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List of questions


Here's a collection of questions:

1. This is just a confirmation. If we have our own codes, do we just find corresponding folders and stick them into it? It's under Hero kit folder, not My game project, correct?

2. Is using 2D background any different? Collision? (I want to use 3D sprites on 2D background)

3. I imagine there will be hundreds of variables at the end. Is there a way to keep track of all the variables, objects, events…? Like a grant list of variables, items, events...

4 Assigning hero properties. Can we do grouop assign, instead of dragging in one by one? (Say, if I have 30 monsters)

5. Nice that there's a section about menu screen in the guide. I assume that credit screens will count as one of the "objects". What about title screens? Animated title screens 

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Answers below.

1. Yes. But technically, you can put your codes anywhere. There is one note: anything that is an editor class needs to exist in an editor folder. Check out the action scripts to see how this works.

2. You can use the Picture action to create a 2D background. It's similar to what RPG Maker has. BUT, 2D is limited right now. After HeroKit 1.0 is released, full 2D support will be added next.

3. Right now, I would create hero objects that contain specific types of variables. Let me think about how I can make this easier if variables need to be on one object.

4. Not now, but let me think about how this could be implemented. This sounds like a good feature to add.

5. Title scene can be just like any scene. You just need to display the title menu in it. If you want to animate a 2D background, you can do this via Unity w/o using HeroKit. 2D animation will be added to the next version of HeroKit.

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