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Windshire prison key

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It looks like nobody is really on this forum anymore but I thought I would ask anyway just in case.   I have gone thru all 20 pages on here and don't see where anyone has had this problem.

 I have gotten the quest from the Mayor to kidnap her enemies.  I have the agreeable potion.  I'm now at the prison in Windshire and there's no key on the table in the room upstairs.  

I've already talked to the prisoner and now it just says Hey break me outa here.


Is it possible that I already got this key and used it on something else?  If I did that, is it gone for good? 


Please don't tell me I have to start all over again.

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No, it's not possible that you already got the key and already used it.


Try going to the other buildings in the prison area. I can't remember, but I think something else is supposed to happen too.

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Once you have the key, it stays in your inventory permanently (you can use it again to get the cheeki in the other cell too).  The key doesn't appear until you brew the agreeable potion, but if you already have that, it should be on the long table in the upstairs portion of the jail.


Does Robin say anything to the prisoner?  Before you get the quest from the mayor nothing else is said, but after you get the quest, you should get Robin promising to get him out and if you talk to him before you brew the potion Ingrid will mention it, otherwise you'll get a conversation about the keys.  If you're only getting the prisoner talking, double check your journal to make sure the quest is in there.  

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