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I didn't even notice this part of the forum was here!  I only see one other thread here, so I hope it's okay for me to make a new post.

You can call me Ishti!  My first post was in Telling Stories, asking about posting my fanfic.  Like I said there, I've been a fan of Aveyond more or less since Rhen's Quest was released, although I've never posted on the forums before.  My pronouns are they/them/their (i.e. "Ishti's friend took them to the city, where they adopted their third cat").

It's so hard to choose a favorite game, but I think Rhen's Quest has a slight edge just because I've loved it for so long.  Rhen was the original purple-haired secret princess, and something about that felt so important to me!  Ava One-Eye and Lydia Rupert are tied for my favorite characters overall.  Regrettably, I have yet to play Ahriman's Prophecy or Shadow of the Mist.

I love writing, I love pirates, and I love cats.  That's all the important stuff!  I'm excited to get to know everyone here on the forums!

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Welcome to the forums!!! That's exciting that you've posted a fanfic for Aveyond!! I remember checking it out when the story was first posted, i'm looking forward to seeing where you take it for sure!! AU's are a total blast to both write and read! Plus, more Aveyond reading material~ :D  Yesss, there is nothing more important then cats and writing haha, they are the necessities in life!!

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