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Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beta Test

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Hello fellow Aveyondians!  It's been over two years in development and Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale is almost ready for beta testing and I'm seeking beta testers for it.  If you have any questions, feel free to post in this forum about it or e-mail me for more information.


Beta test release date is planned to be around March 22nd - 30th, however, if there are any delays I'll update here in the forum as well as our Facebook page!


For updates and information on the game on our Facebook page (as well as a view able teaser trailer): https://www.facebook.com/ultimacjproductions/



For information on Destiny of a Wizard 2 and about the game and it's features:



For information on how to sign up to be a beta tester, please visit our sign up page:

Upon beta test release date, an update will be made on the Facebook Page and an email will be sent out to those who signed up on how to download the game.


Beta test sign up page:  http://ultimacj.wixsite.com/ultimacjproductions/destiny-of-a-wizard2-betatest


Thanks for viewing and I look forward to hearing from you.


UltimaCJ / UltimaCJ Productions.

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I apologize for the button error, some reason on the website site page the footer section of the site was slightly above the button causing it to malfunction.  I've fixed this issue and you can use the send button.


Sorry about that!  Thanks!

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