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Midnight's Blessing 2 The Antebridge section

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Hi i am having alot of difficulty getting by the last barrier in Midnight's Blessing 2.  I am on the bridge in the section of the Antebridge i have gone to the room the activates the elevator or the elevator has been restored it says and when i got back where the last barrier is it is still there and i can't get through.  I have walked around and around to find this elevator.  Is there anyone that can help me with this issue.  I would appreciate it sooooooooooo much.


Thank You Crystalina54 :(  :unsure:  :)

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Just to reiterate ...


Since the Midnight's Blessing games weren't made by an Amaranth/Aveyond Games, only our members who have played it could help you here.  It is likely not many have played it (I never have), and even those who have may have left when when they had played all the Amaranth/Aveyond Games offerings here. or when Amaranth/Aveyond Games switched from a game-making company to a one specializing in game-making programs rather than making games themselves.


Your best bet is likely to go to the site of the makers of the game, or do a Google search for the game.

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