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Create or edit a hero property

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What is a hero property?

A hero property is a list of common variables that you want a group of hero objects to have. For example, maybe you want all monsters to have a variable for Health and Attack. You can assign one hero property to a hero object.

Create a hero property:


Create a hero property (toolbar):


In the Unity Toolbar, click HeroKit > Create Hero Property (Asset).



When you create a hero property this way, the hero property is saved here:


The top folder will use the name of your project. In the example above, My HeroKit Game is the name of the project I created in Unity.

Create a hero property (project tab):


In the Project Tab, right-click and select Create > HeroKit > Hero Property.


Edit a hero property:


Double-click on a hero property in the Project tab. 


WARNING: If you update a hero property that is currently being used by hero objects, you need to refresh the hero objects. To do this, open any hero object in the Hero Kit Editor and click the button to the right of the hero object's name. In the Settings Menu that opens, click Refresh Hero Objects.

Create, edit, copy, paste, or delete variables in a hero property:



The steps to edit variables in a hero property are just like the steps to edit variables in a hero object. The only difference is that you don't need to expand Variables.

Please see Hero Object | Variables | Add or create a variable



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