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A Forum Game Project!!

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Okay. Yeah. I may get lazy with my sprite until I really have time to work on it. If you could make one to a stand in in a little bit, but I'm trying to make it  more resemble the body of Ulf with a priest robe, but for now the best option it's to put Ulf's had on a white version of one of the druid's robes. I'm thinking maybe the underclothes should be either like my red clothed profile image or like Ulf's original. Sorry if I'm a bit way too bossy. It's just that the other topic I posted came around before I knew about this, so as the me that I am, I think I should play some s small part. If you guys need more tilesets, let me know.

PS: Don't forget the head thingy in my sprite.

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Hello, everyone! I just wanted to get out a quick update on the game. 

Because I can't use the RPG Maker XP tilesets in VXA, the graphics might end up a bit different from what we're expecting. I've also been looking into scripting, so it might look a little more customised, but as of now, everything's still going fairly slowly. 

I've decided to just focus on map-making at the moment (the snowy land is already almost completed, I just need to make the interiors for a few more houses. Next will be Spring) while Queen tries her best to complete the sprites. She's been arguing with them for a while now, and so far, it looks as if the sprites are winning T.T

The database at the moment is really, really, really messy. While I can't say that we might be able to give this game back to Amanda because it's so messy right now, we're just going to try our best until we can't do anything anymore.

Also, since I've had enormous trouble with making the character you choose in the beginning, I've decided to just make different files for different users. Everything will be customised, including the text.

So, I'd also like to thank everyone for the support and we're really sorry for such delays. I've been busy with my final exams and that leads to this project being neglected,  so I apologise. I'll be continuing the project as soon as I'm free from the chains of the papers that determine my future. XD


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Oh my GOSH, this is so cool. I wish I'd seen it sooner!! @Honey Butter Chloe, my personal philosophy is that if someone isn't paying you or relying on you to give them something, there's no need to apologize. You're working hard in your spare time; I know you still have school and stuff to deal with! You and @Queen-of-Ice101 have all my support!

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