Sorry for the slight delay everyone, I was having technical difficulties. (Read: I don't know how to format things and it took me way too long to figure it out. Also, I procrastinate XD) Now it's the moment we've all been waiting for: gifts are finally here! For the sake of not consuming the entire page in one long wall of text and giant images, all gifts will be under a spoiler cut. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of participation in this, and I'm so happy to see so much new and amazing content being made for this fandom.   Queen-of-Ice101's gift for EsmeAmelia:       EsmeAmelia's gift for me:       My gift for callmedan:       Callmedan's gift for Queen-of-Ice101:       Rosetyler's gift for BlackPrincess:       BlackPrincess' gift for Rosetyler:       And here are the gift from the Tumblr side of the exchange! You can view them all at Since for some reason I can't seem to get linked images to work under a spoiler cut, I'll link the original posts, as well as the artist/writer under the images.   Rhen/Lars fanart:       Rhen & Lars fanart:       More Rhen & Lars fanart:       Rhen/Lars fanfic on AO3:        Added: Te'ijal & Elini fanart       I strongly encourage you to view all the lovely art and take the time to read through the amazing fics. Happy holidays and happy new year everyone, and thanks for participating Hopefully we can do this again next year