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@Danin Thank you!! I actually totally headcanon this is Ahriman's usual demeanor, some fic I read once (I think it was Separate Lives by Dis but maybe I am crazy?) had Ahriman being not so much a powerful fighter but more of a skilled manipulator, and it fits the myths about him in AP and a lot of what we see of him in AV1 so it stuck with me. And yes, Edward needs a faaaaarm. I like to pretend whoever he marries lets him keep chickens in one of the castle courtyards or something, but I can only really imagine it with Stella or some versions of Mel, the others would probably scream or eat the chickens, ahaha. And thank youuuuu, it's good you like that one, because, I have another version to share today XD I had to color it digitally obviously so >.>




Ta-dah! The digital version! On DA I called the traditional version "Joyful," so this one became "Joyful Again," and I really liked how that worked out because both Rhen and Dameon have been through so much and sometimes when you go through a lot it feels like you'll never be happy again, but they got through it and found peace and joy together-- again. That's why they're my wildflower ship.

"Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." -E. V.

Ahem ahem okay, I am done sharing sappy quotes now. But yes I love rhenxdameon :rhen_love:

Aaand here is my entry for day 19 of @Queen-of-Ice101's Aveyond fandom 31 day challenge or whatever it's called (I will never be able to remember the order of those words)



Day 19 is favorite av3 character, and I just adore Stella. She's so sweet and kind but also has that steely passionate side and she will fight you if you hurt her friends, especially her bfffffff Mel, wow I love their friendship so much T.T

I didn't draw her wings here because wings are HARD, but I wanted to mention that the quest where she gets her wings back is one of my favorite quests in the whole series, I cry every time. Also, I tried a new coloring style in an attempt to make everything softer and it sorta kinda worked and sorta kinda... didn't. But that's how you learn, right? So I'm happy with it for now:) 


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@Scrivener of the Gods Thanks! That's cuz Stella is glorious


Day 20 of the dang challenge with the really long title is favorite chapter in the Orbs of Magic saga. I like TDP cuz Uma and Nox so



Besides these two magical twins, I also like TDP because the other orbs of magic games are kind of a bit frustrating in that everything you do in them is pretty pointless in the end. Like, you destroy the orbs, but surprise, there are more orbs. And then even bigger surprise, the bad guys don't even need the orbs to win. And then surprise of surprises, Mel is now the bad guy and everything from the previous games is now completely meaningless-- EXCEPT the friendships Mel made, and her friends save her (and Galahad T.T) and I think that's pretty so I like the last game. Yep. Rant over, haha

And of course I have a rhenxdameon piece too~~



 AmayaSakuragi11 over on deviantart inspired me to draw these two wildflowers in their regular people clothes with this adorable fanart, so here they are! Rhen is kissing Dameon's face which makes him laugh because he's a little a lot ticklish :rhen_love:

I used the coloring that's supposed to be softer for this piece, still figuring it out haha. Also as usual I got carried away with the flowers XD

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@Scrivener: Thank you, though the central bit is the most majestic part seeing as they are royal :P


More art!! An aesthetic for Rhen Pendragon, with images from pinterest as always: 



I explained my reason for literally every picture over on deviantart if you want to read that there but I don't really feel like typing it all out again or even copying it over, so here I'll just say that I adore Rhen and her story was beautiful. Also the ocean picture came that way, I didn't have to mess with the colors at all and I think that's great.

The quote is from "Snow and Dirty Rain" by Richard Siken.

And here's some RhenxDameon, make sure your screen brightness is turned up please!



1. I wanted to trying coloring something with low lighting
2. Obviously it was DameonxRhen
3. And obviously it was Dameon brushing and braiding Rhen's hair
4. That's how it works around here.
5. There's also a fire somewhere in the distance so that was fun
6. He gave her his blanket which is why she has two cuz they take care of each other

You will also notice I did not get carried away with the wildflowers this time, maybe because they are all closed because night, but still XD

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Arts again! Day 21 of @Queen-of-Ice101's 31 day Aveyond challenge is favorite official game art piece. I've ranted a million times about how much I adore the game art for Aveyond Rhen's Quest, but I also really, really love the art for Ean's quest (which the artist shared on deviantart btw), it's so full of emotion and the details are amazing. So. I drew Aveyond 1 characters in a setting inspired by the Aveyond 2 game art, and obviously I picked Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva.



Dameon is such an Iya, and Rhen is definitely the Ean in this relationship. I have way over-analyzed this and could go on forever about the parallels but I'll spare you. For now....

Also that is the Sun Temple in the background, thank you for noticing. And there's mist everywhere because Aveyond is in The Mists, if you've ever looked at the world map in AV1. And I've wanted to draw Dameon holding light for like 8 million years now for reasons so yayy me.

AND. I also have an aesthetic for Dameon, images from pinterest as usual, quote from Rhen to Dameon. Actually I have two aesthetics. Well really only one, but two also. 




I like the softer colors in the flower one, and also Dameon pretty much is a flower so there's that, but I also liked the brighter colors in the other one and the pics stand out a bit more. Basically it comes down to, I can't make decisions, and I couldn't decide whether or not I liked the flower overlay, and neither could anyone I asked, and of the few who had an opinion it was split pretty evenly. But then Queen suggested I just share both and now we are here :kawaii-silly:

I think all of these images are pretty self-explanatory but if you're curious I chose them to reflect Dameon's journey through loss and injustice to finally find freedom and peace. That line, “I think you have a good heart,” really kind of summarizes Dameon and what he means to me.

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@Scrivener of the Gods I'm glad you like my art, but the character negativity isn't very nice. You don't have to like all the things I like, but if you're going to choose to come to this thread, please also choose to say nice things or say nothing. Thanks!


Day 22 of the Aveyond fandom 31 day challenge is otp of AV3, and yes, I drew Te'ijal and Galahad, because I'm unashamedly predictable




They just really balance each other, ya know? He's serious, she's crazy, they're lovely. Plus, flower crowns! :rhen_love:

ALSO. I got a new art program and this is the second piece I made in it. The first was obviously RhenxDameon, hehe~



I was having feelings about everything Rhen has been through again and she needed a hug. Also this is totally sappy but I have a quote saved to one of my silly pinterest boards and I kept thinking of it while I made this and it is this:

"Some things are far too heavy to ever be carried alone.
So I am here for you."
- Michelle K.

Is the attribution correct? Who knows, I got it off the internet. But it is a pretty thought, I think, and I think it nicely expresses important parts of the relationship Rhen and Dameon have so~ 


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@Ishti Thank! It's called Krita, and it's free which is awesome. I've heard making text edit sucks on it but seeing as I don't use text it's great for me, I haven't had any problems with it so far!


Yes I am still working on the 31 day Aveyond challenge, after all this time (almost a year now? Sheesh), and the next day is a character I wish the game makers had elaborated more on. Mine is the unnamed Druid of Light whom Talia apparently had a son with and then murdered.



I just... need to know... how this happened, please somebody tell me. What is his name, and how long had he been the sun guardian, and was he around the first time Ahriman was in power? And how did he and Talia meet and fall in love, or were they even in love, and how did they raise Dameon, and was Mister Maurva even a good husband and was he even a good father or was he always wicked, and if he wasn't always wicked how did he become bad enough that Talia felt like she had to kill him to save the world, what did he even do, and when, AND ALSO JUST... EVERYTHING PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!!

I mean I have some theories but I wish with all my soul there was more content or just some way to confirm or disprove things T.T

On another note, I didn't know what to do with his hair and I ended up making it kinda long-ish, which I guess I got from Cherrywine's fic called Changeling) Also, do you like how I hid his face completely behind Talia's so I wouldn't have to really decide what he looks like? Yep. I'm a dirty dirty cheater and not sorry at all ;p

Anyway baby Dameon was totally worth all the trouble this pic gave me look at his tiny hands and that lil smile

And here is my rhenxdameon for the week and a half because I kept forgetting to post here heh




The sword singer Rhen Pendragon and the sun priest Dameon Maurva spending a peaceful afternoon together~

He's braiding her hair and she's reading to him, and they are

Stinkin cute

Also! My sister is writing me a story to go with this and I'll definitely share the link when it's done in like 50 years! I'm really excited~~~

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First off, I'd like to note that I tried to like so many of these that the site told me I wasn't allowed to like anymore today, oh my god. I love them all so much! There's so much about your art that's fantastic, but the soft, striking colors and the way you draw expressions are my absolute favorite parts, I think ❤️

I love the te'ijalahad art, you draw them both so well and the wedding outfits were sooo good, and the flower crown art was adorable and hilarious at once so thank you so much for that. And of course, your Rhen/Dameon!! I will never stop being struck by how cute you draw them both; I love Rhen's hair and freckles and the way you draw Dameon's face/expressions~ their wedding picture is soo, so sweet, you really convey that the characters love each other. And Rhen's wedding gown is gorgeous! I adore all the pictures of him playing with her hair, too, it's so sweet!

And of course your art of everyone else is lovely, too, highlight of that has got to be Stella! You captured her so well ❤️

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@darwin Hahaha! That happens to me all the time, I think we need more allotted likes per day. We have to spread the Aveyond love, right? And aaahh thank you, and thanks and thanks, I love Te'ijalahad, and Rhen/Dameon obviously, and also Stella and uh, all of them, thank you, I try


Okay so I kinda have a lot of art today because as usual I never remember to post when I actually finish a piece, but this time I let it build up a bit more, heh. I'll keep explanations in the spoiler box with the pics because otherwise this post will be very long and I already posted a really long thing today

First, day 24, "character you originally disliked and now love"



So the prompt really doesn't fit any of the characters for me cuz I really don't dislike any of them? I like some more than others and as I've said sometimes I don't like the implications of certain fandom interpretations, but that's different. So Queen has given me permission to just do characters I didn't particularly think about before and now enjoy, so here is some Lydia, Gyendal, and Mad Marge sketches which were done in pen and which I was too lazy to color. So yeah. 

I think Lydia Rupert had a lot of potential to become heroic, even more than some of her bratty predecessors I would say, so it's a shame the games didn't go that route and it's interesting to see her portrayed more sympathetically sometimes. (Not excusing her for usurping Edward and sending Gyendal after Mel! Just saying she has some unused potential and it's a pity to see it go to waste, especially when so many other characters like her in the series were given the chance to change)

Gyendal Ravenfoot has always been interesting as a villain in that his motives were maybe a little more nuanced than say, power-over-all-else Ahriman or wicked-for-the-sake-of-it Heptitus. (Though I think Ahriman and Heptitus were perfect for their respective narratives! But that's a rant for another time.) Gyendal also always had the Te'ijal's brother thing going for him, and I've loved seeing that explored in Queen-of-Ice101 and RodaniaRav7 's fics. So again, not trying to excuse the bad things he did but just saying it's cool to see him treated with a little humanity sometimes. (I totally used the base word "human" on purpose here, all puns intended)

And finally, Mad Marge just never really interested me when I was younger because you have to pay to get her and she doesn't really contribute to the plot, but I've been shelling out the gold lately anyway and I'm loving her almost-friendship with Elini, and just in general she's a riot, she's got a lot of personality. I also wrote a oneshot with bits from her POV once (it's one of my silly shorts if anyone's curious, "Goldfish") and discovered that she's got a lot of hilarity potential. She deserves some recognition so here's my contribution!

Day 25, "notp of av3"



I don't do Gyendal and Stella together. Like with my av1 notp, there is just too much explicit abuse and it's not something that is appealing to me, and I also doubt it would be appealing to either of them so there you have it

Day 26, "fave AP character"



I like... all of them. Except Haddan. I have nothing against Haddan, I just don't like him as much as the others. He's a good dwarf. No Haddan hate in this house, thank you.

I wanted to give this piece a more messy look like the AP art. I honestly really adore those graphics. All the sprites have their own individualized way of walking and it's just so charming and and the whole world feels so real despite being clearly made up of crude squares and that is magical to me.

Alicia Pendragon is an inspiration, honestly, gotta love the spunky princess. Also can you see where Rhen takes after her? 

Talia Maurva is another inspiration cuz she's just so done with everything. She once killed three dudes because they were, get this, annoying. Granted, they were trying to murder an innocent woman named Nina so it was more justified then it sounds, but still. So here she is making what I headcanon is her signature "on my last nerve" face. Maybe it is more difficult to see where Dameon takes after her cuz he's a bit more mellow and would probably not make that face very often, but anyway I love both of them.

Frederick le Mew is the bee. I've drawn him as a dragon and a lizard so I had to draw his bee form. I love him because he loves his brother and he's such a good-natured friendly lizard who deserves the world. 

Jack does not like Frederick's bee form and that's why he has taken up residence on Devin's shoulders. I love him because he's mischievous but harmless, he's just a funny cute lil dude and I wish he had a nicer ending in AV2. Headcanon that Nicolas takes him in. 

And Devin Perry... oh, Devin, how can he be so adventurous but practical at the same time? His matter-of-fact chivalry is also a winner. And again, can you see where Rhen takes after him? I love them all.

And I have two arts which I made as gifts for @moonpeace (she probably won't see this tag but I wanted to include it in case anyone wanted a convenient link to her profile, hahaha)



An Ean/Iya aesthetic! Snowy cute things always remind me of them, if you couldn't tell. Images of course from pinterest!


And some Ingrid/Boyle art! With Fang because I love dogs. I mean wolves. I mean whatever Fang is, bless him <3

And of course RhenxDameon, drawn in a similar style to the AP piece cuz I was trying to practice haha



"Are you ready to meet your destiny?"

"With you? Yes!"

~Dameon Maurva and Rhen Pendragon

He literally crossed the ocean and gave up his life for her, and together they have courage and security and joy and hi, my name is Emotional and I am berry.


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Oh my gosh, I love all of these! You captured the AP cast so well, I definitely see what you mean about the art style and I feel like you replicated a lot of its best elements with yours! Also everybody's personality is so obvious from it and I love it. ❤️

i KNOW I should have been expecting the Rhen/Dameon, but the pose and the specifics still caught me by very pleasant surprise and I'm grinning ear to ear looking at it! I love Rhen's profile especially, she looks adorable.

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The R/D piece is incredibly well-drawn! They're a seriously breathtaking piece of artwork. Oh, a thing: I've been meaning to ask you whether there's a story behind your relationship with the presence or absence of Dameon's goat beard!

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@darwin Re: AP piece, thank youu, that's so good to hear!! Or read or whatever, haha. And Re: RhenxDameon thank you again, oh my gosh. The pose is based on a moment in one of the later oneshots of In Pieces (like #40 or something, near the end) and that was inspired by this sprite edit which @@Queen-of-Ice101 made so compliments and many thanks to her <3 

@Ishti Don't die, haha! But she is supposed to look ready to murder someone maybe so thanks XD And thank you! Ajgrjkwle I can't take credit for how nice they look together, it is Amanda's fault for picking such a nice color scheme for them :kawaii-love:

The beard! The short answer is no but the long answer is yes so let me explain myself. Dameon is a lil rebel and also a huge nerd, and I think his hairstyle is kind of his way to rebel against the control of the Oracle and Talia without actually really rebelling, kind of like testing the boundaries? Like how some people wear mismatched socks just because they can, or lace their shoes backwards or whatever. Sorta the same concept. But once he is with Rhen questing around the world and kind of out from under the thumb of the Oracle and Talia, I think the need to like, set himself apart from them would fade a bit, and also he is in the process of softening to them so again, it would be less important to rebel. And since the beard definitely requires maintenance, I think as it became less important he would just shave it off and save time. The haircut probably stays because it's easier to shave most of your hair off then comb it all, you know? But the beard would probably go. HOWEVER, I usually try to stick with the sprite appearance when drawing fanart, so that's not the reason I don't draw it. I just kind of... uh... forget it exists? I edited the beard out of the faceset I use for the game so I don't see it every time I play, and also, I have the memory of a goldfish. And I am bad at drawing facial hair, haha. So, yes, there is a ridiculous headcanon, but no, there is not a reason besides absent-mindedness and not liking the result the few times I do remember ahaha.


So I think it is @callmedan's birthday in his timezone, so happy birthday Dan!! Here is a Devin as the Druid of Light for you!



Here's a question, if Devin never studied magic or joined any kind of priest guild of any sort, but he is now the druid of light by word of Goddess, is he also a sun priest? Or can the two be separate? Be boggled with me. Both interpretations are interesting, I think.

Here's for day 28 of the Aveyond 31 day fandom challenge, otp of AP!



(That's bigger than I realized it would be o.o)

I love Talia and Devin, but I like them together like a century or so after AV1, they need time to learn how to communicate and stuff. Also listen, Talia was already the slowest mover in all of Aia, and after all that happened to him Devin would need time too. 

So since this prompt is about AP, I drew Jack and Alicia, my crackship otp forever <3 They literally never interact but if they did, it'd be magic. They need to get together and cause mischief in the afterlife.

In this pic they stole something so now they have to run away from the guards (which I was too lazy to draw haha). What did they steal? My heart.

I tried a new coloring style (again haha), and I sorta like it and sorta do not XD

Aaand here is some rhenxdameon!



I finally redrew that one messy sketch I shared a while back!! (link to the messy piece on deviantart if you're curious)

Excuse my ranting but I just really love these two, they've been through so much and still found the courage to love and that's so inspiring and beautiful to me. Dameon is always there to support and encourage Rhen, Rhen is always there to help Dameon through his struggles, and they both would give their lives for each other (and canonly pretty much did, I will never be over it). Dameon loves Rhen in every single possible ending, which is just. Exactly what she needs, just somebody who will still be there for her no matter what. And Rhen risks everything to save Dameon, which is exactly what he needs, somebody who will bring him back to himself when he is lost. The courage and peace they find in each other and the way they sacrifice for each other and choose each other every time is the definition of love for me, I'm just so grateful for these two characters and all the joy they have added to my life and everything they've taught me, and now I will try to stop because I am becoming emotional, I am sorry, thank you for reading my rhenxdameon rambling, I love them

(I said that twice khjjgwa but it's true)

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Hi, I am back with art

Day 29 of the challenge is favorite character of av4, so here is a Myst.



 All of the av4 characters are cool, I also have soft spots for Robin and Phye, and the others are pretty cute too, but Myst is definitely the one I think about the most. She can turn into a dog! And she will go to the ends of Aia to find her brother, which I think is pretty great.

Also, she definitely has freckles. I tried to draw her without freckles but the laws of the universe prevented me. She's a mist wraith who spends time in the sun, they're definitely there. Definitely.

Next, I have many, many doodles of Rhen



I guess only six, haha, but there are more where those came from >.> 

I just really like drawing Rhen, so I do it all the time. When I should be paying attention. And taking notes. Which I did not do, clearly.

Speaking of which! I also once made 2 punnet squares and a pedigree chart explaining Rhen's hair color instead of taking notes in a genetics class, and I found that recently so I'll share it and also my ridiculously long explanation in this next lil spoiler box. Be warned, it is kinda long, heh



Top left of the pedigree chart is Alisandra Pendragon. Above her name is her genotype, bx. She has this lovely light purple hair (like most of Rhen’s), so “b” stands for that color. “x” is an unknown but irrelevant allele, which is likely recessive in this case. 

Top right of the pedigree is Alexander Pendragon. His genotype is Bx. “B” is for blond hair, and it is apparently dominant over b (light purple), seeing as Alicia has blond hair, so it’s capitalized. (I did all that backwards genealogy and everything guys, I was a scientist…. Who was not paying attention in class >.>) (Speaking of science I should note here that it is likely the B allele carries some sort of inhibitor for b, otherwise the light purple would more likely be dominant. Technically genes are generally considered dominant when they make gene product [a pigment protein in this case] and recessive when they don’t, so nomenclature is a little off. Just trying to make this like, actually comprehensible for people who aren't ridiculous nerds.)

Obviously below them is their daughter Alicia. We know Alicia has blond hair, so at least one of her alleles is B. Since Rhen has purple hair, we can reasonably assume the other allele is b. That’s what the first punnet square, on the left with Alicia’s name by it, was looking at. So Bb is Alicia’s genotype. 

To the right of Alicia is Devin. We never meet his parents, but we do know at least one of the alleles he has is for light blue hair (Idk why it would turn darker blue in AV1, and I’ve been told it goes back to lighter after he’s immortal [though I’ve never noticed this myself], so I’m going with the light blue from AP; also, that lighter blue is the same as the light blue in Rhen’s hair so it makes the most sense to me). I called this allele Cc (the second c is a subscript but idk how to format that here, sorry). Devin’s genotype is Cc x, with x again being an unknown, irrelevant, apparently recessive allele. 

And then of course is Rhen at the bottom of the pedigree chart, and her punnet square at the bottom right. Only two combinations of alleles, bCc and bx, could possibly give her that lovely light purple hair. Now’s the fun part. I was learning about the different types of dominance when I did this, and there is this thing called codominance which means both alleles are expressed separately. Which is so cool!!!!! if anyone was wondering. So, as her hair has purple and blue, I propose that the purple “b” allele and the blue “Cc” allele are codominant (which is what the c subscript stands for), and thus both expressed in Rhen, giving her that lovely magical-looking hair we all love. I also think there’s room to hypothesize that the pigment from the blue allele is somehow more stable than the purple, since the tips of Rhen’s hair most strongly express the blue, and those are the parts that have spent the most time in the sun and would have some of their pigment damaged by the UV rays. But I think maybe I am getting too technical now? Or probably I got too technical a long time ago and no one even read this, haha.

But anyway, yes! Here is my glorious melding of my two great loves. If there’s anyone else out there who loves science and Aveyond, I’d love to chat. And if anyone has any questions or anything to add, I’d also love to chat. I could go on about this all day. I already went on for like a million paragraphs. So. Ahahaha. 

And here's a Rhen comforting a Dameon, because it was about time I drew it



Both Rhen and Dameon lost a lot, very early in their lives. I think most of the time Dameon would be helping Rhen to deal with these losses. He's been living with his loss for longer. He's known about it for longer. For Rhen it is new. But I also think Dameon never really let himself mourn. Nobody else was mourning, no one would have approved of his grief, no one could have been there with him while he worked through it. He probably didn't even know where to start. He didn't even let himself acknowledge half his losses-- because in a way, he lost his mother and his childhood too.

And I think Rhen would be the person he could be sad with. She's very kind, and compassionate, and sturdy, and Dameon can be himself around her, maybe even more than he could if he was alone. And she helps him acknowledge his losses in the game, which I think is huge for him. I think sometimes one of the kindest things you can do for another person is just to be sad with them, and help them know that it's okay to be sad sometimes. And looking back, I think Rhen and Dameon played a huge role in helping me learn this for myself. So here they are, doing one of the most important and lovely things humans are capable of.

And by the way, the sun is rising.

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I used to play around with Punnett squares all the time! Myst is one of my favourites too. And to my surprise, I actually like the one of Rhen and Dameon. Maybe it's the shading. I could never do so well with that.

Devin from the last set as well. I've always liked the idea of him being sun priest.

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@Scrivener Thanks!! 


Here is a piece that took me all month to color. Not cuz it was particularly fancy or  difficult in any way, I just had no motivation. It was the fur. The fur killed me.

OTP of av4, day 30 of the 31 day challenge (almost... there...)



I like MystxRobin because they are best friends and they stand up for each other. Also, they both approach everything with such a sense of wonder, I like to think of them discovering the world together <3
They are in the dragon wastelands because I love the design for that map, it was gorgeous.

For @Queen-of-Ice101's birthday, two things I drew plus a link to a tiny drabble which just seemed more appropriate to share with the pic it goes with than separately in my oneshot threads:

I'm also doing inktober with an Aveyond theme (and have actually been keeping up so far :O), but I already know I won't log in here every day to share stuff so I'll post everything up at the end of the month (or the beginning of next month). If you'd like to see stuff on the day it's drawn for, I'm keeping up on deviantart (I'm Mu11berry there too) and instagram (I'm aveyond_obsessed there. Honestly, just search aveyond >> most recent in either place. You'll find me XD)

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It's the end of October! So here are some inktober drawings! I'm gonna post just a few at a time cuz I don't want to overwhelm anyone's computer trying to load the monstrosity that is all 31 of my pathetic attempts at inking, haha

 I decided to try to use the "official" prompt list or whatever, and draw Aveyond characters with it. First prompt is poisonous, so here is Frederick le Mew of Ahriman's Prophecy in his slime form. Cuz that's the first thing I thought of when I read poisonous XD



Next, Tranquil



Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva are taking a peaceful nap, using Dameon's robe cover thing (outer robe?) as a blanket. It is a cuddle pile. They are precious. I am melted.



Roasted - Aveyond inktober by Mu11berry

Somebody should really confiscate my gel pens. 


But nobody has so have this crazy Mel roasting a rat, hahaha




I drew Talia Maurva with a spell book because what else would I, a lover of AP, draw?
Also I keep telling myself next time I will just use a ballpoint pen because I'm more used to it (I doodle while taking notes cuz I'm a bad kid), but then the gel pens are just so colorful that I. Don't do that. >.>

So please forgive this mess. And don't look at the hands, you will regret it.




Ya know, there are actually a lot of chickens I could have drawn that fit the Aveyond theme, but obviously I decided to do chicken Frederick.
He graciously agreed to turn into a chicken just this one last time. Thanks, Frederick.

Aaaand I think I should stop myself here before I get carried away, happy Halloween everyone!

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2 hours ago, Mu11berry said:

Aaaand I think I should stop myself here before I get carried away

Awwwww! Okay, but I'm eagerly awaiting the rest!! I know you're gonna continue to warm my heart! Your artwork always does. :kawaii-love:

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Beautiful as always, I love ever single one of them, and Frederick's full slimey splendor is amazing!

I love your work and I feel so honored to see your talent! ❤️❤️ 

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@Ishti Awww, thank you!! That's such a nice thing to say and I appreciate it a whole heckin lot :kawaii-happy:

@NickyLOL48 Thank you!! Frederick is red cuz he's blushing at your compliment :heart:


Here's the next few!

Drooling (very slight AV4 spoiler. Just one kind of silly line but if you haven't played it and like to go in blind then feel free to skip)



How come some of these end up so big and others so small? I don't understand.

So anyway, I can't even draw drool not in ink and I'm not about to try it in gel pen. So instead have this Boyle Wolfbane. Cuz "Myst rules, Boyle drools!"

That's all I got XD

Exhausted (another av4 one, could be considered another minor spoiler? Not sure but skip if you're so inclined)



 These guys aren't really exhausted, they're just having a nap. Fang, Boyle, Myst, Robin. I can't draw wolves and also, what are frogs.

This was @Danin's idea just so everyone knows Sorry I failed the execution ahaha




Stella = star. She fell from the sky and also she brightens the lives of everyone who knows her. I cannot draw her, as you can see, but I love her. Also, I did find a gel pen that kinda worked for her skin so yay!! Boyle being a ghost is one thing, but ghost Stella was just silly.



Precious - Aveyond Inktober by Mu11berry

!!!! If you guessed that Rhen and Dameon are what I would draw when "precious" was the prompt, 50000000 gold pennies for you. Not that it was hard to guess, seeing as this is the most precious thing I know, but I love you for it anyway:heart:




I have a headcanon which I've shared somehow that Rhen's name is derived partly from an old word for river, meaning "to run, flow." Here's a link to the whole explanation if you're curious, or read below for a summary, haha.

The headcanon basically boils down to I think the name Rhen means "to run (or flow) wild as the river," which carries connotations of steadily pushing on and overcoming (rivers wash away, smooth out, and even erode rocks, some of the toughest stuff we know), of life-giving abilities (cuz flowers can grow and stuff), and also of the independence and freedom that comes with great courage (cuz you can't change a river's course, under normal circumstances). And I like this meaning because it fits what Tailor would have hoped for her, and it honors Alicia in a lot of ways, and also it really fits Rhen's story and what she becomes^_^

So anyway that is why I drew Rhen Pendragon sitting on a log over a river. Also I tried to draw the river background but I realized that I have no idea what a river even looks like, and also, what are trees. 

1/3 done! Just 21 more to go ahaha

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