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Hey everyone! I am really unsure if I am supposed to create a separate topic for introducing myself, but since the forum section is all about that, I guess its okay!

So I've been on this forum since the time when we were eagerly waiting for LOT to be released, and some of you might remember me as carmen, which was my alias then. I simply love this community, the people here and everything that happens around. But most importantly, I just love Aveyond. Ahriman's Prophecy was the first game I ever played, on my 20-year old PC which had come with Windows 95 and still works *lol*, and after that, I simply couldn't stop playing Aveyond. It inspired me, and set a benchmark in my head about how a game should be. As of today, the Aveyond series is still the only game I've managed to complete without being bored from start to end, besides a couple of other RPGs :).

My favorite character from Aveyond is decidedly Te'ijal, with Galahad coming next (lol I seem to just love vampires XD). Among them all, my favorite game remains LOT, and I've played it over at least five times. A few other games I loved were Exit Fate, Last Scenario, The Three Musketeers (from Dingo) and slither.io

I'm an engineering sophomore, I like coding, writing, photography and sitting in our (huge) library just for the quiet XD. And I love the rains :)

EDIT: Just though I'd include here a couple of things I've done, which include my LOT fanfic and the games I've ported to Linux and Mac on my website (which include Aveyond!).

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I'm so happy that some fans fans that have been in this forums for years are still active! Aveyond is the only RPG I've managed to conplete, because the story line is just amazing. Well, I haven't played AP and  Av2 but I can't wait to do do so. My favourite was LOT too and I think I've misses your fanfic. Shame on me lol. I will certainly check it out! Ot makes sooooo happy to hear that you love the Aveyond vampires too haha (even if it's not as a pairing *ahem* it stills gives me so much joy XD)

Edit: I just saw you picked up your fic again and I screamed haha 

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