This roadmap is an overview of what we're working on next. Most of our time is going towards developing HeroKit RPG (the next version of HeroKit). HeroKit RPG will let you develop games similar to Diablo. We aim to make it as easy to use as the famous RPG Maker. ✔️= Done ⭐= In Progress HeroKit RPG Roadmap: System Database (core values) ⭐ Connect Character in database to Hero Object via Action ⭐ Create core HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Characters Connect Items and Equipment Databases to Items Menu  (nothing complex) Design nice RPG Menus (epic, to be split out when time comes) Create more HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Items and Equipment Connect Skills to Hero Objects (epic, to be split out when time comes) Flesh out Formula Database and connect it to Characters on Hero Objects. Character Database (heroes, monsters, npcs) ✔️ Items Database ✔️ Affixes Database ✔️ Sockets Database ✔️ Weapons Database ✔️ Ammunition Database ✔️ Armor Database ✔️ Abilities Database (fireball, triple slash, etc) ✔️ Elements Database (ice, fire, etc) ✔️ Conditions Database (poisoned, slow, etc) ✔️ Meters Database (mana, exp, health, etc) ✔️ Stats Database (strength, defense, etc) ✔️ Classes Database (mage, archer, etc) ✔️ Races Database (human, orc, etc) ✔️ Alignment Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) ✔️ Currency Types Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) ✔️ Researching: HeroKit RPG - Quest Database (get milk, etc) HeroKit RPG - Loot Database (34 gold, 2 gold + 1 monster hide, etc) HeroKit RPG - Shop Database RPG Turn-based Battle Screen RPG & Crafting Menus Timeline integration Cinemachine integration Playable API Releases: Version 1.09 (May 6, 2018) Version 1.08 (March 1, 2018) Version 1.07 (January 2, 2017) Release Candidate 1.06 (December 3, 2017)  Release Candidate 1.05 (November 8, 2017) Release Candidate 1.04 (October 24, 2017) Release Candidate 1.03 (October 9, 2017) Release Candidate 1.02 (September 19, 2017) Release Candidate 1.01 (September 1, 2017) Release Candidate 1.00 (August 10, 2017)