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Dark Eternal II - Discussion, hints

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Both 1st and 2nd game are available for free on zenosoft.net


Has anyone here played them? 
Many years ago I played the first one and a bit of the second one (what was done then). Then the author took a long break from it, but recently I got to know that DE2 is finished!

Both are classic style RPGs with a bit more unique style of graphics and battle style I would say.
The story and characters are quite intriguing. The atmosphere is rather dark. A lot of it deals with the protagonist's getting to remember his past and transforming into evil. 

I was happy to know that DE2 was finally finished (didn't expect it would ever happen). But I'm also stuck in a battle that seems to be impossible - there must be some trick I don't know, the usual tactics aren't working; so that's also a reason why I'm creating this topic.

(it doesn't look like anoyone frequents the zenosoft forums any more, also I've had problems registering there and didn't manage to).

I really enjoyed the first game (on the old Amaranthia forums I was using a Nahla avatar for a long time) but I'm quite sad now about not being able to continue with the second one because there's a battle not far from the beginning that I can't pass.

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