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Level Goodie Cave

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    I was just wondering if there is a level goodie cave in this game like in the prequels. So far I just came across weapons and gold. Is there something to level up fast like pressing on a lever? I remember doing that in earlier games :)

Please reply soon..!!!


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There are some websites about goody caves in  A-4.  In steamcommunity.com

https://steamcommunity.com/app/433920/discussions/0/412446292776716911/  Breyer said this in response to someone asking how to tell where to look for a goody cave: "The mouse cursor doesn't change. They are all found in rock walls, etc and the end of the remark a reward for finishing  a series of side quests that will mark the locations of the caves with a purple arrow above the entrances.


There is another site that shows a screenshot of each location with those purple marks.
It IS the same game,  but isn't what i am playing.





Please don't give out the exact locations of goodie caves. You may only give out hints as where the goodie caves are, or how to find the caves.


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