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We use 2-3 week sprints to deliver new features for HeroKit. This roadmap is an overview of what we're working on next.


  • RPG Editor -  Layout design (working)
  • RPG Editor - Affixes, Prefixes, Suffixes, Sockets (working)
  • RPG Editor - Items Database
  • RPG Editor - Equipment Database
  • RPG Editor - Skills Database (fireball, triple slash, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Elements Database (ice, fire, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Conditions Database (poisoned, slow, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Leveling Database (experience to get to lvl 1, 2, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Classes Database (mage, archer, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Hero Database (Rhen, Lars, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Enemy Database (werewolf, zombie, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Quest Database (get milk, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Loot Database (34 gold, 2 gold + 1 monster hide, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Shop Database
  • RPG Editor - Races Database (human, orc, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Alignment Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc)
  • RPG Editor - Damage Database


  • RPG Turn-based Battle Screen
  • RPG & Crafting Menus
  • Timeline integration
  • Cinemachine integration
  • Playable API


  • Version 1.07 (January 2, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.06 (December 3, 2017) 
  • Release Candidate 1.05 (November 8, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.04 (October 24, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.03 (October 9, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.02 (September 19, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.01 (September 1, 2017)
  • Release Candidate 1.00 (August 10, 2017)

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Release Candidate 1.02 Change List

This was a features update. Here's the list of changes:

  • You can now attach multiple hero properties to a hero object. You can use this new feature to create objects that need to inherit properties from more than one type of object. For example, if ghost knights need to inherit properties for knights AND undead creatures, you could attach two hero properties to the ghost knight called Undead and Knight. This feature is also important if you want to create items. For example, you might want spells and potions to inherit elements (ice, fire, wind, etc), and you might want potions and weapons to inherit shop values (price, shop description, etc).
  • Change Hero Object action (you can assign a list of hero objects attached to one variable to another variable).
  • Change Game Object action (you can assign a game object attached to one variable to another variable).
  • Play Event by ID (play an event using it's ID instead of selecting event from a drop-down list).

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Just submitted 1.03 to the asset store. It should be out soon. 

On 10/3/2017 at 5:39 AM, Duffer123 said:


How goes it with the next version?

Any more thoughts on the big RPG update?


Just submitted 1.03 to the asset store. It should be out soon. The next step is to get basic 2D sprites and physics added. That will take up all of November. After that, the focus will be on RPG-specific things (I want to get started on my next RPG as well, so this is high priority). In the meantime...

Release Candidate 1.03 Change List

This was a maintenance update that fixed bugs and usability issues. Top changes are:

  • A new input type was added: Touch. Previously, you had to select Mouse (Left Click) from the input list to use touch. Now you can specifically select Touch as an option, along with one or multiple finger support.
  • String variables can now have text areas. This is important if a string needs multiple lines. 
  • Properties in Hero Objects get their own lines now. This should ensure that the title for the property never gets cut off.
  • Added a new action for floats (A+B=A). Integers had this useful action, and now floats do too.

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I'll help with that action tonight. I need to create a reference for fields at some point soon.

RPG stuff I hope to begin with on Nov 15 and roll out new features every two weeks (scrum style). 

For Aveyond, I would check out Rhen's Quest. It's the one that everyone seems to like the most. Download and play the demos. If you like one, PM me.

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FYI everyone, I'm submitting the next version of HeroKit to the Unity Asset Store on Sunday. This version will include the first 2D preview. The first 2D preview will let you add 2D sprites to HeroObjects and perform some movement actions. Anything crossed off in this list has been added: 


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1.04 is on the asset store now. The next step is to get more 2D sprites and physics added. It's going faster than expected. At this point, everything is ready for 1.05 except for the character controllers.

Release Candidate 1.04 Change List

This was the first preview for 2D features. Top changes are:

  • Added ability to attach 2D prefabs to states.
  • Added 5 physics actions:

    • Change Gravity Strength 2D
    • Gravity Off 2D
    • Gravity On 2D
    • Ignore Collisions 2D
    • Turn Physics on or off 2D
  • Added 2 2D camera actions:

    • 2D Camera On
    • 2D Camera Off
  • Added 27 2D movement actions:

    • Move away from object 2D
    • Move backward 2D
    • Move custom direction 2D
    • Move down 2D
    • Move forward 2D
    • Move left 2D
    • Move lower left 2D
    • Move lower right 2D
    • Move random 2D
    • Move right 2D
    • Move toward object 2D
    • Move up 2D
    • Move upper left 2D
    • Move upper right 2D
    • Turn Away 2D
    • Turn Away from Object 2D
    • Turn Custom Direction 2D
    • Turn Down 2D
    • Turn Left 2D
    • Turn Lower Left 2D
    • Turn Lower Right 2D
    • Turn Random 2D
    • Turn Right 2D
    • Turn Toward Object 2D
    • Turn Up 2D
    • Turn Upper Left 2D
    • Turn Upper Right 2D
  • Unity has fixed the timeline bug that blocked anyone using Unity 2017.1 from dragging hero objects into the Hierarchy. If you update to 2017.2, you will now be able to drag your hero objects like everyone who is using Unity 5.x.

  • WARNING for 2017.2 Creators! We found a bug today that appears to affect Unity 2017.2 but not earlier versions. If you use the action called Player Controller B, your player will not move backwards, left, or right. We have fixed this. Follow these steps to use the fix. This will officially be updated in the next release (Saturday, November 4).

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1.05 is out on the asset store. This is the second part of the 2D preview. All of the 2D actions are complete, but we're going to polish them up in the next release.

Release Candidate 1.05 Change List

Top changes:

  • Unity 2017.2 produced an issue with rotation and movement. An object could not rotate and move at the same time. This issue affected 2D and 3D movement (it stopped you from moving your characters). We’ve patched this problem for 2017.2 users. 
  • Added 4 2D miscellaneous movements: float, jump rise
  • Added 14 2D movement settings: Animate Move On 2D, Animate Move Off 2D Off, Change Jump Animation 2D, Change Jump Surface 2D, Change Move Animation 2D, Change Move Duration 2D, Change Move Settings 2D (updated), Change Move Speed 2D, Face Move Direction On 2D, Face Move Direction Off 2D, Go Through Objects On 2D, Go Through Objects Off 2D, On Collision Keep Moving 2D, On Collision Stop Moving 2D
  • Added 3 2D Player Controllers (expect changes): Platform Controller, Shooter Controller, Top-Down Controller.
  • Unity fixed a bug that was causing problems if you attempted to drag a hero object from the project window to the hierarchy window. Please update to Unity 2017.2 to fix this bug.

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How's it going?  

As you can probably guess, I am really looking forward to the RPG developments of this Asset. ;)

Reviewing the original post, with Items please please allow for socketing and affixes in the database and saves and also multi-classes with Classes and Sub-Races with Races. 

Also... colours.... Colour as a variable or Unity Object and Colour as in being able to 'recolour ' (change colours on HeroObject within thresholds) HeroObjects...

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Hi @Duffer123, I'm getting started on RPG development this week. I'll keep everyone updated as I move forward on that piece. I'll take a look at socketing, affixes, classes, sub-races, races, etc since you need these first.

I have an idea for colours. Probably what I will do is create an action that lets you set a color, but this color will be saved as a string so no additional variable types are needed to be added.

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Submitted 1.06 to the asset store today. It should be up in a day or two. This was a huge update under the hood. Let's go through the changes. 

Release Candidate 1.06 Change List

Previously, the physics systems were separated for player controller actions and movement-specific actions. This caused problems for hero objects with player controllers that needed to also process movement-specific actions. This has been fixed. All 3D player controllers use the same physics engine that all 3D movement actions use. All 2D player controllers use the same physics engine that all 2D movement actions use. You can now blend movement actions with your player controller actions. To test the new system, try adding a Jump action to a hero object that also has a player controller on it. Have the hero object jump when the spacebar is pressed to see how it works.

I made some significant modifications to the 2D player controllers and movement system. 2D actions have been split into 2D Platformer and 2D RPG sections. 2D Platformer contains actions specifically for platformer-style games like Terraria with 2 directional movement and gravity. 2D RPG contains actions specifically for top-down rogue-style games with 4 or 8-directional movement. I've also reorganized the sample games so that you can see how to use player controllers for these types of games.

Small, but significant fixes:

  • You no longer need to Set Jump Surfaces action before you use the Jump action. It should just work now. 
  • We've fixed the model display problem in the State window in Unity 2017 with the help of the Unity team.

This was a rather longer-than expected release cycle due to the refactoring of the entire HeroKit movement system. Future release cycles should not take as long. What's next? We're going to start building out the RPG system for HeroKit, update our 2D documentation on the site, and create a few of your must requested custom actions (color picker, Opsive's third-person controller, Opsive's UFPS controller).  




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1.07 is live on the asset store. This was a maintenance release. 

Release Candidate 1.07 Change List

Finalized and cleaned up 2D support. HeroKit is now fully functional for 2D games. What's next? I'm building an RPG editor that plugs into HeroKit and building custom actions for UFPS and Opsive's 3rd person controller.

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