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Aveyond Blogs!!! {AKA: Crazy Fans cannot be left unattended near a computer...}

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@Mu11berry,  @Rodania ♡ and I have descended onto another random plan of crazy fan obsession....... and decided to start a host of Aveyond fandom blogs for all of us fans to share!

We have started several Aveyond centred blogs on tumblr, six to be exact. We've been working on them for almost a week now but are excited to finally be able to be able to share them with everyone on the forums!! Each blog has been designed with a specific theme in mind, and we had a lot of fun setting them all up together^____^ Currently we have three pairing specific blogs set up as well as a headcannon one, a general Aveyond fanrant one, and a Aveyond crackblog.

We want the blogs to be a community sharing effort, and have set it up so that other users can submit posts/share work as well as ask questions for fun:) So definitely join in the fun sharing stuff and adding to our blogs so that we can make sure that everyone can be part of this :) 

The Blogs:







We're super excited for these blogs to get going. Since all three of us are new to Tumblr and blogs in general, if anyone finds something that isn't working, definitely let us know and we'll fix it so that activity on the blog can go smoothly:)

Anyway, definitely come join us crazy fans over on the blogs!!!

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