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What AV 1 Character Are You?

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I got Te'ijal Ravenfoot, LOL why do I always get the slightly psychotic characters?!


Aaaannyway my little sister took the quiz too and she got Galahad :)


This was fun!! I love that there are Aveyond quizzes now^__^ When/if you end up adding new characters like the Druids or anything you totally have to say something so that my sister and I can retake the quiz and see if our results change :D

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I got Rashnu!! (Cue happy dance that I didn't get a completely insane character this time XD ) I love his character so happy me :D  Lol I answered most of the questions pretty similarly with the exceptions of only a few new ones that fit me better so I thought I was going to end up getting Te'ijal again. 

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