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Purchasing game as gift

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Hi.  I'm not 100% sure where this question belongs; I apologize if it should have been posted in another place.

I want to purchase a copy of Rhen's Quest for someone else as a gift.  Before I make the purchase, I want to know how this would work.  Obviously it would be simple if I ordered it on a CD, but if I purchase a digital copy, can I send it along to the recipient without using it on my own computer?  Do I receive the code/download link in an email, which I could then forward?

Just want to see a breakdown of the process before I spend my money and mess it up somehow, lol.

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Good news!  I gave it a shot, and there is, in fact, a little checkbox you can tick if the game is a gift for someone else.  You then enter their name for the license and the email address for the activation code.  It's very easy and is laid out plainly on the page.

I hope this information helps someone else, too!

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