT. It's told from Te'ijal's perspective as she waits for the sun to come up in the keep. I'd love to for you guys to check it out^_^

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Both of r really amazing! Bt i like Heirs of Darkness mre ^ ^

Alright! Thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely keep that in mind and hopefully more people will let me know which story they prefer. I'm really glad to hear that your enjoying the stories thought ^_^

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Chapter Two




The next morning Mel woke up with a unsettled feeling. Her sister was already awake and out of the room and Mel quickly dressed before washing her face and brushing her teeth.


She headed downstairs and joined her sister and father at the table as her mother served breakfast. They gave thanks to the goddess before digging into their meal. Mel's mother, father and Rayina chatted while they ate but Mel sat in silence as she puzzled over a dream she could remember almost nothing from.


"Mel, is something wrong?"


Mel looked up to see her family watching her and she fidgeted under their gaze.


"Nothing really. I just had a odd dream."


"About what honey?"


Mel shrugged.


"That's part of what's bothering me. I can barely remember anything about it other then a couple of.....strange things."


Her father raised a brow at her hesitation.


"Like what? What all do you remember?"


Mel paused for a second.


"I remember standing in the middle of a empty space, a white mist swirling along the ground and endless night sky. There was nothing else. But then this soothing voice of a old woman began to talk. I don't remember what she was talking about but I remember her mentioning my destiny and she said something that made me confused and angry."


Her mother and father went very still and leaned forward. Her sister had the strangest expression on her face.


"What happened next?" Her mother prompted.


"Well to my left the mist changed shape and turned into a tall and imposing figure and the mist that made up the shape turned black before a pair of red eyes appeared. He said something that scared me although I don't remember what, although I do remember him calling me lamb.....for some reason it's sticking out in my mind."


"What about the old woman voice? Did she say anything you can remember?"


Mel nodded slowly.


"Yeah.......she said something really strange. She said "The darkness shall be your inheritance, embrace it." And she called me her daughter. It was really weird......."


When she looked up the unsettled feeling grew worse. Her mom was white as a fresh sheet and her dad looked almost as pale.


"Embracing darkness?! The goddess couldn't have been speaking of the prophecy could she?" Her mother said frantically.


"It couldn't be. But why would the goddess go out of her way to speak to her in the dream?" Her father whispered, staring at Mel as if he had never seen her before.


"The goddess can't have chosen her!! Mel isn't even a Mage! I wasn't chosen or even accepted for priestess training and I'm a powerful Mage that controls neutral magic!" Rayina cried.


Mel flinched at the pain in her sisters tone. Last year her sister had gone to the temples in Thais to be tested. Rayina had wanted to follow the path of the goddess on her thirteenth birthday but she had not passed the test and had been turned away. Something about her heart not being pure enough and to easily swayed by the promise of power.


"The goddess never chose me, she just told me that darkness was my inheritance! Not that her statement makes any sense...." Mel muttered to herself.


"Rayina. We do not control who the goddess chooses. However, I do not believe she has been chosen to follow the path of the goddess. She was given some sort of prophetic dream, not a summoning."


"But that's not fair!! I've never gotten a dream from the goddess!!"


Mel shrunk in her seat, uncomfortable with the reaction she had received. She hadn't meant to upset anyone, she had simply wanted to share her dream in hopes of someone helping her understand.


"Enough Rayina. We can talk about this later." Her father reprimanded gently, glancing at Mel's mother who was still pale.


"Girls, go do your chores and then you may have the afternoon off. Your mother and I need to talk."


Rayina shoved her chair back and stalked out of the kitchen without a word, leaving Mel to stare after her uncomfortably. Her father and mother also got up and went into the living room, sitting and speaking in hushed tones.


Mel stood and took care of washing the breakfast dishes, glad that they had simply had bread and jam with milk as a weekend treat instead of eggs and other things that took longer to clean up after.


Once she was done she went upstairs to clean in her room, finding her sister making her own bed with her laundry already gathered.




Her sister turned to her with a bright smile, although Mel could still see anger in her eyes.




"Are you.....mad at me?"


Rayina laughed, sounding carefree and happy to anyone who didn't know her.


"Absolutely not. You didn't choose your dream, so why would I be mad at you?"


"Alright." Mel said uncertainly. "Are we still going to go look at the keep?"


"Of course we are!"





Once they had finally finished their chores Mel and Rayina headed downstairs, intending to see if their parents were done talking. But when they reached the living room her parents were still deep in conversation so the siblings simply headed out.


"I can't wait to see what that was." Mel said softly, her cheeks pink with excitement.


"Me either." Rayina admitted as the sisters walked down the streets of Harburg.


Before heading towards the keep Rayina and Mel stopped by the ally that the teens liked to hang out in.


Rayina reached down and took Mel's hand, tugging her close as they wove through the people, stepping over the stuff littering the ground. Near the back of the ally two teen guys were telling some story to a couple of other teens, passing a pipe around the circle.


"......this glowing thing was going towards Darkthrop Keep!! I'm dead serious!! I hadn't actually believed the rumour but it was fun to watch anyway. But last night I saw the ghost!! I swear!!"


One of the teens laughed at him but the others exchanged looks.


"He's not lying. I never even found the rumour amusing, just stupid and childish, but last night I was up in the attic talking to Mel who does keep watch for the ghost and we saw the exact same thing." Rayina stated, stepping forward into the circle.


People broke off into different conversations while Rayina jerked her head away from the group before stepping away, leaving Jacov and Stephan to follow. Mel clung uncertainly to Rayina's hand as a few of the teens next to her started shouting at each other.


"What's up Rayina?" Jacov asked.


Stephan walked over and slid a arm around Rayina's waist, Mel making a face as he kissed her on the cheek.


"Mel and I want to go out to the keep and take a look to see if the glowing ghost changed anything. You guys in?"


The guys exchanged looks before shooting almost identical grins at Rayina.




Rayina smiled.


"Great. Let's go."





The four of them headed through the city and out the path that led them to the keep. Mel trailed behind the teens with a longsuffering sigh as they made jokes Mel didn't get and Rayina and Stephan exchanged gooey sidelong glances.


"Mel, come here. We're almost to the keep." Rayina ordered.


Mel scurried over to her sister and followed them closely as the four rounded the corner and found themselves in the clearing staring at the massive keep.


"Wow....." Mel breathed.


The boys and Rayina agreed, none of them having ever dared to go near the keep before. Strange things had been heard or seen near the keep and the story of the Mage who had lived here, Mordred Darkthrop, kept people away. Even rebellious teens avoided the place.


"It doesn't look magical, aside from the whole cursed tower thing." Stephan quipped, attempting to lighten the situation.


"I wonder if it's safe to touch?" Jacov mused.


"Well it's not like it's made of anything special, just stone. Right?" Rayina said.


The teens all gave each other uncertain looks.


Mel shrugged, already bored of just standing there. Carefully, looking at the ground to make sure that she didn't step in anything strange walked along the grass, pausing upon realizing something about the clearing.


"Guys, can you feel that?"


The three teens looked at her.


"The silence. It's so unnatural. You can't hear birds or wind or anything. It's so still, like it's been frozen in time. It's creepy." Mel said with a shudder.


Rayina, Stephan and Jacov all looked around uneasily, having noticed what Mel was talking about.


"Maybe we shouldn't have come....." Jacov said quietly.


"Your right."


"I agree. We should just leave. Something's wrong with this place. Mel come on, we're leaving. I-Mel?! What are you doing?!!?"


The other three had turned to stare at Mel who was slowly mounting the stairs toward the keep as she stared at it's massive oak door.


"The door is glowing. Can't you see it? It's very strange.......and it's tugging on me. I want to see what it is."


"WHAT?!?!? Don't you dare go near that door!! Get over here this instant!!" Rayina shouted, fear filling her voice.


Mel ignored her and walked right up to the door of the old keep, reaching out and touching it gingerly with her fingers, blinking in surprise when the power didn't shock her.


The door was unnaturally cold but instead of scaring Mel off it fascinated her, she reaching out and pressing her hand flat against the wood, silent as the icy feel seeped into her hand.


Behind her she could hear her sister calling to her as well as Stephan and Jacov, they fearfully approaching the stairs. Mel payed them no mind, instead listening as a distant voice spoke her name softly.


"Mel. Open the door."


Almost as if in a trance Mel reached for the handle and gave it a hard push, watching as the door swung in soundlessly.


At first Mel couldn't see anything, then a gust of ice cold air blew out the door, the air around the keep becoming almost heavy and the sunlight becoming almost dimmed.


Rayina gasped and Mel stepped back several feet, her stomach fluttering. Fear was slowly starting to trickle into her awareness but a part of her was drawn to the icy power that had escaped the keep upon her opening the door.


Then her eyes widened as she saw the indistinct outline of a figure in a black robe could be seen at the far wall. The air around him shimmered yellow and Mel let out a strangled cry, pointing at it with a violently shaking hand.


By the shrieks of the boys and Rayina they had to seen it and Mel took another step back, her eyes wide with shock.


The figure appeared to smile, before moving forward towards her himself.


That was it for Mel who let out a scream before spinning and bolting down the stairs, grabbing her sisters hand and yanking her away from the stairs.


"H-he's coming!!!"


Instantly the four of them started running, tripping over each other as they fled the keep and it's terrifying inhabitant.


They ran as fast as they could but suddenly Rayina stopped, digging her heels into the ground and causing Mel to crash into her. The boys stopped next to Rayina and they all looked up at the massive figure standing in their way.


The person was easily six feet and it was the biggest male she had ever seen. Massive shoulders and torso, huge legs that made Mel think of tree trunks and arms that rippled with muscle.


"What are you doing?" His voice was the deepest voice Mel had ever heard and the malice and cruelty that filled it made Mel's hair stand on end.


"W-we were looking at the keep but you don't want to go over there!" Jacov said before either Mel or Rayina could stop him.


"Yeah! T-the ghost is real and he's still in there!!" Stephan added, his voice shaking.


The man froze, his pitch black eyes flicking from person to person before stopping on Rayina and Mel.


"And who saw the ghost first?"


"She did!" Jacov blabbed, pointing to Mel who stiffened.


"Did she?"


Instantly Rayina straightened her shoulders.


"That's not any of your business. You shouldn't even be over here. Visitors to Harburg aren't allowed to go near here. Now if you will excuse us, we will be leaving."


Rayina tightened her grip on Mel's hand before pulling her along behind her past the man in black. The man reached out and grabbed a strand of hair off of Mel's shoulders as she passed, making her gasp and pull away.


The man smirked and rolled the strand of hair between his fingers before giving a sharp inhale and spinning to face Mel fully. Mel flinched and broke into a almost run, desperate to get away from the man and the Darkthrop keep.


The boys ran to catch up and the four of them fled the grassy pathway, bolting in through the gate in the city wall, running until they reached the busy city market.


Once they reached a area slightly out if the way if he main crowd the three of me exchanged looks.


"That was terrifying." Jacov finally whispered.


"And that guy was freaky! Did you see his eyes? There was no difference between the iris and the pupil, it was all black!" Stephan pointed out with a shudder.


"We can't ever talk about this. People will think that we're either cursed or crazy." Rayina said sharply.




"No!! Our parents would be furious! No one can ever know about this. Ever."


Finally Jacov and Stephan nodded.


"But if something happens to one of us we have to tell."


Rayina reluctantly agreed before they parted, the boys heading back to the ally and Mel and Rayina heading home.


As they walked Mel could swear she felt someone watching her, and as she turned her head to look over her shoulder she paled at the sight of another man, dressed exactly like the stranger headed to the Darkthrop keep, with the same black eyes.


"Rayina?! Look!!"


Rayina stopped and turned but by the time she looked where Mel was pointing the man had already vanished.


"There's nothing there Mel. Your just freaked out from what happened earlier. Let's go home."


But as they walked down the street dread filled Mel.


Something bad was going to happen. And it had to do with what they had seen today.




Because I'm mean and horrible I'm ending the chapter there:D I hope you all enjoyed it! As always, I would love reviews to hear what you all think:)

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That evening the family had gathered in the living room after supper to just relax. Mel sat curled up between her parents playing with her stuffed bear as her mother knit and her father sketched.


Her sister was doing embroidery in the chair next to the fireplace with a content expression on her face.


It was peaceful in the house, however the peace was short lived as they were disturbed by a violent pounding on the door.


Everyone looked up and her dad stood.


"How strange. I'll get it."


"Papa!! No!!"


Her father was pushed back down onto the couch as Rayina leaped from her seat, embroidery laying on the ground as she shoved him back into the chair, her magic sparking around her.


"Rayina what in the world?!"


"It's those men!!"


"What men?"


Rayina tried to explain quickly what they had done and it didn't take very many words before her parents white and shaking.


"Papa?" Mel murmured uncertainly.


Without a word her father stood and pulled her mother to her feet before ruling Rayina and Mel down the hallway away from the front door.


"Brandon..." Her mother whispered.


"I know my love."


A cracking noise filled the air before the door blew apart and the massive hulking figures of the two men could be seen. But this time........the men had black wings.


Mel let out a strangled gasp as Rayina screamed in terror.


The men laughed, a chilling sound that would be immortalized in her nightmares, and started forward.


"Give us the prophesied heirs." One ordered, pointing a talon like finger at Mel and Rayina.


"Serena! GO!!!!" Her father roared before charging the beings, hands crackling with electricity that he lobbed at them.


Her mother grabbed Mel and Rayina before fleeing down the hallway of their house with Rayina and Mel in tow. The men yelled and began to fight her father while working towards the hallway to follow.


"Mama!!" Mel cried.


"No time my dear, just run!" Her mother ordered, tears thick in her voice.


They ran from the explosions and shouting, blindly following their mother as smoke began to cloud their vision. Her mother reached the end of the hallway, opened the office door and shoved the girls in before following and closing the door behind her, locking it and shoving a chair under it in a feeble attempt to buy them time.


"Girls, come on." She ordered.


They followed her to the opposite wall where her mother began to feel frantically along the wall. A click sounded and a portion of the wall swung in soundlessly, their mother grabbing their arms and pushing them into the hidden passage.


"Girls, I love you and so does your father. When you leave the passage you need to run and not look back. Do not stay in here, flee far away from this place lest they find you. Go to the priestess temple in Thais and give them this letter."


Her mother pressed a letter into Rayina's hands and Rayina tucked it into her dress pocket.


"Mama, you have to come to!" Mel begged.


"I cannot. I must buy you time. Now go."


Another massive explosion and a howl of agony could be heard from out there as heavy steps began to approach. Her mother let out another sob.


"Dear goddess, protect my children. I'll even give them up to fate of you will let them survive this." She whispered.


A cool breeze stirred through the musty passage, bringing the scent of flowers. Their mother smiled through the tears before shutting the passage door. Another shriek could be heard but Mel and Rayina didn't stay around long enough to listen, they were already fleeing through the passage as another explosion blasted the house and smoke billowed through the old passage behind them.





They reached the end of the passage in a few minutes, her sister blasting open the door with her magic before they tumbled out into the street coughing and crying. People who had already come at the sounds of the battle going on inside of the house saw the two girls and came running, helping the girls to their feet and ask asking what was going on.


Mel looked up at her house to see flames licking out of the windows as explosions continued inside. A feminine shout could be heard and Rayina let out a cry of her own.




The teen lurched to her feet and stared towards the house. Mel gasped and lunged for her sister, one hand latching onto her upper arm and the other latching onto a orange ribbon tied around her sisters wrist.


"What are you doing?!"


Her sister looked back at her for a moment before reaching down and pulling the bow, causing the ribbon to come undone in Mel's hand.


"Keep this safe will you?"


Then her sister ripped her arm free and took off towards the house.


"Stop!!" Mel cried, scrambling up and chasing after her sister.


But Rayina was to fast and Mel was to late. She watched her older sister run into the house. The whole crowd of people who had grabbed buckets of water to help put out out the fire started shouting.


Mel blanked on what was safe and started running towards her childhood home but then there was a high pitched scream of utter terror and a moment later the whole house exploded sending Mel flying backwards.


Then something slammed into her head and everything went black.





Mel drifted in and out of consciousness for the next couple of days, dreading being awake because of the headache that plagued her. This was the first time she was even remotely alert although she couldn't seem to open her eyes or speak.


"...ghost......touched......dead.......only survivor........magic........darkness........cursed...."


Mel's brows furrowed as she tried to open her eyes. She didn't understand what they were talking about. But the more she fought to wake up the further away she drifted until finally sleep overtook her once more.





The next time Mel woke up she was able to open her eyes with a groan. Everything seemed over bright and her head was aching.


"Mel, can you hear me?"


Mel looked over to see one of the town healers leaning over her.


"Yes, I-owwwwww. My head hurts so bad.....what happened?"


The healer stared at her.


"You don't remember?"


Mel shook her head and the healer arched a brow.


"You don't remember the fire?"


Mel was silent for a moment before letting out a gasp and grabbing her head the memory of what had happened playing through her mind rapid fire. She stared silently at the healer in blank horror.


"T-they're dead?!"




Mel took a rasping breath as she tried to process.


"B-but I don't understand. Why did those men do that? R-Rayina and I never did anything to them." Mel whispered.


The woman eyed her coldly.


"Perhaps it is because of what you did that this tragedy has befallen your innocent parents and sister."


Mel flinched at her words.




"Stephan and Jacov told us what had happened when you four went to the tower, how you touched the tower and opened the door, unleashing the Darkthrop curse upon your innocent family."


The woman pointed at the door.


"I let you stay here while you were asleep as it would have been wrong in the eyes of the goddess for me to leave you defenceless. But you are awake now and I want you gone. I will not have your curse affect me and my family!"


Mel sat frozen in the bed and the woman snarled, anger transforming her features.


"GET OUT!!!"


The healer shoved a orange ribbon into her hands before roughly pushing her out the door and onto the stoop. Mel landed on her hands and knees as the door slammed behind her.


Mel took a ragged breath, her eyes glassy as she grabbed the railing and pulled herself to her feet, legs wobbling under her.


She looked down at the ribbon in her hand, a lump building in her throat that she forced herself to swallow. She couldn't let herself think about them now or she would break down. She had to be strong now, she had to find somewhere to go.


Taking careful steps to keep from falling because of how unsteady her legs were Mel carefully went down the stairs before walking along the road. Her parents although kind were very withdrawn people and since they had only come to Harburg when Mel was three they had no family for Mel to live with or close friends that would take Mel in.


Mel knew that she had no one that would take her in, but she knew of a place that she would at least be safe in until she could figure out where to go. The teen ally. All the homeless kids and teens with the exception of a few loners that lived outside the city slept in that ally.


Mel tiredly made her way down the street towards the ally that attracted the homeless and the troublemakers, avoiding the gazes of those who watched her. She didn't understand the anger in people's eyes as they looked at her.


She let out a sigh of relief upon reaching the ally, pausing momentarily and looking around at the smoke filled air and loud teens. She had barely taken a few steps into the ally when a hand clamped down on her shoulder.


"What are you doing here, cursed girl?"




Here's another little mini cliffhanger for you guys:D This chapter was kind of hard to write because I wanted to get across the urgency of the situation without being overly dramatic and making it cheesy. What did you guys think of it?

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Mel flinched at the growled words before looking up to see Stephan who was glaring down at her with puffy eyes.


She was roughly dragged out of the ally before being cornered into a wall by Stephan and Jacov.


"I asked you a question."


"I-I don't have anywhere to go and I thought that I could stay in the ally until I figure out-"


"You aren't welcome here!" Jacov sneered.




Stephan slammed her back against the wall and she let out a hiss of pain.


"Your a murderer!!! You cursed your family and now Rayina and her parents are dead!! We don't want your curse affecting us!"


Mel's eyes were wide as Stephan leaned over her, a snarl twisting his usually snarky expression into something frightening.


"Don't ever come around here again, understand?"


Mel gave a wordless nod and he stepped away.


"Then what are you waiting for? LEAVE!!"


Mel stumbled away before fleeing the males behind her. Fleeing the teens and even being forced to dodge a rock that was thrown at her.


She found herself wandering the city, unsure of where to go. People openly shunned her and it didn't take Mel long to figure out that Stephan and Jacov had told everyone what had happened and that she was cursed.


Finding some gold coins in her pocket she went into the market and tried to buy some cheese.


"We don't want your cursed coin!"


The money was thrown back in her face and Mel scrambled to pick it up off the ground before trying to find someone who would sell her some food.


But no one would. The people of Harburg had always been superstitious, especially about anything revolving around what they called the Darkthrop curse, and now they viewed her as part of that curse


Finally Mel sat down on a empty stoop, watching the people pass by. She didn't know what to do, since it was clear no one would show her or help her. Exhaustion was setting in and as it grew dark Mel stood and walked over to a ally where barrels sat and wriggled into a little cubbyhole, curling into a ball to keep warm before her eyes slid shut as sleep overtook her.




The next day she was woken by a tickling sensation on her leg. She jerked her foot away and let out a strangled shriek as a rat looked up at her before scurrying away.


Scrambling out of her cubbyhole she brushed herself off and gave another shudder before walking back onto the main path and looking around. The sun had only just risen and people were getting ready for the day.


Mel made her way down to one of the intersections in the city and sat down on a box, placing a old hat she had found on the ground with the inside facing up. She didn't want to beg, she hated the idea of being at the mercy of another person, but she didn't have a choice right now if she wanted to survive.


At first Mel went unnoticed as she sat silently, waiting for someone to look over at her. It took about a hour and a half for her stomach to start growling and that was about the time that she realized that sitting quietly and waiting for people to notice her was rather pointless.


So she scanned the intersection before waving one if her arms in the air to catch people's attention.


"Excuse me!! Can you spare a coin or maybe some food?" Mel called.


Most of the people ignored her but a few looked over at her and sneered.


"Worthless girl." One spat, throwing a small pebble at her.


Mel yelped and her hands flew up to protect her from the small stone before she glared after the person.


Hours passed of Mel sitting there begging. No one gave her any money or food although they more then willingly donated kicks and spit. By the end of the day Mel was hungry, tired and more then discouraged.


As she returned to the cubby among the barrels to sleep Mel couldn't help but fear that this was a foreshadowing of how things were going to be from now on.




It took a day and a half later before Mel knew that she needed to do something different. The only thing she had eaten was a small piece of bread that someone had thrown away and her stomach ached from hunger.


She stuck to the shadows that morning instead of setting up to beg like she had the last couple of days, watching people come and go in hopes of figuring out how she could survive.


She saw several kids begging and others carrying grocery bags and other things for a coin in payment but none of that would help Mel since they treated her like a carrier of the plague.


Then movement caught her eye and she whipped her head in time to see one slender boy remove his hand from a passerby's pocket, gold flashing in the light for a second before the boys hand closed and he slipped away into a ally unnoticed by everyone but Mel.


She stared wide eyed at where he had gone, a idea forming in her head.


She had always been able to sneak up on people and she had played pretend with her sister before and pretended to be a thief but to actually steal from someone...


These people worked as hard as her parents did for every single coin, could she really take away someone else's lively hood?


Another pain shot through her middle and Mel's brows furrowed.


Yes, she could. Mel didn't have the luxury of being morally responsible right now, she needed food.


She scanned the people, this time actually looking and picking out the most absent people who weren't paying attention to their surroundings. She saw the outline of coin in one man's pocket before slipping into the crowd of people and making her way up to the man she had chosen, stepping just in behind him and slipping her fingers into his pocket, grasping two coins and withdrawing them before hurriedly walking away and hiding in a ally.


The man continued on unaware until vanishing from sight and Mel looked down at her tightly clenched fist before slowly uncurling her fingers until her hand lay open with two shiny gold coins lying on her palm.


She had actually done it.


She was now a thief.




Another slowly moving chapter until we can start moving into the beginning of the real plot, but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway:)

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The Kindness of a Stranger



(Two months after)


Mel sat miserably with her arms clutching her middle as her stomach growled in hunger. She was able to steal bread and cheese every day usually but they weren't giving her the energy she needed to survive living on the streets. They weren't filling her up the way she needed.


What she needed was meat, but when she couldn't even buy food because they were afraid of her she had no way of getting it.


As she sat there the smell of cooking meat wafted out of someone's window making her mouth water and making her even more miserable.


Mel did her best to ignore it and shift into a more comfortable sitting positing in front of the tiny fire she had set to keep herself warm. She was sitting there, closing her eyes and trying to pretend she wasn't living on the streets of Harburg, when suddenly she head a faint squeaking sound could be heard and she whipped her head to see a rat in the corner picking at crumbs on the ground.


Lucky rat, Mel thought. He can catch meat.


Then Mel went still as something dawned on her.


Rats were animals. Animals=meat.


She sat up and reached to her hip where a slightly rusted old dagger was hanging from her belt. She had found it in the dump and after doing her best to clean it she had kept is a weapon should she ever need it for protection.


Looks like she was going to do some hunting.


Standing soundlessly she snuck up on the rodent that was eating crumbs. By the time he noticed the danger it was to late, she had pounced and brought the knife down, cleanly killing the rodent before grabbing it and dragging it out of the ally.


Setting the carcass on a barrel she thanked her lucky stars that she had gone on hunting trips with her dad before and knew how to skin a carcass. She made quick work of the skin and hair, cleaning the carcass before cutting up the meat and turning to the fire to cook each piece individually on the end of her knife.


Once the first peace was cooked she braced herself and took a hesitant bite only to blink as a pleasant taste spread across her tongue.


The rat tasted.....good.


Her whole face brightening at the first taste of meat since the fire she ate quicker, enjoying and savouring every moment as she began to cook the next piece.


Maybe she could survive this after all.






(Five months after)


Mel was sitting against the wall of one of the buildings on a rarely used side street with her head buried in her arms.


She had been attacked by some of the teens again, they had chased her halfway through the city yelling at her and throwing rocks.


Mel didn't understand what she did that triggered their anger, some days they ignored her and others they attacked her. No matter what she did their behaviour was always random.


None of the adults ever stepped in to stop them the way they did for other homeless kids, people just turned a blind eye. Sometimes a kind stranger would stop them but rarely did that happen.


"Hey, are you alright?"


Mel's head shot up, startled by the sound of a young voice filled with concern. She looked over to see a boy about her age with brown hair and hazel eyes looking directly at her. He was wearing a rich green tunic with a braided gold belt, it was clear he was noble.


Mel tried for a smile, hoping the boy would go away before one of the other thief's saw him. He could get badly hurt if he was cornered.


"I'm fine."


He glanced behind him before walking further into the ally towards her. She sat up, watching warily as he approached her with something hidden in his hands.


"I said I'm fine, what do you want?"


He gave a awkward shrug.


"Um, I saw you earlier and how the kids hurt you. I wanted my dad to do something but he didn't see and he walked away before I could tell him. I don't think it was right what they did."


Mel blinked in surprise. He had wanted to help her?


"I still don't understand why you've come over to me. Don't you know that it's dangerous for a noble to come into dark places alone?"


He nodded.


"I know, but I wanted to give this to you."


"Give what?"


He stepped up to her and placed a fabric bundle in her arms. Confused, Mel opened the bundle, seeing another fabric wrapped item and pulling away the wrapping as well. Upon seeing that lied on the fabric she gasped in shock.


There was a fresh piece of cheese, a small loaf of bread and a small fish.


Her eyes flew up to stare at the boy in shock.


"Why would you-"


"You looked hungry. And cold. The big fabric that wrapped around every thing is a vest to replace your torn shirt. I hope it fits."


Mel's eyes widened further if that was even possible.


"B-but I can't afford this!! I couldn't pay you back for getting this for me and-"


The boy shook his head emphatically.


"No, you don't understand. This is a gift, you don't have to pay for it. I've been in town for two days now and I see how badly everyone treats you and that's not right. I have enough money that I can afford to get this and it would be wrong not to share with someone in need. Please don't be offended, I just wanted to help you....."


Part of Mel wanted to get irritated with his noble attitude but when she looked back down at the things in her lap before looking up once again and meeting the boys eyes to see the sincerity and boyish hope glittering there she felt herself waver.


"I-......I'll take it. Thank you."


His eyes brightened and a grin bloomed to life.


"Oh good! Um, my name is Edward! What's yours?"


"I'm Mel. But you should probably go now, before some of the other teens see you." She said quietly.


Edward's face fell slightly.


"Yeah, I guess I'm already kind of pushing my luck. Maybe I-"


"Young master!! There you are!! How dare you run away like this, and to talk to some dirty commoner. You are above such behaviour young master, you should be ashamed of yourself!" A pudgy man yelled, stalking across the ground towards Edward and Mel.


The boy glared at the man.


"Don't call her a dirty commoner. You have no idea who she will be! One day she might be a powerful business owner and you'll be at her mercy." The boy said loftily with a hidden wink at Mel.


The man snorted before grabbing the boys shoulder and yanking him away.


"That I highly doubt young master but say what you will."


Mel sneered at the man angrily, used to people looking down on her but angered by his treatment none the less. Edward waved as he was dragged away.


"Bye Mel! I hope you enjoy the food!" He said cheerfully.


Mel waved back hesitantly as she hugged the bundle of food and the vest closer to her, a small smile on her face.


No one had been this kind to her in a very long time.





(Eleven months after)


As daybreak came Mel was up and moving even before many of the shopkeepers even had their stores open. Today was a big day, the spring festival was today and people from all over we're coming to Harburg to celebrate.


For most people, that meant food and fun. For Mel, that meant more people to steal from.


Stealing money was useless to her since no one would sell her anything, but stealing food was almost as easy so she made do with that. Mel was pretty good at stealing, she had yet to be caught by anyone while she did it. Oh in the beginning they would realize that they were missing something right after Mel had taken it but she was always far enough away that she could escape before they got to her.


So as people began to trickle in and the smell of food filled the air Mel put her less then legal skills to use and stole from people as they passed by, slipping in and out of the crowd snatching food from bags to feed herself.


By the time the middle of the day had rolled around Mel was full, a rarity for her now. So she found herself a quiet ally to sit and rest in.


As she sat there she heard the sound of a scuff, like a footstep.


Instantly she was standing, readying herself for conflict with tight fists.


"Please relax, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk." A gentle male voice said.


Mel stood tense as a man stepped into the light, watching warily as she scanned the man. He was dressed in a worn down coat and pants along with boots, his moustache and goatee giving him a friendly and approachable look when pairing with twinkling brown eyes and a warm smile.


"What do you want?"


He cocked his head.


"I've been watching you with the people in the crowd, the way your able to steal those food items without notice."


Instantly Mel was once again in fight mode, preparing to have to fight her way out. But the man held up his hands in a placating gesture.


"Please don't run, I'm not against your actions. I employ thieves myself. That's why I wanted to talk to you."


Mel relaxed slightly.




"Yes. Even though all your stealing is food I can tell that you are quite skilled in what you are doing. The reason I came to talk to you is because I have something of a proposition for you."


Mel blinked.


"A proposition?"


"Yes. I have someone who dearly wants a delicate woven chain bracelet. It would take great skills to steal it right off someone but out of all the thieves currently I work with none of them quite have the featherlight touch needed to do this. But you do."


Mel stared at him.


"So you decided to randomly come up to me and ask me? Someone you don't know?!"


The man laughed.


"I've watched you for a while. I've wanted to help but unfortunately I cannot just step in with every homeless person. I need to make sure that you will be a productive part of our little community. I see how these people treat you, and I think that our community could do better."


Mel was silent as she tried to process everything, tried to absorb his words. But even in the storm of confusion one thing stood out to her.


He was talking to her willingly.


No one did that anymore.


"You do know they all think I'm cursed right, that it's my fault my family died?"


The man shrugged.


"Is it?"


"No!! I didn't do anything to them!! It never would have happened if those boys hadn't told!!!!"


The man smiled.


"Then I don't see the problem. Do we have a deal?"


Mel hesitated before nodding.


"Wonderful!" The man exclaimed before holding out a hand.


Mel stepped forward and gripped it, giving a firm shake.


"I'm Boden."




Boden let go of her hand and stepped back.


"So you need me to steal a delicate woven chain bracelet. That's all?"


Boden nodded.


"Yes. When you get that bracelet come to the sewer entrance near the gate to shadow woods south. Open the grate and decend the stairs before follow me the hallway until you come to the first doorway on your right. That's where I am."


Mel nodded before standing.


"I'll go do that now."


"Good luck."





Mel walked out of the ally and slipped into the crowd unnoticed, moving around and keeping a eye out for her prize.


"Oh and little Maddy was talking about wanting the new dolly that they're selling in Stormbend..."


Mel's attention was pulled by the loud talking of two women and as she glanced over the glint of gold caught her eye. She looked and realized that one of the woman's wrists sported a beautiful golden woven chain bracelet.


Taking a deep breath Mel slipped in and out of the people before reaching the woman and stepping in behind her. She shifted so that to any passerby it would appear she was with the woman without being so close that the women talking would notice her.


With trembling hands she gently reached out and ever so carefully grasped the clasp, slowly opening the clasp and undoing the bracelet. As soon as it was undone she steadied her hand before taking a long breath and then "falling" forward into the women with a cry.




The women made startled noise and the one that Mel had fallen against tripped forward, allowing Mel to palm the bracelet without the woman noticing and slip it into her pocket.


Mel landed on her hands and knees, catching herself before jumping to her feet and rushing over to the woman.


"Oh I'm so sorry!! Are you alright?!"


The woman sat up and Mel reached down and took the woman's arm, helping her to her feet.


"I'm quite alright dear. What happened?"


Mel shrugged, feigning embarrassment.


"I tripped over the people and fell. I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to knock into you."


The woman smiled and patted Mel's head.


"It's quite alright dear. I'm not hurt so we can pretend this never happened."


Mel beamed up at the woman.


"Oh thank you!! I need to go now, my dads waiting for me. Goodbye!!"


The women giggled and waved as Mel hurried away, her hand slipping into her pocket to clench tightly around the bracelet.


She had done it.


Mel hurried through Harburg until she reached the entrance to the sewer. Glancing around she removed the grate and wiggled inside before replacing the grate and walking down the stairs to a long hall.


She hesitantly walked down the hall before she reached the first door on her right. As she had been told she entered the room and looked around.




"Mel! You're back! Did you get the bracelet?"


Mel turned to see Boden standing in the doorway smiling at her.


Mel reached into her pocket and withdrew the bracelet, hanging it on one finger.


"I got what you wanted. What do I get in return?"


The man smiled.


"A steady income of money, the ability to buy food, clothes and weapons from our black market traders in the other room and a family of sorts."


Mel thought about it for a moment before shrugging.


"Sounds good to me. Here."


Mel handed the bracelet to Boden who grinned.


"Excellent! Here is your money and just head back into the hall and take the second doorway on the left. The black market trader will sell you what you want."


A small of money was dropped in her hands and Mel gaped at it before looking back up at Boden who shrugged.


"Half the profit of your theft goes to me and the other half goes to you. Spend it however you want."


Mel's hand closed around the bag before she left the room, feeling slightly dazed. She entered the other room and approached the masked man in the corner who showed her what he had for sale and willingly traded his goods for some of her coin.


As she left that room with her purchases and started up the hall she heard Boden call her name.




"Come around every day and I'll have jobs that suit your skills for you to take. There will be of course times when you won't get a job because there aren't any for you but a majority of the time I'll have things reserved for you."


Mel nodded uncertainly before asking the question that had been bouncing around in her head from the moment this whole thing had started.




Boden blinked, appearing surprised by her question.


"Why? You show promise and I think that if I can train you up you'll get some big jobs. Who knows, one day you might even be able to join the thief masters that travel all over Aia."


The last part was clearly a joke but the fact that a relative stranger actually believed she was capable of doing something, whether it was legal or not, was something that made Mel smile brightly despite herself.


"Oh! Well then I guess I'll be back tomorrow!"


Boden grinned.


"Wonderful! Have a good night little Mel."


Mel smiled and waved before heading out of the sewer and to her ally, for the first time in months actually looking forward to the next day.




So that is Chapter Five :) What did you guys think of my little Edward addition? For this particular story that this going to be a foreshadowing of future happenings (far, far into the future) and I thought it was the perfect little addition. Let me know what you guys think so far! I love hearing feedback :)

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I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm really quite enjoying writing these Aveyond fanfics so I'm glad that they are coming across as interesting a real to the characters for you guys who are reading my random ideas :)


Haha good!! I really enjoyed writing that fun addition:)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and leaving a comment, I appreciate it ^__^

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*Spoilers for the story if you haven't read it all for some strange reason*

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KILLED HER WHOLE FAMILY. Also the "She was now a thief" part still gave me chills. You really are great at this drama-building stuff. And I am still so grateful for the "Kindness of a stranger" chapter, Edward and Boden are great. 

*cough* Where is the chapter with the two vampires that I seem to recall was present elsewhere? 


Edit: I just realized I can like things so I am going to do that now, sorry if this spams your notifications or anything XD

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LOL I can live with notification spamming XD


So I take it that you enjoyed my killing off of the family? (MWAHAHAHA) In that case I'm sure I can find more characters to kill off:D


Juuuuusst kidding! (Or am I....)


Ooh yeah I forgot to update the next chapter here when I updated on fanfiction.net! Dang it, thanks for the reminder! I'll do that now.

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Chapter Six: Hallows Eve




Mel was unusually angry as she woke up that morning, everything around her was setting her on edge.


As she got up and headed into the market to swipe a hot bun her eyes kept on flicking to the ashy ruins of what used to be the roof of a house, just visible from wherever she was as she looked up at the buildings on the highest hill in Harburg.


She had seen Stephan sitting near one of the booths, red eyed as he rubbed his eyes. Jacov had been with him and a surge of hate had welled up in her as she stared at the boys who's big mouths were in her mind the cause of the tragedy that destroyed her family exactly one year ago today.


Her entire day was a crappy one, and tomorrow was the Hallows Eve festival. The already superstitious citizens of Harburg only got worse today when the the spirits of evil and dark creatures such as vampires and ghosts roamed Aia.


Mel had never feared these beings, but she knew that her supposed "curse" would only make people even more uneasy.


As she stewed her fingers made their way into her pocket and began to absently stroke the yellow ribbon that lived there. It had become something that she used to calm herself and it comforted her, the idea of having her sisters ribbon. Almost like because of the ribbon her sister wasn't truly gone.


Her day was spent hiding in the shadows and stealing food and small objects that could be sold. She was planning to stop by Boden's this evening to see if there was anything he wanted her to do but for today she just wanted to relax.


Always in the back of her mind was the presence of the thought that she should at least visit the place where her family was lost, something she had not done even once since waking up in the healers, but every time she turned towards that road her heart clenched painfully and she couldn't bring herself to.


With everything that she was struggling with by the time dusk rolled around Mel was in a absolutely awful mood. She reached the sewer in record time before descending and heading into Boden's headquarters. He was planning to get a small office above in Harburg but he had yet to actually do that so this remained the hub of all illegal activity in Harburg.


"...I don't care how much it pays! That's insanity to go anywhere near that place when the begining of Hallows Eve is only a few hours away! I won't do it!"


Mel walked into the room to see one of the older thieves standing in front of Boden with a tense jaw. Boden wasn't much happier.


"Chris your the only person who is capable of pulling off this job right now! Everyone else is busy or doesn't have as clean a record as you with not being caught once. I'll give you just over half the pay if you do this!"


The thief shook his head angrily.


Boden sighed and threw his hands up in the air before turning and catching sight of Mel.


"Mel! You weren't around all day! I was beginning to think that you had forgotten me!"


Mel didn't smile.


"Well I didn't. Today has been a...off day."


Boden studied her for a moment but Mel didn't elaborate.


"Do you have a job for me?"


Boden shook his head.


"Sorry Mel, I don't have anything. In fact, I was going to suggest that for the next few days you lay low. I have a lot of thieves from in Harburg that will be constantly coming and going and with how suspicions and tense natives to this city get around Hallows Eve I don't want someone attacking you out of sheer paranoia."


Mel deflated slightly. She should have come earlier. She needed some food for the next three or four days while she stayed in her ally and avoided everyone.


"I really needed a job..."


The thief in the corner snorted.


"You heard the girl, she needs the job. So give her this one!"


Mel looked over at the thief in surprise.


"Send Mel in?! She's never even gone in those woods! Nor does she know how to protect herself from the monsters that roam! Sending her would be insane!"


The teen scoffed.


"Everyone knows she's cursed. She could go in and out and they wouldn't touch her. No one wants part of the Darkthrop curse."


Mel flinched before glaring angrily at the boy.


"She's not cursed Chris. Simply a victim of horribly circumstances." Boden said warningly.


"No way! I've heard the stories! What happened was because of her! The only way I'd believe it wasn't true would be if she was as vulnerable to something evil as us normal people!"


Mel clenched and unclenched her fists, her breathing becoming slightly erratic.


"So you want her to die?! Are you really this stupid?! I-"


"I'll do it."


Both stopped and swung their heads to stare at Mel who's lips were white as she pinched them together.




"What?!" Boden gasped.


Mel swept a icy look over the two males.


"I said I'd do it. I'm so tired of this crap about me being cursed! Maybe if I do this I can get enough money to escape this hell hole!"


Boden took a step towards her.




"What am I stealing?"


Before Boden could speak Chris spoke.


"You need to steal a family artifact from the centre of the catacombs. It's a plaque for the Tunsen family and it's made of gold."


Mel gave a short nod.


"Fine. I'll be back by dawn."


Mel was about to turn away when Boden grabbed her arm.


"Mel are you insane?! You could die doing this! Money isn't worth walking right into the middle of the house of the supernatural on the assumption that a cruise that never existed in the first place will protect you! How worth it will it be if you die?!"


Mel ripped her arm free.


"If I die the citizens of this worthless town can suffer until the day they die knowing that their pointless superstitions sent a innocent child to her death!"


Mel's face twisted with hurt and anger as she finished.


"And you know what? I hope that if that happens they can dwell on it while they burn in hell!"




Mel left the sewer, ignoring Boden's shouts as she ran silently through the nearly empty streets until she reached the small path that led to Shadow Woods South. She placed her small bag against the wall and withdrew a lantern and a small oil container before withdrawing several matches and lighting one, placing the flame against the wick of the lantern.


She watched a flame bloom before closing the lantern door and standing, her eyes peering into the gloom of the forest from her place several feet away from the entrance to the woods.


She walked forward, pausing in the gateway she took a deep breath before stepping outside of the city onto the forest path.


Shadow Woods South was a place that the children were taught to fear and avoid and Mel had always been wary of this side of Harburg for that reason. To willingly enter the forest? Even she could admit that what she was doing was crazy.


But she was getting desperate. She wanted out of Harburg and she was willing to do anything to make that happen.


So off she went, following the worn path through the woods. She had a nice steel dagger strapped to her belt that she held tight to the handle on as she ran down the path.


The sooner she was able to do this the better. Midnight would come quick and she wanted to be far away from the catacombs when Hallows Eve rolled around.


The journey to the catacombs was not one she enjoyed but she forced herself to focus on the path instead of where she was going. She successfully pushed the thought of her destination out of her mind, that is until she arrived.




Mel stood at the entrance of the catacombs with wide eyes as she stared up at the mouth of the cave that had two burning torches on either side. She knew that some of the men must have come out earlier to light them but seeing the flames dancing in the night made her shiver.


She took a deep breath before walking purposefully through the entrance and into the catacombs.


The moment she stepped inside she was hit by a cold blast of air, almost like a exhale.


As she stood perfectly still she could hear whispered noises and catch glimpses of shadows out of the corners of her eyes.


"I can do this. Get in, get the item, get out. Simple." Mel whispered to herself.


She started walking further into the catacombs, wanting nothing more then to turn and run away, declaring defeat upon arriving back in Harburg.


But as that thought entered her mind another one joined it.


The thought of enduring another year, or more, being shunned and hated for something that wasn't her fault and being known as cursed when if wasn't true.


Unwillingly, as she walked deeper into the catacombs Mel's thoughts were pulled to the day her parents died. But instead of dwelling on the fire like she usually did her mind followed a path she had forcibly blocked to the moments at the tower.


The moments with the spirit that would haunt her nightmares forever.


As she thought about that spirit another blast of cold air could be felt and she heard what almost sounded like faint laughter. Tears gathered in her eyes and she let out a involuntary whimper of fear.


But she still went deeper, forcing herself to ignore she shadows, and the soft whispers.


But most of all she forced herself to ignore the thrumming of blood in her veins as she began to feel more alive then she ever remembered feeling before in her life. It wasn't natural, to feel like this when surrounded by death, and she knew that this feeling didn't come from adrenalin.


It came from something darker. And that terrified her.


Deeper still she went, murmuring prayers to the goddess under her breath as she walked.


Then she heard it.


A dry sweeping noise from behind her that made her flinch before whipping around and holding her lantern out.


Several feet away stood a glowing shadowy figure, indistinct in form except for the arms held out to her.


"Little girl~"


A deep rasping whisper filled the room and Mel took a jerky half step back before opening her mouth and letting out a soft cry.


The figure began to move. And it was coming right for her.


Instantly Mel spun and began to run, thoughts of the plaque having left her mind as sheer terror took it's place and she fled the spirit behind her.


"Come to meeee~"


Mel let out a half sob, her shoes slapping against the ground as she ran.


"No, no, no! I-I won't let it get me! I won't be eaten by this-this being!"


But as she ran it became clear that she had no hope. Every time she glanced over her shoulder the creature was closer to her.


The whispered became louder, along with moans and rattling chains. She let out another sob and a eery wail responded from down one of the paths she passed.


"Why do I have to die by being eaten by a spirit?! If I gotta be eaten by something why couldn't it have been a vampire?!" Mel half sobbed to herself.


It was a stupid thought but for Mel it just felt like one more injustice, to die at the hands of a ghost.


Mel skidded around a corner before lunging towards a steel gate that was open and empty. As she ran she looked up at the gate and watched with wide and terrified eyes as two tall human looking figures stepped into the gateway.


"W-watch out!" She shrieked, hoping they would step out of the way and run before the spirit got them. The shapes both let out startled noises before the first one stepped into the the light that the lantern cast and Mel let out a shriek before attempting to come to a halt.




"A human girl?! What-"


Mel nearly fell as she skidded across the dusty floor, arms windmilling wildly as she tried to stop and bolt down a side hall.


"No, no, no! I take it back! I don't want to be eaten by a vampire if I have to die here! I don't want to die at all!"


Mel tripped and the lantern was sent flying backwards as she desperately tried to change direction. Her foot hit a non slippery part of the floor and she did a abrupt turn before bolting down another hall that was dimly lit by low burning torches.


"Brother! Grab her!" The vampire ordered, her low voice sounding urgently.


Mel heard a sweeping noise and a bat shot past her head before spinning to face her a few feet away and turning back into a vampire, it's blood red eyes gleaming and the matching cloak fluttering in the breeze.


Mel let out another shriek but it was to late to stop and she crashed headlong into the vampire.


She slammed into the vampires cloak with a muffled oof noise and a ashen hand flew out to clamp onto her shoulder.


She saw the had flash out and Mel tensed, knowing the she was not going to be freed now.


As soon as the hand touched her shoulder she couldn't help but stiffen at the icy cold sensation before her eyes widened and she let out a pained shriek as what felt like a bolt of lightning went through her body.


The vampire let out a gasp and both of them gave a jerk before Mel gave a howl of pain as what felt like fire filled her veins. The vampire swore above her before shouting something at her.


But on top of everything else the pain was just to much and her body just couldn't take it anymore, leaving Mel in give a weak whimper before her knees gave out from under her and everything went black.




A bit of a cliffhanger for your enjoyment:D

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Ah, here is that chapter I was missing <3 :D

I don't think I've mentioned before how ANNOYING that Chris guy is. If your talking about killing him off then I might enjoy that >.> But if it's anyone else, then NOOOOO!!! Please and thank you.

Mel's freaking out about getting eaten by a ghost, and then by a vampire, is both horrifying and hilarious. I don't know what punctuation I should use to describe both of those things, but good job!

That lightning mystery. I am in suspense!



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Lol well I'm considering a character death, just not sure who yet :D I'll take your suggestion of Chris into consideration XD


I'm glad her mini spaz attack amused you, I thought it was a fun little addition ^__^


Mwahahahaha!! Revel in the suspense!!! (In all seriousness I'll try to get those chapters written soon, hopefully my muse is cooperative. I've been going through a tiny bit of a writers block so... :P )

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Mel was drifting in and out of that state between awake and asleep, feeling more rested and calm then she had in a long time. She probably wouldn't even be drifting and would still be blissfully asleep if it wasn't for the strangest sensation.


At the back of her mind she could feel a almost pressure as if something was trying to break through. It didn't hurt, it was merely uncomfortable. The presence was made entirely of cold which helped soothe Mel.


Eventually she began to ever so slowly wake, her brain kicking in and realizing that she wasn't curled up in her ally, but was laying beneath a warm and soft blanket on the silkiest sheets Mel could ever remember feeling.


Her eyes snapped open at that realization as her mind raced a mile a minute trying to figure out where she was, her mind being filled with images of what had taken place the last time she was awake.


There was the spirit that was chasing her and then.......


"The vampires!!! What-....where am I?! Was it all a dream?"


Mel pulled back the covers and stared down at herself, blinking when instead of her usual garb she saw that she was dressed in black silk pyjama's.




Mel shrugged after a moment before looking across the room at the door. She was never going to get any answers if she didn't go figure out what was going on.


She moved to sit up before letting out a gasp and falling back into the bed to lie down, her hands gripping her head as her eyes were squeezed shut and her jaw tightened in pain. Her head was pounding and she could almost feel a strange distress deep inside of her, a almost emptiness.


"Ow....." She whispered pathetically.


Once the pounding in her head went down she opened her eyes and stared up at the deep purple canopy above her. The whole room was lit with a soft glow from the light of a candle on a dresser allowing her to see that the room was very gothic in appearance.


The colour scheme was scarlet red, a deep rich plum and blacks. The furniture was all made of some sort of glossy black wood and above the fireplace on the far side of the room was a massive family crest. In the crest was a raven or a crow, although she personally was thinking raven, with it's wings outstretched and the symbol for dak magic below. There were words on the crest but they were written in a language that Mel didn't know she had no clue what they said.


She was pulled out of her visual exploration of the room by a creak noise from the door. Her eyes darted to the door and she took a deep breath, tensing as a large figure stepped into the room, it's features hidden by the shadow of the large door.


Once it stepped fully into the room Mel relaxed and let out a relieved sigh. Peachy skin, normal blue coloured eyes, and the man was dressed in simple pants and a shirt. No crazy cloak get-up.


"Oh you're just a human. Maybe I hallucinated the whole thing....."


The intelligent part of her brain reminded her that she most certainly had not hallucinated the bat turning into a terrifying vampire that grabbed her and zapped her before making her pass out as he shouted random things at her.


At the word human the man flinched slightly before walking over.


"How are you feeling?"


"Like someone turned my head into a gong. And it feels like someone is trying to push on my mind. It's strange."


The man nodded before approaching her side and reaching over to place his wrist against her forehead for a moment.


"Well your fever has gone down. That's certainly a large improvement. As for the headache, well your probably dehydrated. I'll go get you some water in a moment."


Mel nodded, watching as the man sighed. He didn't speak for a long moment and she took the chance and studied him intently.


The man appeared to be in his early thirties and his sandy blond hair had been brushed back into a rather severe style. He reminded her of the solders she had seen come into Harburg with his formal way of speaking and his stiff posture as well as they way she had seen him stride from to door to where she was. His blue eyes were solemn and had a almost irritated gleam to them that might have upset Mel had she not been able to tell that it was not aimed at her.


"What's your name?"


"I'm Mel. Who are you?"


The man smiled slightly.


"My name is Galahad."


Mel smiled in return before glancing back around the room.


"Tell me Mel, do you remember anything from before you woke up here?"


Mel looked back at the man and hesitated before shaking her head.


"No. I don't." She said firmly.


She had no idea who this person was and if she told him that she remembered she would be forced to explain and Mel couldn't afford to take a risk like that.


"Oh. We had some questions for you if you did."


"We?" Mel enquired.


The blonde man who called himself Galahad grimaced before glancing over at the doorway as Mel heard a soft noise as another figure stepped into the doorway.


"Oh is the rabbit awake?" A female voice enquired.


A very familiar sounding voice.


The figure stepped into the light and Mel's eyes nearly tripled in size.


"I-It's the VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!" Mel shrieked before shooting into a upright position before groaning as her head pounded so badly she began to feel almost lightheaded.


Instantly hands grasped her shoulders, holding her steady before easing her back down against the pillows.


"Careful little one, you don't want to make it worse." Galahad said gently.


"B-but it's a vampire and it's the one who I saw!! Her and the one that was surrounded by black mist!!"


Her wide and scared eyes sought out the blue eyes of the man as her mind tried to process what was happening. Galahad met her gaze and smiled sadly.


"I know. But she won't hurt you. She's the one who brought you here to make sure you didn't die in the catacombs."


Mel stared at him for a moment before looking over at the vampire woman who had moved from the doorway to sit at the end of the bed.


"Hello rabbit, I am Te'ijal. My husband is correct, I have no plans to hurt you. I simply came to check on you, it just seems that my husband beat me to it."


Mel blinked at the word husband before looking up to stare at Galahad.


"Husband?! But he's human and you-.....not."


The vampire woman laughed and Galahad glowered at the vampire named Te'ijal.


"Oh but he isn't a human. He's just like me."


"You evil demon spawn!! I am nothing like you!! I have never fed on the innocent humans and I never will!!! You-"


Mel stared in confusion and fascination as the blond man, or rather vampire, yelled at Te'ijal. One glance at the vampire women told her that she wasn't upset or chastised by her husbands words but rather amused.


"Would you shut up?!" A dark voice snarled from the doorway.


Mel's head whipped over to look and she watched as a elegant male stepped into the room before shivering and creeping further down under the blankets.


It was the male vampire that had grabbed her and hurt her in the catacombs. His scarlet red eyes were fixed on Galahad in a glare, one single lock of ebony black hair falling in front of one eye creating a almost slash effect.


"Well, finally stopped sulking enough to join the party have you?" Te'ijal smirked.


"I do not want to hear your taunts sister. Spare me your games."


Mel watched as the male stepped further into the room, frightened and curious in equal measures. Unlike the other two vampires he didn't appear in his early thirties but rather in his mid to late twenties, around 26 if she had to hazard a guess.


His raven black hair was pulled back into what appeared to be some sort of a ponytail from what she could see and he wore a scarlet red cloak that swished as he approached the bed.


When his red eyes flitted to her Mel couldn't help but flinch, although he payed no attention.


"So you've awoken. Perhaps now we can get some answers."


Mel slid away from the side of the bed he stood on without a word and a hint of a smirk flitted across his lips before vanishing.


"I don't have anything to tell you. I don't understand what's going on." Mel muttered.


"Trust me, I'll get the answers I need." He promised, his tone making her wonder what he had planned for her.


"Gyendal, you are frightening her. She clearly thinks your going to hurt her." Te'ijal reprimanded.


The vampire, or rather Gyendal, simply sighed.


"I'm not going to hurt you. Right now that could cause potential problems. I simply need a few questions answered. Such as what kind of magic you possess."


Mel shook her head.


"I don't have magic."


His face went tight and his eyes started to glow.


"This has to be a joke!! Not only is she human but powerless?! Are the fates mad?!"


Mel whimpered slightly and Te'ijal rolled her eyes.


"Calm yourself brother before you scare the wits out of the child."


But Gyendal ignored the other vampire and stepped up close to the bed, making Mel tremble at the anger in his face.


"Who are you?! It should not be possible for this to have happened?! A human and a vampire fate bound?! Utter insanity!! You cannot be simply a mere human! What are you hiding?!"


Mel cowered away from the angry vampire as tears threatened to escape her eyes.


"I don't know!! I-I don't understand what your talking about!! I-"


Te'ijal grabbed Gyendal by the back of his cloak and pulled him away with a soft warning snarl as Galahad stepped between Mel and the angered vampire, his broad back blocking Mel from being able to see the one they called Gyendal.


"Enough!! Go calm yourself before returning and questioning her or you're going to make this worse. She needs to eat and some water into her anyway." She heard Te'ijal say before a angry growl could be heard and the sound of the door slamming could be heard.


Mel relaxed slightly as Galahad and Te'ijal moved to face her, glad that the other vampire was gone. His presence frightened her, but the darkness that seemed to follow him made her feel excited at the same time which confused her.


"So once I eat can I go home? I need to go back before they think I've died." Mel enquired.


Galahad and Te'ijal exchanged looks before Galahad sighed.


"We can find that out once Gyendal has calmed down some. He'll tell us where we need to go from here."




And now things start to get interesting! Random fun fact, this is probably the first time I've actually ever published a story and updated it with the most current chapter for each update. Usually I have a two to three chapter buffer for sick days and creative dry spells.


That being said, if lots of time goes by without updates on this, that would be the reason why.


I hope you all enjoyed this update!! Feel free to share any thoughts and opinions as well as anything you hope to see in this AU :) Any and all input and suggestions are more then welcome!!

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"Chapter buffer," now there's an idea!! Ahahahahahaha

I loved your description of the room Mel was in (is in? What is the correct tense here??), and also the black silk pajamas. AND GALAHAD!!! And all the vampires, you introduced them to Mel perfectly and I'm so excited to see how their friendship (*cough*) progresses

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