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Moonpeace's AV fics (Warning - here be CRACK!)

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I've decided to get back into writing again, and what better way to do so than by writing fanfiction for my first and possibly favorite fandom? I have so much inspiration to write for Aveyond - there's just so much unexplored possibility! Here is the thread where I will be posting all my Aveyond fanfics. I have a few one-shots in progress, and plan to have more on the way. Most of my stories will probably involve CRACK PAIRINGS (sometimes with a hint of actual feels or plot, maybe XP), so you have been warned.


(As with any writer, reviews and feedback are always appreciated!)

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(Double posting because this is really a separate post, hope that's okay.)


I just finished replaying Aveyond 1 for the first time in years, and I had forgotten how great it was! This is what I lowkey wanted to happen during the love potion cutscene, haha, so I decided to write it.




Three Husbands, Plus One


"We should use this love potion on one of the men," declared Elini.


"Good idea uplander," replied Te'ijal. "Galahad, come here my duckling. I have something for you."


"Stay away from me creature of the night!"


Elini scoffed at the entitled vampress. "Who says you get to use the potion?"


"Don't push it, human. Now give me the potion and I will not bite you."


"Come now ladies, let's be reasonable..." Pirate John backed away from the two women. Despite years of experience as a swashbuckling pirate, this was one fight he didn't want to get involved in.


"You already have his soul, what do you need a love potion for?" Elini shoved Te'ijal away as she reached for the potion.


"YOU already have three husbands." Te'ijal snatched the potion back.


"You have many years ahead of you to find husbands. If I don't snatch this one up now, he may escape forever."


"Hey!" Pirate John snapped. "It's obvious you two ladies aren't rational enough to handle this yourselves. Why don't you give the potion to me for safekeeping?"


"Of course," grinned Elini.


"See? Women aren't so unreasonable. All they need is a man to-"


Elini uncorked the bottle, intending to pour the potion over John's head, when suddenly a very indignant vampress grabbed it out of her hand.


"Don't think I'm falling for your tricks,

uplander. I see what you're about to do!"


The two women fought fiercely over the potion, trying to wrestle it out of the other's hand. Until suddenly, the bottle cracked, causing the concoction inside to explode onto both of them. Awkwardly, they stepped away from each other and the pieces of broken bottle on the ground.


"At least I don't have to worry about THAT anymore" Pirate John breathed a sigh of relief. "This is why I avoid women. They're all crazy, the lot of them!"


Meanwhile, Elini nonchalantly picked shards of glass out of her hair. "You know, John, I've been thinking. A husband with that attitude is more trouble than he's worth. I want to search for a new prospect, something a little more high-class."


In the background, Lars bristled, ready to defend his bachelorhood.


"And what might that be, uplander?" Te'ijal inquired.


"I already have three husbands. Maybe it's time to add a wife to the mix."


Mad Marge's jaw dropped.


Pirate John blinked.


Te'ijal burst into a fit of cackles.


"A union of two women? That is almost unheard of in humankind." She grinned with amusement, baring her fangs. "Lucky for you, I have no interest in conforming to silly human customs."


Elini returned her new love interest's grin. "Good! We shall be wed as soon as this quest is finished. I'm sure my husbands will welcome you, as you are just as strong as they are. Perhaps even stronger."


Te'ijal sidled up to her fiancée, ruby eyes sparkling with amusement and...affection? "Why wait? I hear there's a lovely wedding chapel in Thais..." She sweetly nibbled at Elini's ear, making sure to watch the fangs. Wouldn't want to upset her wife-to-be on the eve of their wedding night. That could wait till later, she decided.


Elini nodded and turned to face Rhen. "We'll only be gone a day, swordsinger. Maybe two. I'm sure you won't miss us." With another glance back at the party, she chuckled and whispered something into Te'ijal's ear, to which the other woman laughed at and nodded. The two of them then strolled off to be married, arms lovingly locked around each other's waists.


A few moments too late, Galahad reached the belated conclusion that he was left without his soul. "Wait! Come back! What about my soul?" He attempted to run after them, but they were long gone. "Curse you, demon spawn!"


After giving Galahad a half-hearted consolation pat on the back, Pirate John decided to voice what everyone else was probably thinking. "They're strangely perfect for one another, in a twisted, nonsensical sort of way."


"But two women? I thought multiple husbands was strange enough, and now this?" Lars rolled his eyes.


"I don't know, Lars. Are you sure you're not just jealous? You did seem pretty offended when Elini said she didn't want to marry you." Rhen added.


"Hey, she may not think I'm good enough for her, but I don't want to be her husband anyway! Hmph!"


"Whatever, Lars."


A certain surly barmaid who had been uncharacteristically quiet through the the unfolding of events then cleared her throat. "Now that that Veldtian minx is gone, you can forget about her and focus on me, right John?" Mad Marge planted her hands on her hips and glared expectantly. In retrospect, Pirate John was starting to think that he should've taken Elini up on her offer when he had the chance.


"...I think I need a drink."




I honestly don't even know lmao

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If you could've seen my face while reading this... XD I was smiling so hard I think my face cracked!


I love it!


Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

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This was inspired by Rosetyler's Aveyond clickbait article titles. I liked the idea so much that I went out and wrote a tabloid story based on the Aveyond 1 plot XD




How did one girl defeat the Dark Lord? The answer will blow your mind!


Before she embarked on her world-saving adventure, seventeen-year-old Rhen Darzon Pendragon of Clearwater never expected to travel farther from the meadow at the outskirts of her village to collect marigolds for her mother, much less save the world from Ahriman. But everything changed when this small-town girl was thrown out of her small-town world, kidnapped by a slave trader, and sold to a wealthy buyer in the Eastern city of Galarah.


After six months a slave, Rhen's life turned around one fateful day when two Shadwood Academy ambassadors witnessed a powerful feat of magic from the now-famous Sword Singer, officially freeing her due to the law forbidding enslavement of magic wielders.


"I needed a slave to help me take care of the house and my eldest boy, after the last one ran away. Insolent girl. I'm thankful I was able to rid myself of her," says Rona Tenobor, Rhen's former mistress. Yeah right - she's just jealous!


She was admitted into the prestigious academy along with her owner's son, Lars Tenobor. Both Rhen and Lars declined to comment on their interactions during this time, but our sources say that Lars frequently teased and bullied Rhen, even giving her the nickname "Peta". Thankfully, their relationship has since improved, growing from animosity to friendship to...something else? (Pro tip, boys: if you want to get the girl, DO NOT torment her unless you are prepared to accompany her on a year-long quest to save the world.)


Rhen and Lars quickly became the most talented Sword Singer and Sorcerer in their class. (Our Shadwood alumni writers proclaim them #goals.) They reunited with the mysterious priestess/Dream Druid Talia shortly before graduation, who told them they must rescue all the druids across Aia, or else the world would literally end. And most of us couldn't even handle the pressure of a part-time job when we were in school!


The pair picked up an unlikely band of adventurers while on their druid-saving quest. Among them were sexy demon summoner Elini, rugged Pirate John, playful (and possibly insane) vampress Te'ijal, and the (half) bald Sun Priest known as Dameon. The healer was Druid Talia's son, who had been estranged from his mother ever since she killed his father after he turned to the dark side. He quickly charmed his way into the group with his silver tongue and golden looks. He also captured Rhen's attention - much to Lars' annoyance, reported a certain white-haired Veldtian summoner. But was this mere jealousy at play, or was there something deeper going on with the enigmatic Sun Priest?


Alas, all journeys must come to an end, as did Rhen and co.'s after slaying seven daevas and rescuing six druids. What was the point of all that, you may ask? All of the druids were required to open the doors the vault containing the legendary Sword of Shadows, the only weapon with the power to defeat Ahriman. Don't try wielding it at home, kids - the sword holds the souls of hundreds of demons, and shattering it would set them all free.


The chosen one was finally ready to face off against the demon lord, but of course, a certain someone had to go and ruin her moment. Looks like Lars was onto something - Dameon was actually a double agent working for Ahriman all along (sorry, Rhen, but some guys are just too good to be true). Luckily, Rhen happened to have some fairy dust on her, which she threw into Dameon's eyes. We're not really sure how this works - although we suspect it's some combination of light magic, the power of love, and hallucinogens - but this was enough to make Dameon realize that he had gone looking for a father figure in the wrong guy. He joined forces with Rhen and the others to defeat his former master, and Ahriman really didn't stand a chance.


Now that the prophecy has been fulfilled, Aia has been saved, etc., what is Rhen going to do now? She's currently pondering that question herself while temporarily lodging at the temple in Aveyond, along with the Oracle and the eight druids.


"I think she should go back to Thais," says Eithera, Druid of Strength. "She's actually their rightful queen, you know. It's a long story. They're in need of a strong ruler and it's her responsibility to fulfill that role."


Daena, Druid of Wisdom, has a different perspective. "Rhen should follow her heart, take the path that feels most right to her. That boy Lars wants her to go back to Veldarah with him and work at Shadwood Academy. I think she could make real progress there."


What do you think - should Rhen go to Thais and become the queen we all know she is, head back to Veldarah and work to abolish slavery, or return to her hometown of Clearwater until she figures things out? No matter what she chooses, we'll make sure to keep an eye out for Aia's bravest rising hero.

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I am supposed to have done several assignments, a slideshow, a paper, a story that I said I would finish by yesterday, and a collaboration fic with Scrivener that I have to get working on... and what do I write? Freakin' THIS. Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with the Bee Movie script meme, I suggest you look it up if you want to understand this ficlet lmao


When Ingrid walked into her house after a long day of potion-making, the last thing she expected to see was a room full of bees. 
Boyle seemed to be trying to coax them back into the empty beehive on their bed, but wasn't doing anything more than swatting around and flinching whenever a bee flew too close. Ingrid cleared her throat, and her husband leapt back several feet, knocking over a cabinet full of potion ingredients and miscellaneous relics from Boyle's villain days that he refused to part with. 
"Need any help?" Ingrid deadpanned. She considered casting a spell on the bees to make them attack Boyle, but she wasn't in the mood to take him a healer tonight. Besides, there was always the chance the spell would backfire, and she wasn't in the mood to have Boyle painstakingly pluck bee stingers out of her skin either. 
"Bees," was Boyle's only reply. Perhaps he was too scared of letting one into his mouth lest he say any more.
A crackling ball of energy formed in Ingrid's left hand. With a flick of her manicured index finger, she directed the energy into the hive, and the swarm of bees followed suit. 
Ingrid folded her arms, shifted her weight onto one foot, and aimed an annoyed glare in Boyle's general direction while she waited for her husband to right his clothes and regain his dignity.  He would need it in order to explain what in all of Aia he was thinking when he let a hive of bees loose in their house. 
"Sit down, Boyle," Ingrid began in her best don't-mess-with-me-or-I-will-hex-you voice. "Not there, sit on the bed, next to the bees. Now, would you mind telling me who or what put a berserk curse on you, because I can think of no other explanation of why you would bring home a hive of bees!" 
"I was thinking, since I'm 'retired' now, apparently, that I'd need a hobby. And what better hobby   than beekeeping? I met this wonderful traveling bee salesman in the market today, and he told me all about the health benefits of honey, and how the bees are endangered. If bees go extinct the entire world supply of food could-"
"You fool, that's just a marketing ploy to sell more bees!" 
"Don't be so cynical, Ingrid. He also gave me this beekeeping manual - free with the purchase of one beehive, I might add - and it's all right here." Boyle rummaged around in the folds of his villain costume and pulled out a small white booklet, which Ingrid promptly snatched out of his hands. 
"'Bee Movie Script'," she read. "What's a movie? Or a script?" 
"I don't know, but he said it fell through from a portal to another dimension." He took the booklet from her and flipped it open to the first page. "'According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees do not care what humans think is impossible.' Isn't that the greatest opening to any literary masterpiece you've ever read?" 
Ingrid kicked off her boots and sat down next to Boyle on the bed. She rested her chin on his shoulder as she angled the book so she could better read this so-called 'script' "Let me see that...'Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow, let's shake it up a little.' Boyle, what kind of drivel is this?" 
"You have no taste in art. The main character - Barry, he's called - is a talking bee. He's trying to choose his outfit, but they're all black and yellow. Because he's a BEE."
"A talking insect, eh? That's not that funny." Ingrid's face suddenly split into a wicked grin. "Unless it's that time I turned you into a bug. Now THAT was HILARIOUS." 
Boyle began to pout in that way he does when one of his evil schemes doesn't go as planned and he tries to hide it behind a facade of villainous anger, but just ends up looking adorable. "You're never going to let me live that down, are you? All these months, I support this house, and all you can do is-"
"I'm the one who works. You're retired, remember?" Ingrid interjected.
"But the name. MY name. The great evil legacy of Wolfbane has carried us-"
"Your name is Pendragon, and I'm pretty sure the royal family officially disowned you."
"Well. I just. You. You're married to me, so technically they disowned you too!" Boyle threw his hands up in exasperation, looking over at the hive of bees as if he expected agree with him.
Ingrid sighed again. She would never run out of sighs as long as she was married to this ridiculous man, who kept evil thrones in his living room and brought home hives full of bees and scripts from parallel universes. But he was cursed to spent the rest of this life with her, and she wouldn't have it any other way.
Ingrid suspected that it would be a good idea to invest in a bee-proof veil to attach to her hat.
"Hey Boyle, want to read some more of that Bee Movie Script?"

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That's a lot more than what I was supposed to do! :o Good luck with it!


It's so funny yet so romantic even though I'm neutral about Boyle x Ingrid ^o^

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First Av4 fanfic yayy! I loved it! BoylexIngrid are my fave in Av4 and this was hilarious! Boyle wanting a hobby ahaha XD Please write more Av4 because this was AWESOME! And the Pendragon reference was awwww 

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I know I was supposed to publish that T/G fic - and I will! I meant to finish it a few days ago, but academic and medical issues got in the way. In the mean time, enjoy this random...whatever this is. It's not crack, it's not humor, it's not really even romance, but I kinda like it. Have a Mel/Stella/Lydia drabble, dedicated to @Ishti for inspiring me to consider this pairing. 


Three First Times

The first time Mel and Stella touched, it felt as natural as breathing in and out.

They sat together on the small bed in their apartment in Thais' low-rent district, the only light in the room filtering in through the window from the street lamps, and the only sound in the room their gasps of laughter.

"Tell me another one!" Stella pleaded.

Mel scrunched up her face in thought. "Alright, so...one day after class, Edward and I went to the tavern, and this moron comes up to him and asks why the prince is hanging out with a commoner, right? And Edward's about to draw his sword on the guy, but I just happened to have a rat in my pocket, so I take it out and the guy SCREAMS, I swear he must've jumped five feet back-"

"You should've thrown it at him," Stella giggled.

Mel gasped in mock surprise. "Who knew you could be so mischievous, Stella?"

Stella twirled a lock of purple hair between her fingers, feigning innocence. "For all you know, I could've been a thief like you. Maybe we even met in a street fight, and you didn't recognize me because I was in disguise."

"What ho, a foe? I'll have to use my secret weapon - rat attack!" Mel grinned and grabbed a pillow, and launched it at Stella, propelling herself right into the Naylithian.

The two landed one on top of the other, Stella wedged between Mel and the bed. Mel had half a mind to be embarrassed. She had never experienced casual touching between friends before - or a friend before, period - and certainly not in such an awkward position. But this was Stella, and Stella was safe and laughing and everything Mel had never known but better than she'd ever imagined. The two locked eyes for a moment, and Stella tilted her head up to meet Mel's, joining their lips in a chaste kiss.

Mel pulled back tentatively. She was glad the lights were off, as the darkness masked her uncharacteristic blush. And then the two burst into sweet laughter again.


The first time Stella and Lydia touched, Lydia was in pain.

Stella laid a gentle hand on Lydia's shoulder, and Lydia flinched. 

"I'm sorry, I have to touch you to heal. Do you want me to stop?" she asked earnestly.

"No, I'm fine. Just...just do it." Lydia tensed slightly under Stella's hand. 

She didn't back away when Stella repositioned herself so they were face-to-face, her other arm steadying Lydia's good shoulder. A wave of warmth pulsed through her, soothing her injuries, and a different kind of warmth spread through her as Stella pulled her into a hug and held her as the wounds knit themselves back together. The wind rustled their skirts, Stella's white slip of a dress lifting up along with the layers of Lydia's gown.

When it was over, Stella pulled back, her emerald eyes full of unreserved empathy. Normally Lydia hated when people doted over her when she was sick, or tried to smother her with saccharine-sweet affection, but there was something so earnest about the other woman's gaze. It made her want more, but unlike jewelry and dresses and the favors of the rich, this wasn't something that could be purchased. Lydia would have to earn the favor of this mysterious and kind woman, but she wasn't sure how. She wasn't sure if she was worthy of it.

"Better?" Stella asked. She sweetly moved a green curl back into place, and Lydia couldn't help but notice how well her hair matched Stella's eyes.

Lydia couldn't resist a small smile in return. "Yeah. Thanks."

And when Stella's hand slid down her arm to join with hers, her deft healer's fingers twining with Lydia's manicured, flame-scarred ones, neither of them could resist a grin.

The first time Mel and Lydia touched, they were dying.

"We're all going to die," Lydia shouted. "This is all your fault, street rat!"

The party was stuck in a blizzard in the Istir Forest. They had been traveling to Aveyond, but the storm had become too dangerous, so they had to take refuge in a cave for the night.

"No one forced you to come with us, Lydia, so quit whining," Mel hissed. 

The argument was broken up by the sharp slice of a sword that rang throughout the cavern. Edward cleared his throat when all eyes landed on him. "Ulf and I are going to get firewood. Te'ijal and Galahad will stand watch by the mouth of the cave. Stella, stay here in case anyone needs healing. And make sure these two stop fighting," he added, with a disappointed glance toward Mel. Stella felt a swell of gratitude in her chest for her friend, who was shaping up to be a fine leader.

She turned sympathetically towards Mel and Lydia. "You can share the blanket in the knapsack if you want. I don't need it...I guess I'm used to the cold, with Naylith being higher than even the mountains."

"No way I'm sharing with her," Lydia snapped at the same time Mel said, "I'll take it." Her bare legs trembled as she hurried over to accept the blanket. Stella draped it snugly over her friend's shoulders as she rubbed Mel's arms to warm her up. 

Lydia lasted all of five minutes shivering in the corner pretending like she wasn't freezing. 

"Give me that," she said as she tried to pry the blanket from Mel's grip. 

Stella watched a brief tug-of-war play out before they awkwardly settled with the blanket wrapped around both of them and their arms tangled together. Both tried valiantly to resist touching, but the lure of the other's body heat was too strong to resist.

"Stella, come help me with the firewood," Edward called from the entrance.

After the fire had been built, all of them felt a little more at ease. Whatever came next seemed easier to face when at least there was warmth in your fingertips. Of course, it was still cold out - not that Stella noticed much, but that would be the only sensible explanation for Mel and Lydia still sharing a blanket, pressed up against one another peacefully, almost amicably. 

And that blush on their cheeks - well, that was probably the cold too. 


And a Fourth


After so long in darkness, the daylight beats against Stella's eyelids. It was so much. Too much. She wants to crawl back to wherever she had been before, although she couldn't remember now. Her cocoon? She's a butterfly; surely that must be it. But no, that's not right, she can't feel her wings. She had wings where she had just been, didn't she? A sob escapes her throat at the thought of losing her wings for a second time.

"Stella?" A familiar voice breaks the suffocating silence.

She cracks open her eyes.

The light threatens to blind her again, but a hand against her cheek grounds her. Not the same hand as the person who the voice belongs to - a different one, but just as familiar. Her vision clears, and blue and green come into focus. Mel's twilight blue eyes and Lydia's emerald green hair. The same colors of the world she loved so much and that she's suddenly glad she didn't leave behind.

Two hands tighten in each of hers.

"Welcome home."

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This was beautiful... I loved the different scenarios and the story was divided really well. The touch of mischief mixed into the empathetic, romantic theme of this story is really something that you can't miss. It acts as a human magnet, really.

Also, Mel's funny story made me LOL

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@moonpeace To fix it, just copy the content of your story into the forum box, then when given the choice to paste plain text, click on that. Rich texts will apply the size, colour and font of any text, while plain text basically will turn everything to the default size, colour and font.

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That is a very sweet piece ^___^  I don't usually read pieces that have the three way relationships {or more} but I must read all your work so I looked at it anyway and was really pleasant surprised. I love your writing style and it was such a peaceful and gentle piece ^___^

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@moonpeace  I can't begin to describe all of the grinning and squealing I did while reading these.  Oh my gosh.  You captured them so perfectly, and my heart is just AFLUTTER.  I'm bookmarking this.

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