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Introducing me

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Hello! I've been here for a while, some of you have already known about me but I think it's ok to introduce me (again).

You can call me Dan, as my username said. I like cute animals, making music and cool-and-unique stuffs. Sometimes, I just love doing nothing :lol: I've been inspiring to become a game maker by Amanda. And I may be one of the boring-est persons you have ever known.

Aveyond is my favourite game series and I could play it again and again without being bored. Believe me, I rarely play anything twice. Aveyond 1 was the first game I played, when I was about 11 years old (I'm now 21, how time flies). My favourite character is Galahad, a knight and also a vampire, how I cannot like him XD I've finished all Aveyond games except Ahriman's Prophecy since the font patch doesn't work on my computer and I could understand nothing.

What else? I'm working on the reboot of Ahriman's Prophecy XD

It's my pleasure to be here and get to know friendly people here :) Yeah, that's all !

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