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Soooooo... I can't say I'm new, nor can I say I'm an old-timer. :D But I saw that everyone was introducing themselves here, so I thought... Hey, why not? (After reading every single one XDXD):kawaii-music: It could be fun!


So, hey, hi, ho, hello, my name is Honey Butter Chloe, but please, just call me Chloe. It's the only place where I'll ever be called Chloe. (My classmates and teachers refer to me using my surname. :kaiwaii-super-happy:)

As I've probably said in the last introduction I did in the old introduction thread, I've been a fan of Aveyond since I was seven years old, when I played with my elder sister. Now she's in university and I'm stuck as a first year in secondary school. :kaiwaii-super-happy:(I'm twelve now xD)

Since then, I've been a HUGE fan of anything Rhen x Lars and Edward x Mel, and (much to Berry's chagrin at times) a hater of Rhen x Dameon. BUT NOW I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED. This fanbase is nuts for their creativity.

But yeah. Besides that, I write trashy fluff and random one-shots. When I'm not lazy. :P But don't read them they're terrible omg—

And I draw. Chibis. Which is not at all professional. But I still do it anyway. I'm such a good girl. *Sarcasm* :kawaii-meh:

Soooo, I hope to get along with everyone! ^,^


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Nooo your work is awesome. I swear we need to put you and Rodania on some sort of intervention program to deal with your underestimating your skills......... ooooh now thats an idea~

Chips are adorable!! Doooooo lotsa chibi!!!! {pleeeeeease??}

Haha and now an official welcome!

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7 hours ago, Ant said:

It's great to learn more about you, Chloe. We have a few members who jumped on the forum at your age and are now in college and beyond. Time flies. I hope you have a great year at secondary. 

This is so true - I am one of those members you speak of, so this forum has been a constant through almost half of my life. Time really does fly, huh :kaiwaii-super-happy:

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