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Here are some more!! 




If you couldn't tell, I was preeetty lazy for this one. I have a hard time being excited about "cruel" as a prompt, haha. 

To me, Ahriman is the most cruel character in the Aveyond series. He's mean even to those who are genuinely on his side, like Agas and Indra. He waged war on a city over a baby, and killed Alicia. And he manipulated and exerted his demonic influence over a child, a lost and hurting child who just wanted to make things right again. All of this, and more, just to satisfy his twisted desire for power.  I honestly feel ick thinking about it, so I'm going to go reread the oneshot where Rhen defeats him, and all the ones after that, goodnight.




I did the only thing I could. Drew Mel as a whale. It rhymes. Mel the whale. It's an underwater AU. Stella is a starfish and Edward is probably a clownfish. 

I'll stop now XD




I drew the dream guardian Talia Maurva. I thought about drawing one of the other druids cuz they need attention, but Talia specifically is a guarded guardian-- first the fairies watch over her like they have all dreamers for however long dreamers and fairies have been a thing, and then when Fairia falls to Ahriman, the priestesses of Mysten Far guard her. So clearly I could not pass up this opportunity, you understand.

She is standing in the druid pose. I have to draw all the druids like this. It's the rules.

Lastly, I tried to draw a tiny fairy but drawing tiny is hard ahaha.




Hahaha I was so lazy for this one, I forgot about inktober on this day until the late and I kind meh'd my way through this in like 10 minutes XD But anyway there is a talking clock in AV2 and it tells horrible puns, which explains why the clocks in Thais are famous in that game, ahaha.




I drew Alicia Pendragon because her attacks are weak compared to the other AP characters and I really didn't know what else to draw. I would like to note that in basically every other way, she's anything but weak. I love her passion and determination and also, she's a little bit prideful which shows up in her descendant who inherits her blond hair (yes I'm talking about Nicolas). Maybe the genes are linked? 
But anyway I just pretty much adore her Can you see where Rhen takes after her? And also where she definitely doesn't? Gaah I could rant all day.




I briefly considered drawing the Oracle for this prompt (she's a bent old woman -- bent, angular, you know?), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to draw Te'ijal. She's tons of fun to test out different styles in, and I really love using red ink even though I stink at it




 Bottles are only good for one thing in Aia, and that thing is to hold fairies. So here.

I do not know how to draw glass. Or fairy wings. Or anything in this world or any other, good night.

Aaand I should probably be done now, I really don't want to overwhelm anyone's page but I'm so behind on sharing art here, ahaha. Soon. Soon I will be caught up. Maybe,

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How long is too long for an art thread?

Anyway here are more pics because I am really so far behind it's ridiculous:




Obviously I had to draw a dragon and obviously the dragon I picked was Frederick le Mew because he's my favorite. Obviously. 

I love his fire breathe animation thing, it's one of the most intense attacks in Ahriman's Prophecy. It just lights up the whole screen, and it hits everything in the vicinity, which is great.

I also cannot draw dragons, RIP




I drew Dameon because one of the themes of his character is how fragile life and happiness can be. He knows how easily these things can be broken and spends a good portion of the game trying to protect them at any cost. I want to note that I don't think this theme is ultimately tragic though; I think Dameon has a remarkable capacity for forgiveness and healing and he helped me believe that things that break don't have to stay that way. So if anyone out there relates to the first part, don't lose hope. There is a way to fix it, or at least grow in it. You can always heal

There is a cat because cats fix everything, and also because Dameon is definitely a cat person and he was definitely friends with all of the binis. This bini is Morsel. Because for whatever reason I headcanon Morsel is the cuddliest. Have I thought about this too much? Yes. Yes I have.

Actually just today I was thinking about it too much and ended up starting YET ANOTHER oneshot even though I really thought I was actually done with that collection this time but no, I was not. I will never be done, it's time I accept it. So if you're reading that, there's gonna be another piece pasted in near the beginning probably. We'll see, maybe the setting will be nice to me and it will somehow be set later, but it doesn't look like it right now, ahahaha.




Why can't I draw! Here is Te'ijal and Galahad! Because Te'ijal has that skill called Drain and Galahad would have that skill if he was less of a stubborn paladin! 

Also because I just needed to draw some Te'ijalahad, sometimes it happens.




I promised @NickyLOL48 I'd draw Haddan for one of these prompts. I know my chance when I see it XD

Haddan Albardk actually only costs 600 gp, which isn't that expensive, but you have to pay him every single time you pick him up because AP doesn't have spaces for extra party members. Also, he doesn't contribute to the plot at all, so you could argue the price you pay for him is the other character's interactions. And then suddenly he's very expensive.

I love him though, hammers are cool, and he has a cute little design even if it is impossible to figure out




Here is Grazilda, the biggest fan of mud in all of Aia. She traded her ruby shoes for an icky oozy gooey swamp. So I guess technically she likes sludge, but close enough.




The main point is, there are not enough dramatic pictures of Devin Perry Pendragon in full armor in this world. It was mandatory that I make a contribution. So here he is, about to chop up... something. An apple, probably. They gotta eat. after all.

Like with the Alicia piece, I want to spaz about all the ways Rhen does and doesn't take after him, and how much I love it all, but I think nobody would understand and this is already a long thread so I will restrain myself for the time being

I think two more posts like this will catch me up. The end is in sight at last XD

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Just SEVEN more inktober pieces! So I'll share those all today and then only have all the pieces I did after October to catch up on XD 




I drew Jack cuz he calls everyone a fool (I mean, he's not wrong XD) and he has a poky dagger. Are there more prickly characters I could've drawn? Definitely. Did I want to draw them? No. I wanted to draw Jack. So I did ;p

Anyway, it was imperative that I draw all of the Ahriman's Prophecy characters, and now I have, so yay XD

I cannot draw action-y battle poses for my life. One day, guys. One day. Maybe...




I could go on a long rant about how I chose to draw Rhen Darzon Pendragon for this day because of how she stretches and grows and becomes in her arc, and how she's inspired me to also stretch and grow, and all of those things would be true and I love Rhen for them, but there is also a much shorter explanation for why I picked her, and that is:

I just really heckin love drawing her XD She's my queen

So here she is doing her morning stretches so she can kick the bad guys' butts and also show off her muscles to Dameon

(I have yawned while looking at this so many times, it's ridiculous)




I know actually the Mountain King just makes earthquakes and has nothing to do with thunder, but it sounds kinda like thunder and that's the closest I got. Plus, this was an excuse to remind myself how bad I am at drawing beards, ahaha.

One day I will draw all the npcs in Rhen's Quest. Every. Single. One.




I drew this cuz Rhen and Dameon are a gift :rhen_love:

Also, while I was drawing this, I realized Dameon is literally the goddess's gift to Rhen, and if 
anyone was wondering, that makes me melted, they're too pure and beautiful for my tiny heart T.T 

So I put Dameon in his peasant clothes as a reference to that and now you can all be melted with me, you're welcome<3




So back in the olden days when the earth was flat and the moon was made of cheese I used to draw in this really cutesy cartoony style, and when drawing this I thought to myself that it'd be fun to try Uma and Nox in that style.

I was wrong. Apparently when you don't use a style for a while you kinda... forget how it works? 

So please forgive me for this mess. I blame the shadow oracle 100%.

Ya know, I make a lot of good bad jokes in these description boxes and I bet nobody even reads them. Rude. You're all missing out.




I drew Haurvatat, the goddess of healing, because Rhen is so stinking surprised every time she appears, even though she shows up like 85 times XD I guess maybe it's because none of the quests she's attached to are mandatory, so the game can't assume you know what's up since you might not have gone through the previous Haurvatat quests? I don't know, but it's dang cute, haha. 

Besides all that, I just really love Haurvatat. She's the only known deity in the games who shows up and tries to help people, and the only one Rhen meets (besides the Oracle but I don't think the Oracle was meant to be the goddess when AV1 was made so I don't count her, hahaha). I also just really adore the healing aspect and how it relates to the rest of the narrative. Plus, the idea that she was mortal once?? I love?? I need more of this lore please??? And lastly, her wings are killer, I wish I could draw them better, aaahaha

Slice (the last inktober prompt!!!)



Obviously I could not pass up the opportunity to draw Rhen. I love her ferocity. I love that it's a part of her she's allowed to embrace and use for good, something that's allowed to exist with and work alongside her gentleness, like when she defends Eddy and helps Morsel and saves Tiny and saves Dameon and if I listed all the examples we'd be here forever, the point is it means a lot to me that she doesn't have to deny either part of her. They don't have to be opposite. She can be at peace with both her softness and her violence. They're both her, they can both be used in accomplishing her goals, she can grow into both of them gracefully and beautifully and perfectly, and that is inspiring to me. So here is my queen, Rhen the Great, deadly and beautiful through everything:heart:

Yay!! Inktober complete! And it didn't even take me 50 years XD

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Today I have for this thread a gift for a friend who loves te'ijalahad, the last Aveyond 31 day challenge piece, and also a fluff which was made as a Christmas gift art trade thing and which I am obviously late to post here. But this time I am only five days late! So yay.

The Te'ijalahad gift:



My Te'ijalahad friend wrote a fic which can be found here and which I drew this pic for because she's an awesome friend and she deserved it :rhen_love:

#THIRTY ONE Aveyond 31 day fandom challenge (it only took me like a year and a half or something completely not ridiculous like that XD): NOTP of AV4



This... is not my notp, it's just Hi'beru with a tiny person (who is a stick figure cuz it was too cold to try to draw tiny haha). But I didn't wanna draw my notp, so Hi'beru graciously agreed to represent my notp for me, which he does because he tries so hard to be nice and helpful, but so many characters are mean to him, and I don't like the ships where one person is mean to the other. They're way overdone in my opinion, and I should note I don't mind things being overdone if they're worthwhile, but there isn't anything profound or beautiful about someone spending their life with a person who would treat them that way. I will take the soft things instead^_^

Christmas gift for AmayaSakuragi11



 It’s a gif of Rhen and Dameon being cute and warm and there are sparkly decorations and also snow (and mistletoe but you didn’t hear that from me >.>)!!

I have no idea what the forums will do to a gif's quality, so here's a link to a possibly nicer version on deviantart: http://fav.me/dcuria0

This is also my first time doing any kind of animation (unless you count those paper flipping things), so I'm really excited to share it:kawaii-silly:


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@NickyLOL48 Thanks! You're brilliant 

@daeva_agas Thank you! I actually didn't mind him not meeting a partner in the game, there was already so much going on, but if somebody made a spin-off or something it'd be a cute option to explore


Heh, I've fallen a bit behind again. But this time only a LITTLE.

Here's a Te'ijalahad aesthetic which I was working on forever and a half ago but I lost the original file with the layers and I'm not about to try to edit the png so take it:



When I posted this on instagram someone mentioned having a headcanon that Te'ijal's eyes glow, and now I have adopted this headcanon because I couldn't resist, haha

And here is a pic of Rhen and Dameon in battle, which is something I've wanted to try drawing forever so I'm very excited:



That magical shield took all my knowledge of sparkles and overlays to create. All of it. And I asked for so many second opinions, hahaha.

I've always loved thinking of Rhen and Dameon's battle dynamic and how it plays off their respective characters and their relationship. Rhen is the fighter, she can and will take down anyone and everyone, and Dameon is the healer, he protects and restores and strengthens, and that by itself is a cute little twist on the usual trope and nicely parallels how they balance and help each other. But then there's also just how nicely their respective classes complement their individual arcs. Rhen fights, and she's good at it, and she always uses that skill for the sake of helping those who need her protection (Eddy, Tiny, Morsel, the druids... Dameon). And those traits aren't ultimately contradictory in her. She's a protector because she's a fighter, which to me makes her really feel like a complete character. Both can be good and beautiful things and together they make something even more. Because really, it'd be sort of silly to have a shield without a sword, wouldn't it? 

And Dameon shields and heals and protects the fighters, yet narratively he's tied to this idea of fighting back instead of letting the powers that be dictate his actions, and making his own path based on what he believes is right. And that comes from wanting to protect the memory of his father and to protect all the hurt people in Aia (which definitely includes Rhen), and then, finally, at the end when Rhen has finally convinced him it's worth it, wanting to protect himself. And again, those parts of him aren't contradictory. It takes every piece to make him whole. He's a fighter because he's a healer. 

And all of that, you may have noticed, makes Rhen and Dameon's characters really wonderful complements to each other. Rhen stands up for Dameon and he tries to protect her; Dameon fights for Rhen and she helps him find healing and peace; they're both better, happier people because they have each other. I think that's really beautiful and profound :heart:

As usual, I could go on for probably seven paragraphs at least, but this description is getting a bit long so I'll stop myself here and just say that I really love Rhen and Dameon and Aveyond a whole heckin lot


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Ya know, I make a lot of Te'ijalahad gifts. Not complaining, just noticing. Anyway, here is art, starting with, whaddya know, a Te'ijalahad gift:



Galahad is teaching his son that the moon is made of luminous cheese. Te'ijal is explaining that actually it reflects the sun's light. Galahad is pretty sure she's crazy. He is both right and wrong at the same time XD

(Also, if anyone was wondering, Galahad's hair is different than I usually draw it to match GhedahrianVampress's headcanon that it is long enough to tie into a ponytail, like in his sprite)


Rhen and Dameon, "Pleased to Meet You:"



Yes, I have depicted the part of the game where Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva meet yet again, I really love it a lot. For Rhen, this is the first time in a long while she's been treated with respect and kindness, and maybe the first time in her life that she is treated as a capable and autonomous leader. The hand kiss is cute and sweet and romantic and makes me melt just by itself, but also, historically in the time periods the game is associated with, it would be used to greet someone of a higher rank, and that is a huge compliment for Rhen, especially coming from the Druid of Light. He could have been arrogant and demanding, and nobody would have questioned it, but instead he is humble and kind, and treats her like, well, royalty. (And this, before anyone besides Talia, Tailor, and Ma know she's royal!) He treats her like someone deserving of respect and doesn't ask her to earn it. He puts himself beneath her and offers his support, and for Rhen, after everything she's been through, that is just such meaningful and good and lovely thing.

And for Dameon, honestly, after he sees Rhen blush is probably the first time he's smiled since he was a child. She's so genuine and humble and good, and I bet he didn't even believe people like that existed until she came waltzing into his life. I bet he didn't even know he could still feel happy. This moment in the game is a turning point for him in his healing process, and I think it is for Rhen too. They're just so good to each other, and so good for each other, they're so kind and soft and warm and gentle and lovely, and I love them :kawaii-love:


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Ah, are the forums coming alive again? That's cool. And thanks, @Scrivener of the Gods and @Kaiso !


I'm falling behind on this art-sharing thing again and now i have a bunch of winter pieces to share and it's already spring, oof.

Here's a Haddan I made for @NickyLOL48



His design is actually pretty fun to work with, 10/10 would recommend.

And here's some Mel and Gyendal I made for @Queen-of-Ice101 around Valentine's day



If anyone was wondering, yes the cloak pin is supposed to be a moon. Also yes I definitely got carried away with the red XD

And here's some RhenxDameon I worked on while I had a cold to cheer myself up and warm my soul:



 Dameon is sharing his cloak with Rhen to keep her warm (instead of cold like I was haha) and Rhen is pressing their noses together because it's cute and also it's apparently called a bunny kiss and I couldn't not draw it for Rhen and Dameon after hearing that. Bunnies are fluffy, they are fluffy, it was destiny. 

Also I totally felt a lot better when making this, it was like magic, haha. Rhen and Dameon bring so much warmth to my life and I'm so grateful for them:kawaii-love:

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Haha thanks Nice art, irs rare to see Haddan smile. He is a mercenary after all.

I go to a boarding school until recently so its kinda hard for to get ahold of internet until recently.

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@Kaiso Thanks! Haddan is fun. 

Glad you can interact with us more online now! 


One more winter piece to share and then I'm good (for now ahaha):



@Queen-of-Ice101 wrote an adorable oneshot about Rhen and Dameon kissing in a tree. It’s super sweet and fun and I love it so much so I had to draw something for it<3 Here's a link to the story on DA!! 

And now for some more spring-y pieces, starting with Edward and Stella:



You know that song from Thumbelina, "Let me be your wings"? It's an EdStell aesthetic so I had to draw it. It's written in the laws of the universe. 

Also I wanted to try some more simplistic lines and coloring for this piece so enjoy my creative experiments while they last.

And now for a pic of my fave queen Rhen:



Rhen's favorite color is bright yellow so I had to draw her in a yellow dress:rhen_love:

Back at it again with the flower crowns. Rhen was born to wear crowns, I can't help it. Also Dameon made the flower crown so :heart:

This is sometime after the canon ending, during some spring festival wherein Rhen is the life of the party. I really love picturing Thais coming back to life and flourishing and having flowers everywhere and even more I love imagining Rhen getting to see that and know it's because of her :kawaii-happy:

Also this is one of the first things I sketched on my tablet but the flowers took me a million years to finish, ahahaha

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I return with arts.

First an aesthetic cuz sadly I haven't had a lot of time to draw lately, so I decided to do an aesthetic series of everyone Rhen saves in av1. It's a really lovely well done theme in the game, the main point even, so I wanted to pay tribute to it, and hopefully by the end of these it'll make sense why I adore it so much.

So to start with here's an aesthetic for Talia Maurva, Guardian of Dreams and the first person Rhen saves. Rhen's simple choice to help a stranger makes the story possible.




images from pinterest:)

And here is a pic of Rhen and Dameon in the rain, another one of the first things I drew on my tablet (I am so behind here oof)



"And in those moments
when you feel afraid to trust love,
remember that I have crossed
A great ocean of loneliness to find you.

Mine is not a fair-weather heart.
It was built to outlast storms."

- John Mark Green

I posted this one to DA on valentine's day so obviously I had to include the quote and stuff. So yeah, here is my favorite queen, Rhen Pendragon, and the person who crossed an ocean and more for her, Dameon Maurva :heart:


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I am not making you open this thread or look at the art (all neatly placed under spoiler tags and labelled, so you know what it is before you open it and have no one to blame but yourself); if you don't have something relevant and nice to say there really isn't any need to comment.

Also, Dameon did die for Rhen. That's part of what the "and more" was referring to. And whereas Danny didn't choose to give his life and was just either dumb or unfortunate enough to walk into a vampire city without a garlic necklace, Dameon willingly gave up his immortality and his position for her. And whereas Danny didn't care where she had been or where she was going once he knew she wasn't going to drop everything and follow him around, Dameon made the sacrifices he did so he could follow her and support her at her request, and didn't expect anything in return. I like Danny, I think he has a really cool arc about realizing you don't need an excuse to have an adventure; if you want to go, go. But that doesn't make RhenxDameon any less of a meaningful, beautiful ship and it definitely isn't an excuse to be negative and argumentative when someone is trying to enjoy what they love.

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Aaaaaaaaa so much amazing art and I'm super late to comment on all of it but SO PRETTY AND SOFT I LOVE!! Whale Mel is fantastic and I love all the shippy art because romantic and soft and I adore ❤️

I absolutely adore the StellaxEdward art, they're such an underrated ship but so sweet and wholesome, there needs to be way more art for them than there is.

I'm so heckin glad you enjoyed the fanfic short for them! It was so much fun to write and that picture makes me all melty and fits perfectly for what I imagined for that scene^^ 

Also her yellow dress is the actual cutest and she looks like an absolute sunshine

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I didn't mean any offense. I just pointed out that he died looking for her. If you took offense from that comment the I apologize, but by this time we should know each other enough to tell when something is passive. Your art is still really good.

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@Queen-of-Ice101 Aaahh thank you!!! I'm so glad you  saw Mel the Whale because the wordplay was pretty much exclusively for your benefit, haha. And I want more StellEdward art too, they are so precious<3  And I LOVED THAT FANFIC SO MUCH I will never be able to properly express it, aaahhhh it makes me so gushy to hear (read, whatever) you like my fanart of your fanfic<3 (We are in so deep, woe is us XD). And thank you so much about the Rhen in yellow, and oh my gosh at the absolute sunshine part, I have so many ideas now:o

@Scrivener Listen, thanks for the attempt, but "I'm sorry you're offended" is not an apology. Admitting your mistake and changing your behavior is an apology, and even then, you have to understand no one owes you their forgiveness. But I honestly don't need an apology, just figure out how to say "nice art" and move on or don't comment and we'll be fine. We both know you wouldn't have said something like that in response to content for something you like; you said it to discredit my otp gushing. It was passive-aggressive at best. And I know for a long time people have been letting that kind of behavior slide to avoid hurting egos and fueling drama, and now everyone is convinced it's normal and acceptable, but it's not. It's rude and hurtful and I am out of patience. I will no longer be dealing with it. Keep it out of my threads, or expect to be called out.

Now that that's that, I have some more art, peoples. Be nice or get the heckity heck out this art fest, please and thank you.

First, Mad Marge:



One day I want to make a series of facesets for the aveyond 1 characters with like, different expressions and everything, so this was me practicing. Obviously I have a long way to go but this was still fun 

Second, Talia Maurva:



So sometimes I watch youtube videos on digital art and I came across this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMHJFdgRjYk 
and I wanted to try the process so I used this pic: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/76/91/83/769183a869fb1cd8b019f761012baeaf.jpg as a reference and I painted Talia Maurva. 

She is mourning Alicia; they had a wonderful friendship and it must have been so hard for Talia to not be able to help her in the end:(

Annnd I still have more because I am So Behind but I don't have time right now so ttyl guys have a good day


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@Mu11berry, I really am sorry. I didn't mean for it to seem agressive in any way. I have trouble getting the right message across. RxD is the sort of thing that I do feel is good, it's just that I've gotten so used to thinking a different way. Most the things I say on here are joking or just casual. If you feel hurt or a need to defend yourself from something I say, feel free to pm me on here or on discord. Ima sleep now.

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@Queen-of-Ice101 Thank you! Talia is always ethereal<3

@Scrivener of the Gods Thank you, I really appreciate that:) 

@NickyLOL48 Thank you!! Y'all are making me blush


I am. So, so very behind. So uh, let's start with some chickens, shall we? Same request, be nice or go somewhere else



Prince Edward Pendragon + Frederick le Mew who has graciously agreed to turn into a chicken one last time for the sake of this pic + Ean in his giant chicken form, because I had to draw the chicken boys of Aveyond.

It started as a Mulan joke and I took it too far as always XD

Next we have an Eddie aesthetic, continuing that aesthetic series:



Eddie is one of my absolute favorite npcs, he deserves so much better. His hope, friendship, and innocence keep Rhen going during some of her hardest times, his ability to see a bright future when anyone else would have given up embodies on of my favorite themes in the game and never fails to inspire me. When Rhen chose to stand up for him, risking her life to protect a vulnerable child, gah, I knew I'd love her forever. She's a true hero. And I love that it's Eddie that brings out the magic in her. Their friendship literally makes her stronger, changes her life for the better. To me Eddie embodies hope. I wish so much we'd seen more of him-- and uh, actually I'm totally writing a fanfic based on that idea, so stay tuned for that when I eventually have time to finish it, ahaha

And of course, some Rhen and Dameon because I love them:



I just have a lot of feelings about spring and Rhen and Dameon and that canon ending, man. It's so good. My precious brave Rhen doing what she loves to do, making her own decisions and being her best self, surrounded by people who love her? A literal queen?? Yes please, more, thank you.

So to express my feelings I have once again drawn my queen with her sunshine among the wildflowers, cuz that's just what I do. Btw spoilers but


Rhen's earring is Dameon's guardian ring and he's wearing her sigma ring because I wrote it so I had to draw it obviously. (It's the second to last oneshot in In Pieces if anyone was wondering, you can read it on https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12094251/1/In-Pieces but not here yet. One day, when I have time to post it all XD)


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Continuing my aesthetic series, here's Morsel:



The next few characters Rhen saves in av1 can be rescued in different orders, so obviously I decided to focus on the cat bini next. Morsel is the cutest, I love how happy he is to get his voice back. He reminds me to find joy in the little things (like cats binis!). And I LOVE how helping him gives Rhen courage-- she runs from the harpy before she meets Morsel, but her desire to help him makes her bold. It's also one of the first quests that Rhen takes on solely because she wants to; it's not an emergency, it's not life or death, it's not something someone told her or even asked her to do, but she wants to help and she can help, so she does, and I love that. I love her. It feels like the beginning of her getting to know herself:heart:

Next, Te'ijal! I was practicing semi-realism and it didn't turn out but whatever, she looks much better than she did when she was bald and had no eyelashes.



Everyone has been commenting on the braid so I just wanna say I got the idea from Creakykate on instagram, and she got it from the "realistic" faceset in av1. So some good things can come of it, I suppose. Also I drew this and the next few pieces I believe with mouse again because I wasn't home for the summer and didn't have my precious tablet so RIP myself.

And here is Rhen and Dameon at the beach because @Queen-of-Ice101 and I were discussing modern AU swimsuit headcanons a while back and they were too cute not to draw:



I was really proud of how the water turned out, and also I know I drew it but looook how happy they are together, I love them how are they so precious and cute:kawaii-love:

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