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Wow, Mu11berry! I came here after a long time and started looking at your art and it's so beautiful and awakens memories and nostalgia of the games. So sweet. I'm in love with the Myst portrait (page 9)! And also love to see Rhen & Dameon art, I understand and appreciate this couple but it seems a lot of people don't.

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@Danzy Thank youu, I try, haha

@Luz_Melian Thank you! Myst is so fun to draw, and Rhen and Dameon are my fave ever basically, how Amanda conceived of such perfection is beyond me. We are not alone in appreciating them! It just seems that way on this site, which is unfortunate, but there are tons of fans other places. I'd be happy to introduce you if you ever have time/are interested/all that:)

@everyone I have... once again... fallen way behind on posting my art. And I'm doing inktober again, so I'm even more behind than I would've been. So. Let's play catch up.

(on a random side note I work with preschoolers and when they lag behind in the line I used to always urge them to "catch up" until one day they asked me why I always said "ketchup" hahaahaaa)

First, next in my aesthetic series (which is obviously on pause for inktober but this was made before ahaha)



Next on the list of people Rhen saves in Aveyond 1 is Elinidana’ter’Lithir de Aramati. One of my favorite parts of this one is how Rhen tactfully lets Elini think she’s helping but really Rhen could survive the Wildwoods by herself by the time Elini joins XD 

Seriously though, it’s so fun and gratifying to see Rhen regaining her confidence and being compassionate and helpful despite how she’s been treated. Also I love the easy mutual congeniality between Rhen and Elini, their friendship is one of my faves.

and might as well share the scary portrait of Elini at this point:



So yeah pretty much I think this is my worst attempt at realism ever, including that one time in elementary school when we had to do self portraits. 

But anyway here is what was supposed to be Elini, and she's wearing a breastplate because one time I was trying to interpret her sprite outfit and I asked my sister for input and she thought Elini was wearing armor and a skirt, and that was so weirdly fitting that I've wanted to draw it ever since. Too bad my first attempt had to be this one XD

Some cartoony Te'ijal and Galahad:



I wanted it to look like Te'ijal is about to intercept Galahad and he's trying to change direction but he probably won't be fast enough which means >.>

I guess they are sorta chibis? Kinda? Idk what is art

Mel and Gyendal in the same style:



These two were a pain to pose but the coloring went fast because Gyendal pretty much just wears one color, the dork XD

And Rhen and Dameon in the same style:



While I was making the palette for this I realized that their colors are basically a spring aesthetic; rich browns and soft green like soil and tiny baby plants, bright reds and purples and blues and yellows like flowers and sunny skies💜💛

And a RhenxDameon piece entitled "Golden" + another otp rant



Three things:
1. Both @Queen-of-Ice101 and @EsmeAmelia have mentioned headcanons about Rhen and Dameon loving to dance with each other, and I don't think they collaborated to drown me in fluff so I can only assume that it is Canon and as such I am destined to draw it. I'm probably destined to draw it about 50 more times too so be prepared.

2. I was having yet another spaz with Queen and GhedahrianVampress about how awesome Rhen is and how we adore her self-confidence and sense of purpose and it got me thinking-- Rhen wasn't always like that. At the beginning of the game she's spunky, yes, but has obviously low self-esteem and a kinda self-depreciating sense of humor, like, she couldn't even hold a conversation with her crush of who-knows-how-long! And then Stuff Goes Down which doesn't help at all (and some stuff which does help, I think knowing how to use a sword goes a long way in restoring the confidence in herself and her sense of physical safety but that's another rant), so that by the time she meets Dameon she blushes at the tiniest compliments and can't even hold eye contact (i know most people don't remember all these little details as well but these are the things that kill me when I replay av1 2872985741 times haha). Like she just clearly doesn't feel emotionally safe or valuable at this point. But Dameon is so gentle and admiring, and from that first meeting forward Rhen starts to open up more, we start to see her take on more quests that rely on her compassion and people skills, like bringing Theodore to the Gentle Children's School and helping with the plague in Dirkon and need I continue?

And of course she always had those traits, but she didn't trust herself to use them that way before and now she's starting to. And her newfound confidence is mirrored in her interactions with Dameon, too, she not only holds conversations but feels comfortable bringing up difficult subjects and sharing her deepest thoughts, and even her sappiest thoughts which in some ways requires even more courage, and then she even makes him blush (not that that's hard but from where she started it's pretty significant). Like, his quiet support and admiration make such a huge tangible difference for her and I'm just spazzing out a little over here so hopefully you guys understand what I'm saying cuz it's so good and I don't know if I have the capacities to fully express it.

And of course at the end the choice she makes in canon is based in confidence, knowing that she doesn't have to hide or stagnate, believing she is capable and can make a difference and can make peace with her past and herself. And she is willing and able to do it herself, she wants Dameon with her but he's helped her see that she is enough and she believes it so much she's ready to go across the whole entire ocean and take on a kingdom and I'm not sure I'm expressing myself clearly but just! !! !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I love that they helped each other and cared and made a difference but it's never, ever, ever coercion or manipulation or fear, never because either is made to feel like they need something or someone else to be capable or complete, just straightforward, sincere love and respect and encouragement and building each other up and choosing each other because they want to and building something new and beautiful together, and I!!! love it!!! so much!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. The title is from the last oneshot of In Pieces annd if you've read it on fanfiction.net you know why, peace out

(3.5 also if you didn't catch how A NEW GOLDEN AGE BEGAN ties into everything literally and metaphorically please replay the game and think about that because you are Missing Out)

4. I know I said three things but I remembered that I wanted to pout about how hard indoor settings are for me to draw so here is me pouting

And I think that's probably enough for one post but I'm not even kinda caught up yet so hopefully I'll remember to log in before November

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I love the dance image, so beautiful! And also the cute style couples :D And I like your reflections about Rhen. I have seen people complain that there weren't enough interactions in the game to justify that they get married. And it's true that it would have been nice to include more of that. I don't remember the game so well, but I remember in the end Rhen has the choice of becoming a queen in a foreign country and that she tells Dameon something like "with you I will go"? So there must have been love, but we haven't seen much of how it developed and that made people confused because they expected Rhen to be with Lars. But I've always found Lars rather immature for a marriage yet, and not sure that he could be of such support emotionally that Rhen needs.

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@Luz_MelianThank you!! And yeah, don't let the haters fool you, people use the same line against every canon couple in any work of fiction ever and it’s almost never true and definitely never relevant. Here I am about to write a novel on the subject for the 983rd time even though you already know and didn’t ask for this, but hey, what did you expect? Rhen and Dameon had probably the most development out of any of the game couples. The usual “but all their interactions were optional!" line 1. just isn't true,  and 2. literally every possible romantic interaction for any other two characters in the series is optional. In AP Devin can romance Talia OR Alicia, or neither, and what ship "makes sense" or not depends 100% on player choices and headcanons. Av2 is the same, if you don't choose to go through the extra dialogue and buy a kitten or whatever then no romances make sense, not even Iya and Ean. Same with av3, and av4. I mean, for real, the only thing Dameon doesn't have that other shipped characters in the games sometimes do is money thrown at him and called “attraction points,” and a lot of dialogue during sidequests. Which yeah, I definitely agree with you that it could be sweet if Rhen bought him flowers or something, and of course I'd love if Dameon had more dialogue because I love Dameon, but that kind of stuff just isn’t needed or even really pertinent to developing a relationship, and I kinda appreciate that there’s nothing that could be interpreted as monetary coercion between them (or love potion. May I just say, phew), and that Dameon doesn't feel the need to posture and throw around his opinions and ideas when they aren't relevant or necessary. (And I greatly appreciate that Amanda didn’t make him that kind of character because-- icky.)

What I'm saying is, every relationship in Aveyond is developed in optional interactions, and most of them depend on the player deciding to go through those interactions and pick their own preferred love interest, and the character goes along with whatever the player says. But Rhen and Dameon? They fall in love in-game regardless of player choices. They make the choice themselves. Rhen's first words to Dameon are basically a pick up line! (A subtler version of "come here often?" and, come to think of it, "have we met before?"). (Also when Talia introduces them and we learn she's basically spent her time talking Rhen up to Dameon and probably secretly shipping them for who knows how long? So good.) Then Dameon actually getting permission to join the party, and just the sheer level of respect and consideration! And this is just the bare basics of their first meeting, I could go on forever. They have plenty of interactions, many optional, yes, but they all further develop both the characters and the plot (to the point that neither the plot nor the character arcs make sense without their little conversations) and, more importantly, demonstrate respect and genuine compassion and kindness between them. Also. I’ve ranted before about how Dameon loves Rhen in literally every single possible ending but I haven’t had the opportunity before to point out that Rhen loves him in every version too. The line you were talking about -- “can you not come with me?” -- comes before she makes any kind of choice. She wants him to go with her wherever she goes. That’s like. Pretty explicitly love. Some people use that as the definition of love. And when she makes a choice that doesn’t lead to him being with her, it’s never once presented as a lack of love but a lack of confidence. When he explicitly asks if she loves him, she never denies it. Instead she says, in essence, that she’s afraid and unsure. Those endings don’t talk about her being happy, but being glad to be left alone by the world-- which is a tragedy when you think about the Rhen we get to know through the quest, the Rhen who loves people and loves being able to help and be involved, being reduced to that-- ouch.

The queen ending, on the other hand? Yeah, she’s nervous at first, because duh, she thinks she’s going to have to go across the ocean by herself, probably never see the person she wants to be with again, and marry a stranger so she can rule a country she hasn’t lived in since she was a baby (or perhaps a toddler but that’s another conversation). But then she expresses her desire for Dameon to come with her (yet again), and the Oracle makes it happen, and she gets so excited, and we get another one of my favorite lines, Dameon asking, “Are you ready to meet your destiny?” and Rhen, immediately, with her hesitation now completely vanquished, “With you? Yes!” Asdlgkjal. Just. So good. She gets to be with the person she’s been repeatedly choosing for the whole game-- another thing I’ve ranted about a lot, though I’m not sure I’ve posted that here, I’ll have to check.  And then she chooses him again, in probably the most adorable unplanned proposal ever, and proceeds to be excited and precious for the rest of the game and lives peacefully and happily, not hiding from the world but continuing to influence and shape it and helping people and being the bright powerful independent leader she’s always been and always loved being-- it’s just so good, people be missing out big time and I feel sorry for them.

As for lard… yeah, I have entire essays on exactly how much nonsense that is, if you ever want something to yell in agreement at just let me know, I can send links XD

NOW, as this spaz is concluded, back to art, because I am, as always, way, way behind.

First, something I made on a plane because what else was I going to do, talk to the person next to me? Nopity no, bro.



Basically the flight took foreevvverrr and I couldn't draw for whatever reason, I tried to start like 3 normal pics and it just wasn't working. So instead I made a night sky and the main constellation you see kinda in the middle is Yeccanuath, mother of the Tehyor dragons. The "triangular shape, with the line through it."

This isn't technically an Aveyond thing, I made up the Yeccanuath constellation for one of my oneshots ("Night Watch" in In Pieces). But it stuck with me for whatever reason, and it's based on an Aveyond thing, so here XD

Second, a mock title screen for Aveyond 1 because I really, really love that game



This game's story just blows me away every time and the hero and her heart mean so much to me :rhen_love: So I made this pretend title art. Obviously the fonts are not mine but I did lovingly redraw them and it took forever so I have a newfound appreciation for whoever designed them.

I wanted to emphasize Rhen and Dameon's duality here, as characters and within the plot, and also how they have each other's backs even in their darkest moments. Am I dramatic? Yes. I can't help it. It's so good. Asglkadjlrg. also Dameon is lighting up Rhen's life as usual

I did most of the colors with overlay and soft light layers and it was really fun and I sorta like the effect so I'll probably try this again sometime:)

Third, a Hi'beru drawing I made for an art trade: 



I was gonna do something more like my usual style but the sketch ended up really cartoony and I really liked it for this concept, av4 just has a very cartoony feel and it's part of the charm for me. Also how could I resist the little cheeki?

Here is the link to the other half of the art trade btw!

And last here's some armor and robe practice featuring my faves:



I have links to the refs on deviantart if anyone wants to see those, i'm having trouble with the formatting trying to put them here and it's already formatted there so it's best for all of us if y'all just click the link


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Those are pretty darn good. I've never been able to picture Rhen in heavy armour, which is stupid seeing as plate armour was one that I had on her for a while (is that plate armour?). The bottom right one of her is a very nice armor design, even though there's just the back. I can just see it carrying over. With the ones about Dameon, even though younknow my stance on him, have really nice costume design. I mean like I could see someone wearing those. The one in the middle though... I love the design but that pose just reminds me of some cartoon movie called Prince of Egypt for some reason.

Edit: I just realised how late I am.

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