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This is a place where all of us create crack pairings! Feel free to post whatever impossible pairing you can think of here, no matter how ridiculous you might think it is! 

Rule: One pairing per post, and you can't do it in a row. XD

I'll start first! Edward x Gyendal xDDD

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EdwardxGyendal XD XD XD XD XD  That would be something else~  Have you ever read the Orbs of Civil Partnership? They have Gyendal chasing after Edward to marry him, it's hysterical LOL

Well I could submit MelxGyendal but that would be awfully predictable from me sooooo lets go with...... LydiaxGavin, That would be pretty hilarious LOL

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Frederick/Alicia. Perfect way to bring their people together.

Mordred/Ishtar. Why not.

Ahriman/the Goddess. We all know that's the real reason he hates the world. Huge breakup

Lydia/Ulf. The whole Aphrodite/Hephaestas deal going on.

Nox and Dameon. Night and day.


Te'ijal/Lars. Sounds like it could happen. Make "Eva" jealous, if you remember her from @rosetyler's fic.

Te'ijal/random cadaver.


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I can kinda see Stella/Ulf, tbh.

We have Mel/Gyendal and even Rhen/Ahriman, but what about the other villain/protagonist ships? I propose Talia/Ahriman, Iya/Ishtar, and Boyle/Hercules. Hm...now I almost wanna see this in a fic. Edit: Actually I can kinda see Iya/Ishtar happening if Iya met her later on in life after she had love restored to her soul? Because Iya was the one who was her salvation?? Yikes, this was supposed to be a crack thread and now I'm giving myself feels.

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