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HeroKit 101 (Quick Start Guide)

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HeroKit 101 

HeroKit lets you build your dream game quickly without coding. And if you do know how to code, you can customize HeroKit to create games even faster.     

How it works in 10 seconds

  1. You create a project for your game.
  2. You create a hero object.
  3. You drag the hero object into the scene. 
  4. You play your game.

What the heck is a hero object?

A hero object is like a brain. You attach it to objects that exist in a scene in your game. This makes your scene objects smart. Very smart. Here are a few cool things your scene objects will be able to do with a hero object:

  • Change how they look at any time.
  • Change how they act at any time.
  • Store and update variables at any time.

How do I create a hero object?

Easy! Check out these steps create your first hero object.

I want to learn more. Where do I go?


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