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Change Canvas Alpha

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Change the alpha for a canvas game object. 


  • There must be a Canvas component attached to the parent game object you want to show or hide.
  • You can only reference one hero object. If you reference a list of hero objects, the first hero object in the list is used.


The type of object that contains the canvas - If the game object has a hero object attached to it, select Hero Object. Otherwise, select Game Object.

The game object that contains the canvas - (Game Object) Choose the game object that you want to work with (game object field A).

The hero object that contains the canvas - (Hero Object) Choose the hero object that you want to work with (hero object field A).

The new alpha for the canvas - Choose the new alpha to for the canvas (integer field A). This is a percentage (0% visible to 100% visible).

Duration - How long it should take for the alpha to change (integer field A).

Don't play next action until this action completes - Mark this box if you only want to play the next action when the alpha has changed. Otherwise, while the alpha is changing, the next action in the event will play.

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