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Orbs, Hidden Effects of Equipment, Types of Spells and Magic, and Resistance and Vulnerability to Different Types of Magic

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I will make a walkthrough/strategy guide. Though, I need to clear some things up. I'm a perfectionist, a person with OCD, I guess... :(
I want things to be perfect (this is actually bad, if you'd ask me, but it also helps me by a bit). :(

I don't want to miss anything in this game, even dialogues from NPCs (that's why I decided to do this). And I'm honestly sure that I'd finish this after months. It just happened that I played Aveyond again 'cause it's summer break here and I have nothing else to do (except math).
First, the orbs. I think everyone still doesn't know which orb strengthen and/or weaken which spell (I've read lots of topics here about this and no one has given concrete evidence and examples, so I need you to help me validate whatever I will post soon).
Next, the hidden effects of the equipment (if there are). I certainly could not tell which is strongerthe Enchanted Helmet or the Skull Helmet? I'd like to assume that the Enchanted Helmet is better since it's "enchanted." But what does this enchantment give? Say, I have a Blessed Armor for Rhen and she gets attacked with dark magic. Would the damage taken be lower? Higher? What if she's equipped with a Dark Armor?
Then, the types of the spells and magic. Dameon has different shields for different types of magic including the Spirit Shield. What are spirit-type magic and attacks, anyway? What about the guilds that Lars joins to? If he becomes a Necromancer, will healing attacks become weak and dark magic strong? If a monster is, for example, a Silven from the Ice Cavern, its attacks are water/ice-type, right? So, if I wear some kind of a fire armor, will I take more damage from its attacks or less? But if I attack it with water/ice attacks, it's of course, obvious, that it has resistance against it, right? So, if I wear some kind of a water/ice armor, I'd be like a Silven. That would make me resistant to water/ice and weak against fire, correct? Does this also apply to Lars? Will he get weaker against healing/light attacks if he's a Necromancer?
Also, are there monsters or enemies that are normal? Those that have no magic, no resistance, just like a metal sword and a metal armor?
Lastly, why can't Amanda just tell everyone about this?
Just kidding! Thanks! :)

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Actually, many of those are answered in various threads in the pinned topic ...NEW GUIDES, WALKTHROUGHS, MAPS, FAQs, ETC AVAILABLE LINKS



For instance, here is the link to an explanation of the orb effects, etc ... here


I hope you find the answers you need in the threads linked to in that topic.

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Thanks! Though I'm still not confident about the spells that the orbs weaken and strengthen; I'd try to make a list for that after trying a few tests since I really have nothing else to do. :P

And I also promised to make this guide-thingy just today to my sister, so there's no turning back. :D

I also want to complete Hui's lists, especially the treasure checklist.

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