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I especially love your polearms! They're not a category of weapon given proper treatment in games all that often. I think that's a shame, because they're so beautiful! We have a museum where I live with a stunning collection of polearms; I geek out pretty hard whenever I see them. You've really served them justice, and I hope you end up making more.

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Thanks guys. And @Ishti, I very much intend to. And Dan, I agree about the 16x16 tilesets. Especially autotiles, and considering everything has to be in a certain place on the tileset image, rather than I thing in RPGXP having any tile anywhere. I may end up making the alternate history game with RPG 2003. Sorry to any Windows 10 users. Nothing from RPG 2003 runs even in compatibility mode. It's not going to be as complicated as AP though, especially considering I don't feel like figuring out why it won't accept my edited menu faces (a.k.a:


CircleTaliaSmallOn.png )

Anyhu, yeah. Might as well get back to making icons. I usually used GIMP, but I've been using pixelartmaker.com .

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