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5 hours ago, Queen-of-Ice101 said:

@Parfait Cookies Oooh okay! I wasn't sure with the guns if it was for Aveyond but that'll be neat to add in modern weapons :D


18 minutes ago, callmedan said:

Oh, there's modern weapons? That's quite funny because the game is in medieval scene. Do you plan to change it to steampunk? 

If the militant squirrels can have a flying battleship they can have less techy weapons. Plus it's kind of annoying how in Ahriman's Prophecy, Fredrick only has one weapon

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Here's my absolute favourite daeva. I'm talking about favourite to the point that I'm the model, down to the scar on his cheek. I couldn't get the hair as messy as I wanted it though.

Saurva, wearing the latest in daeva fashion: oversized head, too many layers (inspired by his sprite), mittens, and metal boots that look like they could be marshmallows:


Saurva Drawing.bmp

Sorry about the low quality, the forums wouldn't let me upload anything bigger.

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