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What AV 1 Character Are You?

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So, yeah, this is sort of an answer to Moonpeace's AV3 quiz. There would have been more questions to ensure accuracy, but I wanted to see how it was at the time. I may add more later.

 Here you go. https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/407407/what-aveyond-1-character-are-you


If you could post your results, that would be great. I'm Danny.

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So, I had this girl that I like (Moonpeace, if you tell people the name I swear I will reach through the forums and strangle you to death) take this quiz and Moonpeace's, and she got Larz and Stella. Stella I get, but the only thing she has in common with Larz is that she only lives with her mom (and her sister, but still) she's really more of a Rhen.

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Yeah, I' memorized all the fairly important npc (I mean the ones who help advance to plot), except for Lars' friends.



Voho Manah: Druid of Music

Rashnu: Druid of Darkness

Armaiti: Druid of Agriculture

Daena: Druid(ess(?)) of Wisdom

Vata: Druid of Time

Eithera: Druidess of Strength


I've been meaning to integrate the into the quiz, but haven't had time yet.

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