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maps missing, links to 404 or nothing..?!

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Hi dear Aveyond creators!

Almost non of the links to maps work (404) or there is no map to click on - I saw that you made the effort to create special links in the forum and it usually sais "Best viewed full size
(click on image)"
but there is nothing to click on.

Also may links in FAQ and "maps, guides, walkthroughs" don't work (404)

I use maps when I'm utterly lost or when I've "finished" with an area and want to check if I missed something... the only way I can see the maps are on over_cloud9's walkthrough; that's all right but sometimes I see places I've not been to yet....

Any way you could fix that or at least take down the "promising" postings?


I really enjoy your games - I think this is the 3rd time I'm playing the series (only bought it about a year ago), and love the forum.

Thanks, S

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I know if you google "Aveyond [name of area you're looking for] map" and go to images, the original maps will usually show up. It's how I accessed most of them after the site move. Can't help with the walkthroughs, though :(

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