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Phoenix Sphere

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there are two quests, and 1 more deposit that you didnt do. i was able to get phoenix sphere ware you are right now

try doing a quest in ravenwood

spoiler: (highlight) go to ravenwood after gulliver leaves. there you will recieve a quest for getting the beast back human from gulliver. then, go to the alchemist in happiley ever after in the first cottage you pass by when you enter the town. go back to ravenwood to snatch some of the beast's fur, then go to the area above ryva and below the shire mountains (or whatever its called), and go to the first chest you see when you enter. to the west of it you will see a "secret path" that will have the thitsleroot in a soft patch or soil. after that, deliver those two items to the alchemist. you will recieve a potion, and go back to ravenwood and sprinkle the potion on top of the beast.

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From the FAQ topic:



Q: What do I get if I make donations? (shaz)

A: Each donation you make gives you 1 karma point. If you have 10 karma points, Iya will have access to the Phoenix Sphere, which will allow her to learn the most powerful spells


Q: Can I still get the Phoenix Sphere if I stole from a donation box? (shaz)

A: If you have stolen from ONE donation box, then you can get a maximum 8 karma points (+9 for donations, -1 for stealing). There are two tasks you can perform to redeem yourself and get those remaining two points. Restore the beast in Ravenwood to human form, and give Great Grandma Nora her love letter which will restore her youth and reunite her with her lost love.


Q: Where are the donation boxes? (shaz)

A: in order of appearance (approximately)









Happily Ever After


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(off-topic: s_tyong, I believe it's actually because that list was generated back during version 1, and since the locations of the donation boxes didn't change in version 2, only the order of appearance, there wasn't much point in changing it in the FAQ)

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kuschelknoedel, please don't double-post. edit your post instead.


Elfwood is the place you start out. If you've forgotten to donate there you can't return until the end of the game, which means you'll have to do one of the two karma side quests (either the beast's or Nora's) to get a total of ten points.

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Elfwood Is the place that you started the game on,But you cannot go back there untill you fight the snow queen and the wicked wich so they'll choice you to Go with Rye or lya or to go alone,so its your choice.,But if you didnt Donate Karma In there You're unable to Get the Pheonix Sphere.

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