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If (String)

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Compare two strings. If the comparison is true, perform the actions inside this If statement.


String A - Choose the first string to compare (string field B).

Operator - Choose how to compare the strings.

  • = (strings must have the same values for comparison to be true)
  • != (strings must have different values for comparison to be true)

String B - Choose the second string to compare (string field A).

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How about adding 2 further Operators here (hell, and for numerous other comparisons/conditions) | and |!  ie.

| = contains

|! = does not contain

In the case of strings, I am thinking it would be ENORMOUSLY helpful to check big strings for words, keywords etc.  Although, perhaps a function to allow here with strings for the comparison to be case sensitive or not?

In the case of other variables, imagine if you implement Enums and Mask Enums - suddenly you then get an exponential increase in functionality here too!

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