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Equipment, Skills, and Spells: Special Properties, Effects, and Elements

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This is something I've been having a bit of trouble with during all of the Aveyond series games.

It's not really necessary, technically, but it's been driving me a little crazy.


Say you have a weapon. What element (Fire, Dark, etc) does it do, or is it just Physical Damage? What other Effects (Poison, Berserk, etc) does it do?

Say you have a spell. (Or a Ring/Scroll.) What element does it do? What other effects does it do?

Say you have some kind of armour. What element does it protect against? What other Effects does it protect against?


And other various things. I did find some things about Ahriman's Prophecy: like, Alicia gets two hits when she's using some kind of Rapier.


And with spells: which ones, of the same element, are really stronger? Mana cost doesn't seem to really tell. Even which order they're learned in doesn't seem to be an absolute way to tell, at least if some of them also do some other Effect. I know the amount of damage is affected by other things, like character level and such, but is there a sort of base damage amount? Or base healing amount?


And the description for Elixirs in many of the games, or some spells, simply say it also cures "Ailments".  That's rather vague. Which Effects does it cure? Is it just Poison, or what?


And finding bestiaries or monster guides that give the same information about enemies is rather hit-and-miss as well. Some of the ones I have found only cover some of the enemies.


Many of the in-game descriptions don't say. Some of them do. Some I've experimented with (to the point of losing my mind) and most of the time have had only marginal success. I've tried to figure damage type by going over and over everything, from how much things hurt each other to the visual/audio effects.


(And yes, I've dug around the forum and even the internet at large. Many times... Over a long time...)


I may be sounding obsessive, but knowing things more clearly may make it easier for me to play on harder difficulties, and allow me to feel like I'm not just banging my head against the little beasts in a semi-random manner.


Any direction toward any existing guides covering these things, or any kind of general clues or rules that can be relied on, or even just some way (?) to access the raw data, though the method may or may not be something I would have trouble with. I've been able to understand some kinds of program data, and as long as it's not really deep code or something, I could probably learn it. Unless, of course, there's some reason the game authors don't want me poking around in there. I'd be glad to respect that wish.


For instance, I'm playing The Lost Orb for the third time, and I still can't tell if the "dark" armours, shields, robes, etc actually protect you from Dark damage. It doesn't say "Dark Shield" in the description or when it's equipped, but in playing these games, it seems it's not always stated explicitly. So...


Even a little bit of help would be deeply appreciated.

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