On Tumblr a few years back, there was an Aveyond Secret Santa type exchange, in which Aveyond fans exchanged gifts around December-January time. Since I loved this idea so much, I asked the original creator of the exchange for permission to run it this year, and she said yes!    The original exchange was only on tumblr, but I've decided to cross-post here to expand the base to more fans who don't use tumblr, such as myself. The premise of the exchange is this:   If you're interested, reblog the tumblr post at http://aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com or state your interest here by December 1 (although I may extend the deadline depending on how many people sign up by then) and include your favorite Aveyond characters, ships, and any other relevant info that would give people an idea of what you'd like. All participants will be put into a drawing and given someone to make a gift for. That can be fan art, fanfic, fanmixes, edits, etc. - whatever you’re good at, as long as it’s Aveyond-related and can be shared over the Internet! Gifts would probably be due a month or two later, but again, that would depend on how quickly you guys would be able to get them done   If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here or on the tumblr. I'd really love to get several people to sign up because I love this fandom so much and love whenever fans create new content for it!