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Drag hero object into scene

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Funny, I was going to suggest this:) Or maybe you mean something else.

To clarify, do you mean that a prefab can be dragged in hierarchy (in scene) and it will automatically be a hero gameobject? I ask this because I did Tutorial 5 and dragged the prefab into the hierarchy (which seems to add to scene), but it was not a Hero GameObject. I wouldn't even know how to convert it (and could this cause issues using HeroKit?).

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I think we are looking at it from a different angle. I'll post some info to help demystify. :-)


A prefab is a template for a game object. It exists as a file in the Project Tab. When you drag it into the hierarchy, Unity creates a game object in the scene, based on the prefab.


In HeroKit, prefabs are only used for visuals. You can attach a prefab to each state in a hero object. Why do this? The most important reason is that we want your items to have states. And each state might need a different model (vampire, pile of ashes). 


I could make it so that any prefab dragged into the hierarchy becomes a hero object, but I think you would eventually want to chase me down with a pitchfork. Why? When you design your scenes, you're going to need lots of objects that just exist to look nice and never change (rocks, trees, houses, etc). There is a slight performance cost if you add a "brain" to thousands of these things. 


Instead of having everyone do this:

1. create hero game object in scene

2. create hero object

3. attach hero object to hero game object


I'm going to see what I can do to have everyone do this:

1. create hero object

2. drag it into the scene (just like you did with your prefab)


Hope this helps. :)

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This is working now BUT the icon looks like this when you drag a hero object into the inspector. It's a little confusing from a usability perspective. Hunting for a solution now...



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Note: drag hero object into Hierarchy View did not work in Unity 2017 BUT it does work in Unity 2018. This is was a bug introduced into Unity 2017 that affected lots of tools developers and is now fixed.


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