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Add or edit a global variable

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What is a global?

Globals are just like Variables. In fact, they are exactly the same with one important difference: there is one set of global variables that ALL hero objects can use. So, if you change a global variable on one hero object and go work on another hero object, you will notice that the global variable has changed there as well.  

Globals are particularly important if you need to store variables that control the overall arch of your game. For example, if you are creating an RPG and half-way through the game, half of the world is destroyed, you could use a global variable change the way all NPCs (non-playing characters) behave after this sudden change in their world. Gobals are powerful. 

If you have any variables that are needed by more than two hero objects, consider putting them into the Globals list. 

Note: Globals are stored in a file called HeroKitGlobals. You can find this file in this directory: HeroKit/Hero Engine/Assets/Resources/Hero Globals. If you delete this file, a new empty one will be created.  
The Global List and Variable List are identical. Please see the previous section, Variables, to learn more about the variable types and how to use them. 

Create, edit, copy, paste, or delete a global:


The steps to edit globals are just like the steps to edit variables. The only difference is that you need to expand Globals instead of Variables.

Please see this topic.

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