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Request: (for RPG/Nov development) - Menus and UIs

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@Ant,  (first of all, apologies for firing off all these requests/ideas at the outset - just wanted to get them all down, I'll stop soon, promise - also I've left a hopefully useful review on the Store!)


Some Menus that it would be great if you could create for/with the RPG developments release (again, a wish list!):-

- complex inventory (with tabs or whatever for sorting items by type/ subtype);

- drag and drop;

- comparison pop-ups;

- equipment and stats screens;

- action bar(s);

- crafting table/ui;

- mode ui for reading scrolls, notes, books etc;

- merchant/trader 'inventories' alongside yours - trade!;

- comparison of items pop-ups;

- stash inventories - and ui for reviewing what is in a chest, treasure pile etc;

- glossary - so you can fill in what you learn about say people, races, monsters, etc;

- spell-book, prayer-books;

- skill trees;

- mini-map?

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These are all awesome. And better to get them all down now. This will give me time to think and plan. 

By the way, if you like specific menu skins in games, can you post screenshots? I need to also think about what these menus should look like. It's time for some better art.

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Will do re the gui look for RPGs.

Off the cuff, vellum/paper/parchment textures and darker marble textures seem most prevalent in RPGs.

Complex inventories, juxtaposed shopscreens, stat/character screens, spellbooks, skillbooks and glossaries are often presented as books with turnable pages or tabbed pages...

Nicer elements include rotational views if items, and of the player if in character, stat or equipment views...

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Before I forget, with any/character equipment screens, it will be good to see equipable items actually being equipped and unequipped on the character in 3d (for 3d). There's a 2d equivalent to it too.

However, this goes to something deeper on function on HeroKit... the function to be able to equip and drop/unequip clothing/armour/weapons on a base hero object rather than having to change the whole hero object character each time.  There's a 2d equivalent to that too...

I've referred elsewhere to it, but HeroActions to change or shift colour(s) in the renderer can help with the above, give more variety to items and monsters etc...?

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