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HeroKit Overview

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Make your dream game fast without coding! 

In minutes, build heroes, enemies, NPCs, items, loot drops, equipment, journal entries, and ANYTHING else you need . HeroKit will not box your creativity in. How? Read on.

Out of the box, HeroKit is ideal for creating RPGs, FPS Games, Adventure Games, SIMs, and Visual Novels, but you can extend it to create almost anything.

If you don’t know how to code,  you can drag, drop, and click your awesome game into existence. If you want to learn how to code you can script custom actions. If you’re already a coding ninja, HeroKit comes with full source code so you can customize everything.

Hero Objects are the core of HeroKit.

A hero object is a blueprint for an item. Each hero object can have states (ex. alive, dead), each state can have events (ex. attack, defend), and each event can have actions (ex. increase health, add inventory item). 

HeroKit has a HUGE treasure trove of features. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • 200+ built-in actions.
  • Work with local variables, global variables, and group variables. (ex. health, exp)
  • 50+ ways to move a character in your game. (ex. walk, jump, follow, run away)
  • Animate a character on demand. (ex. attack, defend, die)
  • Use particle effects anywhere.
  • Open, close, and interact with a dozen built-in menus. (ex. inventory, journal, save game, load game, start game, end game)
  • Create and customize dialog. (add layout, formatting, branching choices, images, backgrounds, localize text & audio)
  • Save and load your game (menus included)
  • Move a character between scenes.
  • Let player control one character or a herd of characters. And switch control at any time.
  • Morph items into different items. (ex. monster to pile of gold)
  • Use If and While conditions.
  • Control the camera. (ex. move, shake)
  • Control music and sound.

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