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Create a model prefab for a hero object

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What is a model prefab?

A model prefab is a prefab that contains a model. A prefab is a game object that you are storing in the Project tab.

Create a model prefab for a hero object:

  1. Import your model into Unity.
  2. Drag it into the Hierarchy tab. This creates a game object for your model.
  3. Open the Inspector tab and edit any values you think need to be changed (ex. Scale).
  4. If this model is going to use physics, add a collider of some sort to it.
  5. Drag the game object into the Project tab (ex. [your game name] (HeroKit) > Assets > Game Assets > Model Prefabs).
  6. And that's it! Your done.

If this doesn't work, follow this more in-depth tutorial:

Follow this tutorial to prepare a model for HeroKit.


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